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Who Makes The Best Apple Pie

Best Boston Cream Pie

We tried 3 brands of frozen apple pie, and we had a clear favorite

  • We tested three brands of frozen apple pie.
  • The brands we sampled were Mrs. Smiths, Sara Lee, and Marie Callenders.
  • Marie Callenders was our favorite because its apples tasted the most authentic, and its crumb topping was deliciously sweet.

More On Our Boston Cream Pie

P.S. While the year 1856 in Boston is best known for pie, out west the territory of Kansasnot yet a statewas engaged in a full-fledged rebellion over the question of slavery. The populace in neighboring Missouri, already a state, was heavily in favor of keeping slavery legal, but a number of Kansas settlers worked to make it illegal. Pro-slavery Missourians flooded over the border to vote in the territory and elected a pro-slavery legislature despite the fact that a majority of actual Kansas settlers opposed it. A second Free-State legislature was soon set up in Topeka and there was a low-level war fought in the state. On May 21, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner took to the floor and spoke in favor of Free State Kansas. Sumner was a member of the informal Saturday Club, a group of writers, historians, scientists, and philosophers who began holding their monthly meetings over dinner at the hotel. The Saturday Club members included James Russell Lowell, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Sumner, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., etc. Its not unlikely that one Saturday they were served what we now know as Boston Cream Pie, all sweet and light, while simultaneously talking about what would have been a good three week trip by horse and wagon to the west.

P.P.S. Mark your calendar now! October 23 is Boston Cream Pie Day.

A 19th Century New England Classic Winning Modern

Last week I wrote about Mississippi Mud Pie. Shifting 1,300 miles to the northeast, we arrive at this other great American pie. Or maybe I should say non-pie, because although both have long had pie in their names, neither of the two really fits into the typical, flaky-pastry-crust-with-a-fruit-or-nut-fillingkind of way. Even scholar Evan Jones, in his wonderful book American Food, admits that, the fact that it is really a cake disguised by this misnomer remains unexplained.em> Name aside, what we do know is that Mississippi Mud Pie and Boston Cream Pie are both terrific! And both have a history rooted in a single states folklorein December 1996, while we were preparing for our 14th holiday season at Zingermans, the state of Massachusetts quietly declared Boston Cream Pie to be the official state dessert. I missed the announcement back then, but now, Im happy to say we take full advantage of the Bay States culinary legacy all the way out here in Ann Arbor.

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Is Bavarian Cream The Same As Boston Cream

* Bavarian cream uses both whipped cream and heavy cream while Boston cream mainly uses milk and eggs and is custard as well. * Boston cream is served mostly with chocolate while Bavarian cream is usually served with fruit sauce or suit puree. * Bavarian has powder on it while Boston cream has chocolate on top.

S For Making Chocolate Ganache

The Best Chocolate Boston Cream Pie You

1. Chop the chocolate into fairly small pieces.

2. Put the cream into a small saucepan. Bring just to a simmer over medium heat. Alternately, heat the cream for about 90 seconds in a microwave.

3. Add the chocolate and stir until about half melted. Remove from heat and continue stirring until smooth. If you’re using a microwave, add the chocolate to the cream, stir, and heat it for another 15-30 seconds, and stir again until it is smooth.

As the ganache starts to cool, it will become thick and difficult to spread – so proceed to the assembly step quickly.

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Optional: Boozy Boston Cream Pie

The original Boston Cream Pie created by Chef Sanzian at the Parker House Hotel was enhanced by the addition of rum.

How much rum? We don’t know – but French pastry makers today enhance their creations with rum and other spirits – think Baba au Rhum – and usually use a generous amount.

The traditional way to add rum to a dessert is to make a rum syrup: place a 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cups water into a saucepan and heat for a few minutes until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat, and add 1/3 cup of good quality dark rum and 1 teaspoons vanilla.

When you’re assembling the Boston Cream Pie recipe, drizzle the top of the bottom layer with your rum syrup. Use as much or as little as you’d like. If you don’t use it all, it keeps well, and you can always use it as a syrup over ice cream later.

Or, you can take a simple approach. Simple drizzle the bottom layer with 2-4 tablespoons of rum or another favorite liquor .

Whichever approach you choose, add the pastry cream on top and continue with the recipe.

The Boston Cream Pie Company

Food trucks are great, but food trikes are greater. The Boston Cream Pie trike parks on the Rose Kennedy Greenway most days of the week, offering delicious lunch dessert options to the masses. This mini, mobile bakery offers a modest variety of the pies, including the Peanut Butter Cup, a traditional pie with a Heath bar topping that Yelpers go gaga over. Folks also said that the pies are reasonably price and generously sized, and that the most important part of the piethe cream!is perfect.

