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Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe For Picky Eaters

Bearded Dragon Food Review !! Repashy Grub Pie !!

Dealing with a picky eater? Fear not! Whip up this delicious smoothie below to help stimulate your bearded dragons appetite AND give them a nutritional boost!

Nutritious Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipes For Any Health Concern

Who doesnt love a good smoothie? From their refreshing taste to their ease of consumption, theyre certainly a favorite in many cultures. And as it turns out theyre also totally loved by bearded dragons!

Thats right. What you may or may not know, is that thousands of bearded dragon owners have had major success when it comes to feeding their bearded dragons smoothies or slurries.

Slurries are great because they have a texture that is easy on your beardies digestive tract AND allow you to sneak in medicines, supplements, and more.

In fact, whenever my dragons are sick, I find I am able to get them to take certain medicines and supplements easier if they are hidden within a slurry.

Now, to ensure you are giving your bearded dragon the right quantities of their supplements, medicines, etc. I highly recommend purchasing a 1ml scoop like this one here, as most recipes below will call for increments in 1ml or 0.5ml.

Note: when preparing any of the smoothies below, feel free to remove the middle veins/stalks from large leafy greens as they provide zero nutritional value and can make the slurry taste less appetizing.

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Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe For A Treat

If your bearded dragon is totally healthy but youre just looking for a slurry recipe that can work as the occasional treat then look no further! The recipe below is great to give every once in awhile if youre in the mood to spoil your dragon.

Please Note: You can switch in and out virtually any veggies and fruits you want to create custom slurry! Read up on what veggies and fruits are approved here to give your bearded dragon a unique and personalized treat!

  • Small handful of greens of choosing
  • 1 strawberry, several small berries, or small chunks of pineapple
  • Insects of choosing
  • Already regularly given probiotics/vitamins
  • 3-5ml of water
  • A couple drops of raw & organic honey for extra sweetness/health benefits

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Best Food For Bearded Dragons

While they are nutritionally balanced, the best scenario is where you make them a part of their diet and not the only food they have. Spoil them with variety, including veggies, live feeder insects, plants and flowers, as well as fruit treats.

Here are the best commercial bearded dragon foods not listed according to their superiority but from one vendor to another.

Repashy Grub Pie Insectivore Diet Gel Premix

Repashy Grub Pie Reptile, 85g

The Repashy grub pie is 75% insect-based is ready to cook meal preplacement grub pie for bearded dragons and other insectivorous reptiles and amphibians such as dwarf monitors, skinks, salamanders, is a must-have. It has black soldier fly larvae meal, dried kelp, hibiscus flower, watermelon, marigold flower, algae, among other ingredients, making it very flavorful.

Crafted to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles and amphibians that prey on insects, it is loaded with protein obtained from insects and also has essential vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids.

To cook it, add one part of this food to two parts of boiling water in a bowl and stir the powder. As it cools, it will set at about room temperature to be a paste or gel-like. You can then slice it into small strips or cubes and feed it to your pets.

Additionally, you can cook a large amount and keep it refrigerated for up to two weeks as fresh or freeze it for up to six months.

Beardies will love it, and this Repashy bearded dragon food is an excellent alternative for people who do not want to feed bugs to their beardies or other pets.

Guaranteed Analysis

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Repashy Grub Pie Bearded Dragon Tegu Monitor Skinks Reptile Lizard Food

$16.00eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller: reptilian_cyborg99.5%, Location:Danville, New Hampshire, US, Ships to: US, Item:114216241037Repashy Grub Pie Bearded Dragon Tegu Monitor Skinks Reptile Lizard Food. DIRECTIONS: Bring water to a boil on stove, in microwave, or kettle. Gel will set at room temperature. Great for Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Dwarf Monitors, Salamanders and more. Groveland Gecko.Condition:New, Repashy Size:3oz Jar, Brand:Repashy, Country/Region of Manufacture:United States See More

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Slurry Recipe For Malnourished Or Underweight Bearded Dragons

Is your beardie looking a little on the thin side these days? If so, try this recipe below to fatten him or her up and and also ensure they are receiving all of their nutrients!

The secret lies in the amazing Oxbow Carnivore Care Pet Supplement, which features an easy to absorb protein dense formula and a taste most beardies love!

Before making this slurry, verify your bearded dragon is ACTUALLY underweight here, as it is SO important to not feed healthy dragons too much protein.

Please Note: If you feel confident your bearded dragon isnt nutrient deficient but instead just underweight, I recommend just mixing 1 TBSP of the Carnivore Care per kg of your bearded dragons body weight with water to form a paste and feeding them this 2-3 times weekly.OR if your bearded dragon is sick and/or coming out of surgery, I recommend trying the recipe in the next section instead.

