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As longtime ice cream lovers, we didnt want kids or adults with nut allergies to live in a world where they couldnt enjoy the tasty treat of some sweet delicious ice cream so we did something about it. First, in our critically acclaimed ice cream shop on New York Citys Upper East Side and now in our national product roll-out, a la mode ice cream leaves out the potentially harmful stuff , but leaves in all of the rich, satisfying taste of a premium ice cream brand. With nut and other food allergies of increasing concern, its good to know that a la mode ice cream is made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where there is absolutely no chance of our products being compromised by any nut dust .Our delicious creations have already been widely recognized for their superior flavors and variety. This allergy-conscious, handcrafted approach along with a mouth-watering menu of exciting new flavors guarantees that a la mode ice cream will soon become an ice cream superstar in your store too.

Reviews For A La Mode Pies

We came in on a whim because trophy cupcake was closed for renovations. It smelled like pies coming in, which was nice. The customer service was okay, not super friendly, but not rude. We ordered toasted coconut, cookies and cream, and banana with white chocolate. Overall, the pies were okay, but not really that great. The banana one was one note and the cookies and cream was bland. The coconut was the best. But we will not be back.

Social Responsibility Mission & Values

Our customers, their families, and neighbors come first. We believe that a socially conscious community is an allergy conscious community.

A La Mode Ice Cream offers a delicious, creamy treat that is fun and safe for the person eating it and for those around them. Whether it is the sibling at home, the friend at school, or the adult at a party who is at risk, you know you can enjoy our ice cream and share it too.

Social responsibility is at the heart of our brand and our proposition to the range of frozen dessurt options available today.

A La Mode Ice Cream is all-inclusive and mindful of the growing number of people who have allergies today. many of our customers had never been able to try a dairy-based ice cream before they tried ours, and it has been a magical experience in their lives. our goal is to provide children and adults alike with the delicious, joyful, and safe experience of sharing ice cream together

sandy roth, cofounder/a la mode shoppe

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Best Chicken Pot Pie: Centerville Pie Co

Centerville Pie Co.

Located on Cape Cod, Centerville Pie Co. has been serving up this homey classic since Laurie Bowen and Kristin Broadley ditched their day jobs as a deputy sheriff and banker to become “The Pie Ladies.” Oprah Winfrey visited the original bakery in the early days, savored the pulled chicken nestled in a doughy-yet-crisp pot pie, and catapulted the shop to fame by including the dish on three of her best-of lists. The pies are carried in many grocery stores on the East Coast, but now, thanks to their nationwide delivery, anyone in the country can get one.

While chicken pot pie may seem like it isn’t worth shipping across a continent, this isnt a make it at home pot pie: the chicken is slow-cooked in a large pot of broth, delicately hand-pulled, and the pie crust is expertly crimped.

Plus, it comes with extra gravy, because we all need a dappling of sauce under our pot pie slice for the real experience. It arrives uncooked, so crank up that oven, bake for 90 minutes, and enjoy the perfect savory flavor.

Best Cherry: Grand Traverse Pie Company

A La Mode Pies Delivery in Seattle

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Grand Traverse Pie Company, named for the city of its location, takes local, Michigan-grown produce and whips it into perfect pies that Oprah has endorsed. Their Cherry Crumb pie is the signature of the Traverse City National Cherry Festival, a celebration of the cherryone of Michigan’s most delicious exports. This award-winning pie is perfectly sweet and tart, with a tang that zips your tongue and a buttery crumb topping.

The company serves pies with everything a pie-lover could want, from apples and blueberries to cream pies, peaches, pumpkins, and more. Grand Traverse’s ever-popular Michigan ABC pie is a combination of apples, blueberries, and cherries that melds into a delicious mix.

Everything is available on their website with the standard option of two-day shipping to make sure the pies are kept fresh. Pies can even be customized with messages like “I Heart You” or “No. 1 Mom” for an extra-special touch. Another delicious option to consider is the pie of the month club.

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Chris Porter Pie Piper

Since opening in 2012, A la Mode Pies has become a fixture on Phinney Ridge, and its hard to imagine a visit to neighboring Woodland Park Zoo without a stop at the tiny bakery for a warm slice. With the October opening of A la Mode West Seattle , Chris Porter has elevated the pie experience into a high-concept restaurant with full dinner service. The 2,000-square-foot space features theater-style baking, sweet and savory pies, PieFries , pie-infused ice creams and a mathematicians dream: happy hour every day at 3:14 p.m.

Seattle Magazine: A la Mode has really grown since 2009, when it was just you and your online delivery service. What makes pie so popular?

Chris Porter: Pie is comfort, and no other dessert has that. Not cupcakes. Not doughnuts. Sometimes on a stressful day, a slice of pie next to a scoop of melty ice cream is really all you need.

