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Challenges Of Authority Dog Food

Authority Small Breed Adult Dog Food Chicken & Rice

1. No Awards

2. Unclear Origin of Ingredients

A previous recall sheds some doubt on the quality and origin of some of their ingredients. Authoritys main production plant is located in the United States. However, recent recalls claim a handful of ingredients are sourced in China.

3. Contains Brewers Rice and Corn

These ingredients arent necessarily harmful to your dog, but these ingredients are still grains and may cause allergies to spike.

4. Non-Chelated Minerals

Minerals that are non-chelated are very hard to absorb, therefore rendering it useless in a dogs food. Brands often add this to claim a mineral-rich formula on the label.

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The Were All About Cats Standardrating Authority On What Matters

Weve analyzed Authority and graded it according to the Were All About Cats standard, evaluating the brand on species-appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Heres how it rates in each of these six key areas.

We give Authority cat food a 41 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

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How Much Authority Should I Feed My Dog

A common question that many pet owners have, is How much Authority dog food should I feed my dog?. Since the answer is dependent on several factors always follow the specific instructions on your formulas packaging.

Have you fed your dog any of the Authority dog food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Authority dog food!

Ingredient List*

Lamb Broth, Lamb, Chicken, Lamb Liver, Brewers Rice, Rice Gluten, Dried Egg Product, Rice Flour, Dried Beet Pulp, Guar Gum, Canola Oil, Potassium Chloride, Carrageenan, Salt, Minerals , Vitamins , Niacin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid) Choline Chloride.

Many Authority Formulas Contain Vegetable Oil

AUTHORITY Chicken &  Pea Formula Small Breed Grain

Vegetable oil isnt completely lacking in nutritional merit, as it can help make your dogs coat bright and shiny, but it ultimately does more harm than good.

Its packed with calories, and so it can contribute to obesity or disorders like pancreatitis. Vegetable oil is always way down on the ingredients list, so hopefully theres not much in the kibble, but any amount is too much.

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Is Grain Bad For Dogs

Unless your dog has a grain allergy, grains are not harmful. The reality is that true food allergies are extremely low in dogs and cats, and the offending substances usually are not grains. In fact, grains are a good source of sub nutrients and are beneficial for most dogs.

Does Walmart Sell authority dog food?

Is grain free dog food better?

The truth is that grains have a purpose in dog foods to provide a variety of important nutrients that dogs need. Bottom line, grain-free dog food isnt necessarily better for your pup. Here are some common grains used in dog food and why you should consider keeping them in his dish.

Is Corn bad for dogs?

As a whole grain, corn is not easily digestible. Thats because unless the kernel is first refined into a meal or a flour and then cooked, corn would be very difficult for a dog to digest. As a matter of fact, corn are only digestible to the extent to which theyre processed.

Is Lamb good for pitbulls?

While most dog foods contain protein as the first ingredient, its important to go with high-quality sources of protein. Natural sources like chicken, beef, lamb, and fish are all ideal. Pitbulls will thrive with a dog food thats made up of 40% protein or more.

Was this information helpful?

Know Whats Best For Your Pet Choose Healthier Options

Be wary of false branding like Nature or All Natural, it can be misleading. These brands are not always healthier or higher in quality. Natures Recipe was only given 3 stars for is dry food and Natures Recipe Grain Free was only given 3.5 stars. Natures Recipe sounds healthy, but the ingredients are only average. Natures Recipe uses menadione, which is a controversial dog food ingredient. The company can call itself Natures Recipe, but there are no brand requirements to use the word Nature or Natural.

Pet owners cannot always rely on brands, as the quality and vary from product to product. Branding can be deceptive and some ingredients that sound scary like yucca schidigera extract, but arent, while others like salt seem harmless but can be unhealthy.

Always choose the right pet food for your dogs breed and life stages. Large breed needs different nutrients like joint support than small breeds who may need weight management. Always research online or read the ingredients before purchasing a pet food to make sure youre getting the best choice possible.