The recipe will make a single serving. I recommend 3 servings per day for bearded dragons that are very underweight and struggling to get their nutrients.

The following recipe will make a single serving. If your dragon is very malnourished/thin, I recommend feeding them this 2-3 times a day OR if theyre just a little on the thin side, several times a week. Use your best judgement.

  • 1ml Oxbow Carnivore Care Pet Supplement per 100g of body weight
  • 2-4ml of water
  • Any vitamins youre already giving them

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Zilla Bearded Dragon Fortified Daily Food

The Zilla Bearded Dragon Fortified Daily Food will meet all nutritional requirements of this omnivorous pet. It will support good health, promote growth, and ensure this pet has a vibrant color.

Furthermore, it has a bearded dragons naturally preferred plants and protein, and appealing color. Dont dust it calcium or multivitamins, and it can be feed to your pets alone or with other foods, especially fresh greens and insects.

Moistening it will make it more palatable and keep your pet hydrated and your beardies can have from a half a teaspoon to two teaspoons depending on their size and age each day. For instance, the juvenile can have half a teaspoon, sub-adult a spoon, and adults up to two teaspoons daily.

Finally, ensure you remove any moisten food after 4-6 hours and discard any soiled or uneaten food.

  • Crude protein: 25.0% min
  • Maximum moisture: 12.0%

Feeding tip

If your these lizards have never eaten it before, you need to gradually increase the amount of this diet while reducing your current foods for at least ten days. Afterward, remember to discard any moistened but uneaten food as you monitor your pets intake, condition, and weight gain.

Always offer more food than what your beardie can finish in 8 hours and an adequate amount of water.

Finally, moisten the food with fruit juice or water to make eating much easier.

Is Repashy Good For Bearded Dragons

Repashy Grub Pie vs. Mealworms ….. Bearded Dragons

Asked by: Miss Summer Oberbrunner II

Repashy is proud once again, to introduce a new Omnivore Gel Food Formula. ⦠Bearded Dragons are omnivores however, so it wasnât suitable as a staple diet because adults need a considerable amount of plant material in their diet and overall lower protein and fat.

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Can A Bearded Dragon Have Too Much Uvb

Although a bearded dragon can in fact get too much UVB, what you really need to be on the lookout for is them closing their eyes every time they bask. This is a sign that the UV output from the bulb may be too strong for them. Too much of anything can be bad, even when it comes to UVB for your bearded dragon!

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Repashy Grub Pie For Reptiles 3 Oz

Repashy Grub Pie for Reptiles is an insect-based meal replacement gel for insectivorous and omnivorous species of. This formula is 75% insect ingredients, and all insects were raised in the USA on high-quality diets.

This meal replacement powder is made primarily from cold-pressed black soldier fly larvae meal, with an aroma and flavor that many reptiles find irresistible! Even species that require moving prey and show little interest in freeze-dried insects or pelleted foods have taken Repashy Grub Pie on the first offering. Some individuals may require teasing or training the first time, but after that they should enthusiastically recognize it as food.

Repashy Grub Pie makes a great dietary addition for bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, ackie monitors, leopard geckos, turtles, and other insectivorous and omnivorous reptiles. It can also be fed to amphibians like frogs and salamanders!

It is best practice to offer well gut-loaded, live insects for the majority of your insectivoreâs diet. However, well-balanced prepared diets like Repashy Grub Pie add essential variety to their nutrition and are good to have on hand as a backup in case of emergency.

Instructions for Use:

Mix 1 part powder into 3 parts water and stir. Microwave or heat until it starts to boil. Remove, stir again, pour, and let sit at room temp until firm. To adjust firmness of gel, use more or less water as desired.


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Zilla Munchies Mealworms Reptile Food

These dehydrated Zilla mealworms munchies can be part of this lizards food or a treat. Mealworms are higher in protein and provide most of the required fats when compared to crickets but are not supported to be their staple .

These munchies come in sealable packaging, they need refrigeration, and most users are happy with the fact that beardies love them. Also, you can feed them to your chameleon, leopard Geckos, birds, and tropical fish.

Guaranteed crude analysis

  • Crude fiber: 6.0% max
  • Moisture: 10.0% max

Most people who have tried this omnivore mix are happy with their packaging and note that their pets love them.

Flukers Crafted Cuisine Dragon Diet Adults

Repashy Grub Pie Reptile 340g Jar

This adult diet is soft, moist, and nutritious beardie food formulated by experienced herp veterinarians. Furthermore, its fortification with minerals and vitamins makes it nutrient-rich.