The Boston Cream Pie Company is located at the corner of Milk and Surface between the Financial district and the Waterfront.

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The 15 Best Places For Pies In Downtown Boston Boston

Eric Siglin: This is the home of Boston Cream Pie and Parker House Rolls.

Paige Welch: Ask for the blood and sand cocktail and of course the Boston Cream pie

Karla North: Their restaurant has delicious clam chowder. The Boston Cream Pie is amazing too!

Samantha Tackeff: The long awaited Cuppa Coffee is here! Swing by for an iced coffee and a mince pie for lunch. They also have Flat Whites! And Anzacs!

Teagan: Playlist is on point, the owner is friendly and knowledgable, their coffee is fantastic, and their meat pies are phenomenal.

Daniel Tewfik: Come for the coffee, stay for the Aussi style meat pies.

Super Spoiled: Amazing Boston Cream pie. Small but not overly sweet.

Jiahao Chen: THE place to taste the original Boston Cream Pie. Especially when the restaurant is closed.

Joni Brown: Best rolls and Boston cream pie!

Kimberly Rogers: The New England Clam Chowder and Boston Cream Pie are both De-Lish!!

Lisa W: Awesome Boston Cream Pie!! Of course!!!

Christine Powers: Steak is better than Ruth’s Chris across the street. Seriously, try it. You can do a fixed 3 course dinner for $38, includes the Boston cream pie dessert

John Flynn: Original and Pie = Love

Alek Flekel: Best gyro I have ever had, period. Usually get an original and spinach pie, perfect lunch spot

Courtney Murray: Their food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. Try the spanikopita or the grape leaves.

Miranda B: The Boston cream pie is to die for!

Jenn Mason: Best Boston creme pie!

Faneuil Hall Marketplace & Quincy Market

The Best Boston Cream Pie | Very Easy

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is an important stop for those walking the Freedom Trail, as it compromises three historic market buildings: North Market, South Market and Quincy Market. Quincy Market itself dates back to 1826, and is now both a National Historic Landmark and a Boston Landmark.

Here youll find a wide range of eateries serving international and local cuisine. If youre in the mood for some of the best Bostonian food, try the clam chowder, Boston baked beans and lobster rolls!

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How To Glaze Your Boston Cream Pie

Scrape the chocolate ganache out of the bowl onto the top of the cake, and use the back of a large spoon or spatula to gently spread it out to the sides. You can encourage a little of it to go down the side in places for an artistic effect.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful Boston Cream Pie.

You can serve it right away, or refrigerate overnight and serve the next day.

If you’re making it a day ahead, cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. Take it out a couple of hours before serving to let it warm to room temperature.

Where Can I Buy Boston Cream Pie In Los Angeles

Best Boston Cream Pie in Los Angeles, CA

  • The Pie Hole. 5.0 mi. 3160 reviews.
  • La Mousse Desserts. 7.0 mi. 48 reviews.
  • Winston Pies. 3.0 mi. 55 reviews.
  • House of Pies. 3.4 mi. 1660 reviews.
  • Republic Of Pie. 7.7 mi. 1949 reviews.
  • Big Sugar Bakeshop. 3.8 mi. 147 reviews.
  • Portos Bakery & Cafe. 7.2 mi. 9122 reviews.
  • Bellas How Sweet It Is. 8.6 mi. 13 reviews.

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Four: Mix Cake Ingredients

  • Put all of the cake ingredients, except for the egg whites, into a large mixing bowl and beat for two minutes.
  • Gently fold in the egg whites. To fold in the egg whites, use a large spatula, and cut into the egg whites, scooping the spatula under the batter mixture, then turn over onto the egg whites. Do this softly so that you keep the texture of the egg whites.
  • You will end up with a batter that has lots of little air bubbles, and little pockets of egg whites. All of the egg white should be incorporated throughout the batter.
  • Line cake pans with parchment paper and spray the paper and pans with nonstick spray. Bake until a toothpick comes out clean.
  • Cool completely before assembling.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Best Boston Cream Pie Recipe

What are people saying about bakeries in Boston, MA?