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What Do Veterinary Professionals Think Of Authority Dog Food

The Authority Dog Food brand is seen as one of the main veterinary grade brands for dog owners on a budget. Though it may not meet the same standards of the dog food sold in animal clinics, Authority does try their best to cater to dogs of all kinds and medical conditions. With having diets for dogs with joint issues, overweight pups, senior dogs, and more, this brand does offer something special in terms of specific care. If you are a pet owner that may not be able to afford the price tag on the most popular veterinary diets, Authority is a wonderful option for you!

What Is Corn Gluten Meal In My Puppys Food

Authority Grain-Free Dog Food

Contrary to what you might expect, corn gluten meal does not unless contaminated contain any gluten at all. When corn or maize products like corn syrup are processed, corn gluten meal is one of the by-products. In your pups food, it plays at least two main roles however, they are not necessarily about nutrition.

First, corn gluten meal helps kibble to stay in shape: in a way, its a binder. Second, it does contain around 60 percent protein, so it increases the overall protein content of your pups dinner. It is essentially cheaper than meat, but of course, we prefer to see meat in a dog food instead of corn gluten meal. Most sources agree that the degree to which these corn gluten meal proteins can be absorbed by your dog is limited. In general, it is considered a filler ingredient.

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The Kibble Is Especially Crunchy

The company has a special Ora-Shield System that they use to make their kibble especially hard and crunchy.

This is important, as crunchy kibble can help clear away plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth and gums. Since periodontal disease is such a notorious issue for dogs , keeping your pups chompers clean is essential.

However, if you have an older dog with dental problems, this might be too hard for him to eat comfortably.

Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Corn, Brown Rice, Oat Groats

Guaranteed Analysis:

Made of real deboned chicken, you can be assured that your dog is getting a high-quality source of protein. Chicken is also easy to digest, making this food gentle on dogs stomachs.

This Authority Tender Bites recipe has a unique antioxidant blend of selenium, zinc, and vitamin E for a stronger immune system.

Prebiotics and natural fiber help support gut health for better digestion. A healthy digestive system ensures better absorption of nutrients. Omega fatty acids as included to promote skin and coat health.

The crunchy kibbles that come with the soft bites are specially formulated with Authoritys Ora-Shield. Ora-Shield gives the crunchy kibbles an abrasive texture that helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

According to reviews, puppers of all ages just love Authority Tender Blends mix of chewy pieces, crunchy kibbles, and veggies. Some dogs who only ate wet food have been converted by this multi-texture recipe from Authority.

Based on reviews, dog owners purchase Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula for the quality of the ingredients. It is free from artificial enhancers such as colors, flavor, or preservatives and contains no unnamed meats or by-product meals.

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Best Small Breed Dry Dog Food Brands For 2022

If you have a small dog, you know that small dogs pack a lot of personality and energy into a little package. Small dogs are a joy, but they do come with some challenges. Not only do you need to keep up with their high energy levels, but you need to provide a healthy diet to support it.

All dog foods are not created equal and, while all dog shave the same basic nutritional needs, small dogs need a higher concentration of calories and nutrients in their diet. This is because they have fast metabolisms and burn through energy more quickly than larger breeds.

35% Off at

How To Redeem This Offer

In this article, well review the nutritional requirements of small dogs and how they differ from those of larger breeds. Well also teach you what to look for when shopping for small breed dog food and provide you with our top 10 picks for the best food for small dogs.

Does Petsmart Make Their Own Brand Of Dog Food

Authority® Grain Free Small Breed Adult Dog Food

In addition to Simply Nourish natural pet food, PetSmart is the exclusive retailer of three other brands of pet foods, including Authority®, a scientifically formulated brand with dog and cat formulas Grreat Choice® dog food and SophistaCat® cat food. Nutritional Sciences and Nutrition Expert for PetSmart.