Going to particular ingredients, it has real fruits and veggies such as spinach, pumpkin, carrots, banana, kale, butternut squash, sweet potatoes as well as real dried insects such as mealworms and crickets but does not have any added artificial colors or flavors.

It will keep your omnivorous pet hydrated has 82.20% moisture while crude proteins, crude fats, and crude fiber stand at 4.89%, 2.14%, and 1.97%.

A quick look at this Flukers dragon diet review, it is not one of the most popular. While most users are happy with it, others are not so excited about this food.

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Force Feeding Option #: Using A Crop Needle

Using a crop needle allows you to administer the bearded dragon slurry in a much more effective way because it ensures the slurry makes it down the dragons throat.

This is a great option for medicines that dont taste good or stubborn dragons who arent eating.

You see, unlike a regular syringe that simply deposits the slurry in the mouth or the front of the throat, a crop needle actually places it down the throat, meaning the bearded dragon cant simply spit out.

Naturally, youll want to use the right size crop needle to avoid penetrating the windpipe.

For bearded dragons 6 months and older, I recommend a size 12 or 14 gauge like this one here.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how to SAFELY use a crop needle to feed a bearded dragon.

Despite being focused on birds, the strategy will remain the same for your bearded dragon.

Repashy Grub Pie Reptile Gel

Repashy Grub Pie Reptile Gel Insectivore Gel Premix. Our Insect Based Meal Replacement Gel for Insectivorous Species of Reptiles and Amphibians. Great for Bearded Dragons, Skinks, Dwarf Monitors, Salamanders and more. Insects are raised in the USA on high quality ingredients!

INGREDIENTS:Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal, Dried Seaweed Meal, Coconut Meal, Ground Flaxseed, Stabilized Rice Bran, Dried Brewers Yeast, Lecithin, Dried Kelp, Locust Bean Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Citrate, Salt, Taurine, Watermelon, RoseHips, Hibiscus Flower, Calendula Flower, Marigold Flower, Paprika, Turmeric, Salt, Calcium Propionate and Potassium Sorbate , Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate, Zinc Methionine Hydroxy Analogue Chelate, Manganese Methionine Hydroxy Analogue Chelate, Copper Methionine Hydroxy Analogue Chelate, Selenium Yeast. Vitamins: .

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min. 40%, Crude Fat min. 12%, Crude Fiber max. 15%, Moisture max. 10%, Ash max. 12%, Calcium min. 1.4%.

DIRECTIONS: Bring water to a boil on stove, in microwave or kettle. Pour boiling water into a bowl and immediately stir in powder . Let cool or immediately pour into mold. Gel will set at room temperature. Cut into pieces or long strips for feeding. Once made, gel should be treated as fresh food and can be sealed and stored in refrigerator for up to two weeks, or freezer for up to six months.

Made in USA.

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Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipes

Who doesnt appreciate a tasty smoothie? Theyre a favorite in many cultures due to their refreshing taste and ease of consumption. And, as it turns out, bearded dragons adore them as well!

Thats right, thousands of bearded dragon owners have had a lot of success feeding their bearded dragons smoothies or slurries, which you may or may not be aware of.

Slurries are great because they have a smooth texture in your bearded dragons stomach while also allowing you to sneak in medications, supplements, and other items.

In fact, Ive found that if I hide certain medicines and supplements within a slurry, I can get my dragons to take them more easily, so chances are, this trick might work well for you too!

  • Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe for a Treat
  • Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe For Upper Respiratory Infections

    Repashy Feeding Response: How do my bearded dragons respond to Repashy Grub Pie

    As a disclaimer, I have not personally tried this when my bearded dragons have a Respiratory Infection, but I have read several times online that it has worked great for others during their dragons treatment.

    Of course, if you suspect your bearded dragon has an infection you should always take them to the vet first and have them diagnosed and given proper medication. But, if you cant get them in right away or are looking to help them eat as they are recovering, this bearded dragon slurry recipe may prove to be beneficial.

    Read this article here to help your bearded dragon beat their upper respiratory infection!

    Lastly, Ive also included Serrapeptase to the slurry recipe because it is an anti-inflammatory enzyme derived from silkworms that helps to thin mucous and prevent bacterial infections in the lungs. This addition is not 100% necessary, but recommended.

    Please Note: To figure out how much Serrapeptase to give, take your dragons body weight in grams and divide by 1,000 to get the number of ml necessary to include. For example, if your dragon weighs 500 grams, youd divide this by 1,000 to get 0.5ml.

    The following recipe makes a single serving. I recommend 1-3 servings per day based on how much your dragon is eating, how sick they are, and the instructions of your vet/any medications prescribed.

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