This is a review for bakeries in Boston, MA:

“I took shelter from the pouring rain in Flour bakery and was so glad I did. They have outdoor seating that is covered and out of the rain, but I chose to eat indoors. They have an easy online order pickup on a shelf in the dining room, but the line does move quickly if you order there. There are vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options for some of their salads and sandwiches. Their pastry selection is mouth watering. You won’t be able to resist a cookie, muffin, or Boston cream pie. I ordered a blueberry muffin that was moist and packed with blueberries. A muffin and a coffee was the perfect respite from the crazy Boston weather.”

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Veggie Galaxy : : Cambridge

If you are looking for an old-school diner vibe and a delicious vegan twist on an age-old classic head on over to Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge. The 100% vegan confection boasts a delectable vanilla bean pastry cream sandwiched between two layers of yellow cake and glazed with a heavenly dark Taza chocolate ganache.

Where Can I Buy Bean Pies In Los Angeles

bean pie Los Angeles, CA

  • Bean Pie Connection. 3.8 mi. 12 reviews. Desserts.
  • Shabazz Bakery. 7.4 mi. 22 reviews. $ Bakeries.
  • Your Bakery 1st. 5.7 mi. 13 reviews. $ Bakeries.
  • Crustees Eatery. 5.4 mi. 143 reviews.
  • Cobblermania. 6.8 mi. 122 reviews.
  • Republic Of Pie. 7.7 mi. 1950 reviews.
  • Simply Wholesome. 5.4 mi. 864 reviews.
  • The Kobbler King. 2.6 mi. 106 reviews.

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Most Indulgent Desserts In Boston

Honeycomb Creamery in Porter Square

In Boston, Taco Tuesday is a real thing, especially at Honeycomb Creamery in Porter Square! They take a waffle cone and fold it into a taco shell, filling it with ice cream and topping it with fudge and even recently they had a smores taco with marshmallow topping rolled in graham crackers.

Gate Comme De Filles in Somerville

Theres definite chocolate experts at this gourmet shop in Bow Market in Somerville. For an indulgent treat to the max, try their chocolate waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse. This creamy sweet is almost like a melted fluffy cheesecake so pop the Zantac and indulge!

Rosebud Kitchen Diner in Davis Square, Somerville

A Somerville staple for homemade pies, Rosebud Diner wows! You can pretend that youre here for a drink or dinner, but the truth is your belly is saving room for dessert.

The Scoop and Scootery in Arlington

Typically ice cream sundaes are served with a dainty spoon after a yummy meal. With Scoop N Scootery, you can throw caution to the wind, grab your PJs, power the TV remote, and let go at home while indulging in a delicious sundae. One of our favorites, since we love cake and ice cream, is the Fainted Pikachu. Chocolate and cake batter ice cream with a frosted red velevet core topped with brownie bites and fudge. Need we say more?

Black Sheep Bagel Cafe in Harvard Square

Milk Bar in Harvard Square

7Ate9 Bakery in Davis Square, Somerville

Davis Square Donuts in Davis Square, Somerville

The History Of Boston Cream Pie

Best Boston Cream Pie Recipe

Why is it called pie when it is a cake? That is the million-dollar question! Apparently, back in the mid-1800s when it was invented, pie plates were the most common cooking vessel. These cakes were originally baked in pie plates, and thus called “pie.” Boston cream pie was named the official state dessert of Massachusetts in 1996. If you want to know more about iconic Massachusetts food, take a look at our state dinner post.

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Best Of The Best Boston Cream Pie

So, which won my vote for favorite? First, lets be clear. I loved all of them or they wouldnt be on this list. But if I HAD to choose

Boston Cream Pie from Left: Flour Bakery & Cafe Right: Omni Parker House

Flour Bakery & Cafe was my favorite for all-around taste and texture. It just had the it factor for me! A very close second was the original at Omni Paker House. Omni Parker House won best martini list EVER!

Where To Stay in BostonFound Hotel Boston is where I stayed my first two nights. A great mid-range option, it is located in the theater district close to Boston Gardens and has great amenities.Westin Copley Place is where I stayed the next several nights. It is luxury-range and located right in Copley Square not far from Boston Gardens or Fenway Park. The amenities are fabulous here as well.

Should I Go To Quincy Market

Eh, perhaps. Quincy Market was a food hall decades before food halls became trendy. Its the quintessential Boston tourist trap some people love it, some people hate it, and its sure to be very, very busy on any weekend thats not in the dead of winter. There are more exciting food halls and courts and markets to visit in and around Boston try Bow Market, Time Out Market Boston, Super 88, and Porter Exchange with quite a few more spots coming later in 2021 and beyond but Quincy Market is dripping with history, and its worth checking out if youre trying to hit all the classic tourist destinations in the city. Here are some must-eats.

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