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# Pie Chart with Percentages slices < – c lbls < – c pct < – round*100) lbls < – paste # add percents to labels lbls < – paste # ad % to labels pie), main=”Pie Chart of Countries”)

The pie3D function in the plotrix package provides 3D exploded pie charts.

# 3D Exploded Pie Chart slices < – c lbls < – c pie3D

How To Make A Pie Chart In Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how we can prepare a Pie chart in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Pie Chart: – This chart is used to show the proportion of the whole. Use it when numbers are equal to 100% and the chart contains only few pie slices .

This pie chart contains the three type of charts in which 1st is 2D Pie Chart , 2nd is 3D Pie chart and 3rd is Doughnut Pie chart. Lets take an example & understand.

We have a table from Range A6 to B11, which is having Zone & Sold unit with total sold unit. Column A contains the Zone Name, Column B Sold, & cell B11 is having total sold unit. We have another table of Targets & Require sold unit per zone. To prepare the Pie chart, follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Select the range A7 to B11.
  • Go to the Insert tab, and Select 3D Pie Chart from the Chart Group.
  • Then click the first Pie option at the top left.
  • The chart will show the heading from the number column as a chart title, and a legend with the text descriptions .

Move the Chart:-

  • To move the chart, just click and hold the mouse pointer on the chart, then drag it and release the pointer.

Resize the Chart:-

  • Point the one of the dotted handles on the border of the chart where the pointer will change to a two headed arrow.
  • Then drag the handle in or out to change its size.

Add labels to the Chart:-

  • To add labels to the chart, just right click on chart with the mouse, and a pop up will appear.

Change The Scale Of A 3

You can change the scale of a 3-D chart by specifying its height and depth as a percentage of the base of the chart.

  • Keyboard shortcut You can, instead, click the chart area, and then press CTRL+1. Continue with step 3.

  • On the Format Chart Area dialog, click 3-D Rotation.

  • In the 3-D Rotation properties, do one of the following:

  • To change the depth of the chart, specify the percentage of depth in the Depth box.

  • To change both the depth and height of the chart, clear the Autoscale check box, and then specify the percentage of depth and height that you want in the Depth and Height boxes.

  • To use a right-angle axes view, select the Right Angle Axes check box, and then specify the percentage of depth that you want in the Depth box.

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    Create A New Document And Set Up A Grid

    Hit Control-N to create a new document. Select Pixels from the Units drop-down menu, enter 600 in the width box and 650 in the height box, and then click on the Advanced button. Select RGB, Screen and make sure that the Align New Objects to Pixel Grid box is unchecked before you click OK.

    Enable the Grid and the Snap to Grid . For starters you will need a grid every 5 px, so simply go to Edit > Preferences > Guides > Grid, and enter 5 in the Gridline every box and 1 in the Subdivisions box. Try not to get discouraged by all that gridit will make your work easier, and keep in mind that you can easily enable or disable it using the Control-“ keyboard shortcut.

    You can learn more about Illustrator’s grid system and how it can ease your work in this short tutorial from Andrei Stefan: Understanding Adobe Illustrator’s Grid System.

    You should also open the Info panel for a live preview with the size and position of your shapes. Don’t forget to set the unit of measurement to pixels from Edit > Preferences > Units > General. All these options will significantly increase your work speed.

    How To Change Pie Charts And Fill Color

    Free 3d Pie Chart PowerPoint Template &  Keynote

    In this section, lets learn how can be a change pie chart.

    First, lets show the number of chemicals in the chart instead of the name of chemicals.

    • pie
    • Run it yourself and see the output.

    Next, lets change the color of the charts.

    • chem < – c
    • vol < – c
    • pie,clockwise = T)

    Here we specified the colors that we want. The output is as below:

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    Creating Exploding Pies And Exploding Slices

    The exploded pie option can be easier to read if there are a lot of values in your data set. If you want to emphasise a particular value, use the exploding slice option.

    There are a couple ways to create exploding pies and exploding slices.