SM: Seattle has good spots for sweet pie, but not many places do savory pies. Can you talk about your savory lineup?

CP: Our savory items come as pies, tarts and hand pies, including chicken pot pie, shepherds pie, braised beef and, my favorite, a Mexican pie called Hey Hey Ole.

SM: Afraid to ask: How many pies do you bake on Thanksgiving? How do you get through it?

SM: How do you make PiesCream, your new line of pie-infused ice creams?

SM: Finally: What, pray tell, is a PieFry?

Best Internet Famous: Milk Bar

Milk Bar

When we think of pies, crusty tops and delicious, gooey, fruity fillings generally come to mind. Milk Bar’s pie, however, is as simple looking as it can get. But there is a good reason why this was formerly known as “Crack Pie”the second it touches your lips, youre ordering a second one. The pie may not look like much, but hiding behind the playful dusting of confectionary sugar is an explosion of rich, salty, and sweet flavors.

Originally created out of scraps that were left over from staff meals, pastry chef Christina Tosi revamped an old-school recipe for chess pie from the classic American cookbook “Joy of Cooking.” By mixing oats, butter, sugar, and salt to make an oatmeal cookie crust, Tosi created a salty-sweet experience that some people claim is highly addictive. Inside the crust, Tosi adds a smooth, creamy filling made of butter, sugar, milk powder, and egg yolks for a sweet and soft bite that contrasts with the crunch and saltiness of the crust.

Milk Bar packages the pie cold with ice and plastic wrap, and it will last for up to a month in the freezer. Enjoy it hot or cold.

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A La Mode Pies Seattle

#16Bakeries in SeattleTHE best apple pie anywhere

You haven’t had apple pie until you’ve had Ala Mode’s French Apple Pie. SO good! Yes, they have lots of other flavors, but I haven’t tried any yet because I love the French Apple so much. My husband loves the Mexican Chocolate. Maybe someday I’ll…branch out, but for now, I am very content with my French Apple every. single. time.More

As part of our mission to find the best Coconut cream pie, we stopped in at A la Mode. We were not disappointed, we tried the coconut cream and the lemon meringue, both are worth recommending and the next time we arein Seattle, we…will definitely be back to try a few more.More

Organized pick up on the morning before Thanksgiving. They assign a pick up time so there’s no waiting.

Found this place by chance after a long day of visiting the Woodland Park Zoo. Pie and ice cream sounded like just the thing to recharge our batteries, so we decided to take a chance. So often something that sounds yummy is not worth the…calories. Well, we hit the jackpot! We shared an enormous piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It cost around $9 but was well worth it as both the pie and the ice cream were delicious and there was plenty for two. We are visiting from the east coast, but if we lived in the area would definitlely be regular customers.More

Best Overall: Four And Twenty Blackbirds

Pies a la Mode

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

SPRUCE15 for $15 off of minimum $50 spend, first time customers only, excludes shipping, standard T& C applies.

The New York City pie shop Four and Twenty Blackbirds opened in 2009 when South Dakotans Melissa and Emily Elsen set out to become the city’s best handmade pie bakery. With high-quality ingredients sourced from local orchards, their apple pie is the ideal American dessert, but it’s so satisfying that it can stand alone as its own meal.

The shop’s apple pie is sweetened perfectly with caramel and is salted to enhance flavor, with a classic, lattice-style crust. Alternatively, the salty honey pie is a rich and creamy custard experience that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The pies are shipped frozen with ice packs to retain freshness. They are delicious at room temperature and after being warmed in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.

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Best Brunch Pie: Dangerously Delicious Pies

Dangerously Delicious Pies

SPRUCE15 for $15 off of minimum $50 spend, first time customers only, excludes shipping, standard T& C applies.

Baltimores legendary pie shop Dangerously Delicious Pies, led by musician-turned-pie-maker Rodney Henry, is known for its unique and creative pies. One of the shop’s most famous creations, the Blueberry Pancake Pie, has been called one of the best pies in America by People magazine. Made with pancake batter and fresh berries, this pie is a sweet, fluffy combination of breakfast and dessert.

That’s not all the shop sells, however. The Baltimore Bomb is a gooey, fudgy chess pie stuffed with Berger cookies, a cakey, chocolate frosting-covered treat made in the city.

Another tasty treat is the quiche pie, which is perfect for a weekend brunch. And if youre in Maryland, that quiche must contain crab. The shop’s Crab and Cheddar quiche is loaded with lump crab meat and sharp cheddar cheese and is topped with the local favorite Old Bay seasoning for a perfect sampling of Maryland cuisine.

If youre worried about shipping crab meat, the pie comes frozen. Just pop it into your oven at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes before serving. And dont forget to whip up a homemade Orange Crush, a mixed drink with orange juice, vodka, and triple sec you cant have brunch in Baltimore without it.

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