  • Select the Exploded Pie option when creating the chart.
  • 2. Add the exploding pie after you create the chart. To create an exploded pie, click and drag any slice, and the chart will adjust.

    3. To explode a single slice, click once on the pie to select it, click on the desired slice, and then drag it out of the pie.

    Note: If the two clicks are too close together, the Format Data Point window will appear.

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    Change The Rotation Of A 3

  • Keyboard shortcut You can, instead, click the chart area, and then press CTRL+1. Continue with step 3.

  • On the Format Chart Area tab, click Effects, and then click 3-D Rotation.

  • Do one or more of the following:

  • To change the rotation, click the degree of rotation that you want in the X Rotation and Y Rotation boxes.

    Note: Charts can be rotated around the horizontal and vertical axes but never around the depth axis. Therefore, you cannot specify a degree of rotation in the Z box.

  • To change the field of view on the chart, click the degree of perspective that you want in the Perspective box, or click the Narrow field of view or Widen field of view buttons until you have reached the result that you want.

    Note: Some options that are presented in this dialog box are not available for charts. You cannot reset the options that you changed to previous settings.

  • How To Rotate A Pie Chart In Excel

    Make Quick 3D Pie Charts in Illustrator

    Finally, to rotate your pie chart, double-click on the chart and then click on the three-bar icon under “Format Data Point”.

    Then, toggle the “Angle of first slice” until you’ve rotated the pie chart to the degree you want.

    And there you have it! You’re well on your way to creating clean, impressive pie charts for your marketing materials to highlight important data and move stakeholders to take action.

    Ultimately, you’ll want to experiment with all of excel’s unique formatting features until you figure out the pie chart that works best for your needs. Good luck!

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    Other Types Of Pie Charts

    In addition to 3-D pie charts, you can create a pie of pie or bar of pie chart. These charts show smaller values pulled out into a secondary pie or stacked bar chart, which makes them easier to distinguish. To switch to one of these pie charts, click the chart, and then on the Chart Tools Design tab, click Change Chart Type. When the Change Chart Type gallery opens, pick the one you want.

    What Is A Pie Chart

    Pie charts are sometimes called pie graphs, donut charts/graphs or doughnut charts, but all of those names describe a circular graph that illustrates part or parts of a whole.

    As pie charts are used to visualize parts of a whole, their slices should always add up to 100%.

    A pie chart is so named because it resembles a sliced pie thanks to its round shape and segments representing the data its illustrating.

    This pie chart template shows a simple application of this versatile data visualization tool. Its a true pie chart because the full circle is shown, and all the segments add up to 100%.

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    S For Making A 3d Pie Chart:

    Note: This article has been written based on Microsoft Excel 2010, but all steps are applicable for all later versions.

    Step 1: Start writing your data in a table with appropriate information in each column. For this article, well see a market share comparison table for multiple products.

    Data Table

    It is not necessary to enter these data items in a percentage format. You simply keep your data the way it is and Excel will convert it into suitable slices for you

    Step 2: Select all the elements of the table. Now, go to the Insert section. Locate Pie Charts under the Charts sub-section.

    The positioning of Pie Charts may be different for different versions of Excel

    Then, from the available 3D charts, select the one most suitable for your purpose of work.

    Now, wait for the Pie Chart to show up.


    Are Pie Charts And Donut Charts The Same

    Charts and pies vectors

    Not exactly, though they do the same thing. Donut charts are emerging as the best modern alternative to the standard pie chart because their function is identical, visualizing parts of a whole. Plus, theyre also named after food!

    This automation infographic uses a series of donut charts to visualize the data contained. In this case, each figure is a single percentage rather than multiple slices of the donut. But its clear to see how donut charts resemble their pie chart cousins.

    Donut charts can also have multiple segments just like pie charts, and the biggest advantage of donut charts over pie charts is they take up less visual space. This can allow for additional content, needed whitespace or more iconography and illustrations, like in the example below.

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    The Css Setting For The Pie Chart

    We first start by styling our content. This part is easy and the code is as follows:


    I am defining the element as inline-grid to easily place the content at the middle using place-content: center. We use aspect-ratio: 1 to make sure the element remains square. We can also use height: var but it’s always good to learn and use a new CSS property.

    You may wonder why I am using a variable to define the width instead of simply setting width: 150px. I need to know the value of the width for future usage so I am defining it as a variable.

    All the remaining CSS is pretty basic to style the text. Feel free to update it as you want.

    Let’s move on to the interesting part â the main shape of our component. For this, we will use a pseudo element with the following styles:


    A pseudo-element that has position: absolute covers all the area thanks to inset: 0. Yes, it’s again a new CSS property which is the shorthand for top, right, bottom, and right .

    Then we make it a circle and we apply a conic-gradient. Note the use of the CSS variables we defined as inline styles .

    Until now, this will give us the following result:

    We are getting closer! The conic-gradient is giving us a two-color gradient. From 0% to p% the main color and the remaining part is a transparent color .

    To keep only the border part we will use a mask to hide the middle part. We will use a radial-gradient this time:

    radial-gradient),blue calc))
    .pie .pie:before 

    And the HTML:

    Reverse The Order Of Data Series In A 3

    You can change the plotting order of data series so that large 3-D data markers do not block smaller ones.

  • On a chart, click the depth axis, or select Depth axis from the Chart elements list under Current Selection on the Format tab.

  • On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click Format Selection.

  • In the Axis Options category, under Axis Options, select the Series in reverse order check box.

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    The Html Structure For The Pie Chart

    As I mentioned above, we have a single < div> where we add the percentage value as the main content:

    < div class="pie" style="--p:60 --b:10px --c:purple "> 60%< /div> 

    We also add the CSS variables as inline styles.

    • –p: This variable should contain the percentage value as a number . It be should the same as the content.
    • –b: This variable will define the thickness of the border.
    • –c: This variable will define the main color.

    For the sake of this article and the demo, I am using a one-character variable to keep the code short. But it’s better to consider more explicit variables when using the code in a production environment. Examples: –percentage, –border-thickness, and –main-color.

    How To Make A Pie Chart In Excel

    How to Create a 3D Pie Chart

    1. Create your columns and/or rows of data. Feel free to label each column of data excel will use those labels as titles for your pie chart. Then, highlight the data you want to display in pie chart form.

    2. Now, click “Insert” and then click on the “Pie” logo at the top of excel.

    3. You’ll see a few pie options here, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. For our purposes, let’s click on the first image of a 2-dimensional pie chart.

    4. And there you have it! A pie chart will appear with the data and labels you’ve highlighted.

    If you’re not happy with the pie chart colors or design, however, you also have plenty of editing options.

    Let’s dive into those, next.

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    D Pie Chart In Adobe Illustrator

    3D Pie Chart in Adobe Illustrator withPie Graph Tool3D effectcreate a 3D pie chart with percentages in a circle, Adobe Illustratorfollow the below stepsColumn Graph ToolPie Graph Tooldrag the cursor on the artboarddraw the Pie ChartGraph Data PanelApplyPie ChartStroke colorPie Chart Shift + Ctrl + G Ungroup Pie Chart

    Step 4

    EffectMenu Bar3DExtrude and Bevel3D Extrude & Bevel Options dialogueIsometric TopExtrude DepthOK

    How To Make A 3d Pie Chart In Illustrator

    In todays tutorial well be going over a handy tool in Illustrator that allows you to make various kinds of charts and graphs like a pie chart, for example. Then, well be going over how to make that pie chart 3D. Making a 3D pie chart in Illustrator is simply a matter of using the Pie Graph Tool to generate the chart, then using the Extrude and Bevel effect to make it three dimensional.

    One distinct advantage Adobe Illustrator has over other vector design applications is the abundance of tools and features it has one of which being its ability to generate charts and graphs with relative ease. In other vector applications, these things need to be designed manually. In Illustrator though, there are dedicated tools that will generate them for you. All you have to do is input your data.

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