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Video Answer: Tce Overview

Simply Nourish is an US-based dog food, manufactured by American Nutrition. They manufacture in three locations: Woodland, WA, Ogden, UT, and Hazelton, PA. American Nutrition was founded in 1972. They are a quality and trusted manufacturer, and consistently meet USDA, FDA, and AAFCO standards.

No, AAFCO does not have the authority to inspect, approve or regulate dog food .

Although members represent state and federal regulatory agencies like the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration , AAFCO itself does not regulate the pet food industry.

Affected products in this wide-spread melamine contamination recall included their Adult Chicken & Rice Cuts Dog Food, Chicken, Rice & Gravy Dog Food, and the Adult Beef, Rice & Gravy Dog Food. These were related to imported vegetable protein ingredients from China.

Judging by its ingredients alone, looks like an above-average dry product.

is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meal as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Authority is an all-natural premium dog food brand created and offered by PetSmart.

Its high in protein and fat, as high-quality meat is the first ingredient in each formula.

is ideal for high-energy dogs, as well as other dogs with health-conscious owners.

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Authority Sensitive Stomach & Skin Salmon & Rice Formula

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Menhaden Fish Meal, Brown Rice, Ground Wheat, Wheat Germ Meal

Guaranteed Analysis:

This kibble is specially formulated to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of dogs with food sensitivities. It contains none of the common triggers for allergies such as corn, wheat or soy.

Made with deboned salmon, this recipe is highly digestible and easy on sensitive stomachs. Fish meal and dried egg products are included for additional sources of high-quality protein.

Brown rice, ground wheat, wheat germ, oatmeal and flaxseeds provide carbohydrates and fiber much-needed by dogs. Natural fiber and prebiotics help support good digestion. Good gut health ensures better absorption of nutrients.

This particular formula has omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. A unique antioxidant blend of vitamin E, selenium and zinc supports a healthy immune system

The kibbles are specially formulated with Ora-Shield System. The kibbles are designed to have a crunchy texture that works to reduce tartar and plaque.

According to reviews, this product has been great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Dogs who were previously vomiting were able to keep this food down without getting upset tummies.

This formula has also helped some pups who were suffering from itchy skin and hair loss due to allergies. The owners noticed healthier skin on the dogs, and their fur started to grow back.

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How Expensive Are Their Products

This brand of dog food offers the ideal combination of quality and affordability. Authority may not be the absolute best brand on the market, but their products offer decent nutritional quality and they are more affordable than many pet food brands.

For a 30-pound bag of kibble youll pay around $30 to $35, even for their grain-free varieties. This brand offers wet dog food in 15-ounce, 13-ounce, and 6-ounce cans with many recipes to choose from.

Their 15-ounce cans cost as much as $2.50 each while 13-ounce cans are priced around $1.35 and 6-ounce cans around $0.89 each. You can also purchase bags of dog treats for $3.99 to $13.99.

Original Line Of Diamond Dog Food

Petco’s Whole Hearted vs Petsmart’s Authority dog food mashup

The Diamond Pet Food Company is owned and produced by Schell & Kampeter, and comprises three product lines.

The original Diamond line of dog food lacks the desired nutritional content you should be looking for in your dogs food.

A review of several Diamond dog food products reveals the use of corn, soy and wheat ingredients.

Many of the meat-based ingredients come from unnamed sources like fish meal or meat by-products of questionable quality.

They dont use many artificial flavors and colors like other bad dog food brands on this list, so thats a plus.

Still, it would be good to avoid any brand that makes heavy use of wheat, soy and corn.

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Which Types Of Dogs Might Do Better With A Different Brand

While the company offers a grain-free line thats better-suited for sensitive stomachs, their basic kibble is filled with potential allergens like corn, gluten, and eggs.

If your dog cant handle those ingredients, consider something like The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food.

Legal Issues And Controversies

Several individual and class actions were filed against PetSmart and Simmons Foods. The lawsuits alleged that the companies misled customers about the food quality.

The most recent case is a class-action lawsuit against PetSmart filed in 2020. The claim accused PetSmart of deceiving customers by selling dog hemp oil that was not FDA approved.

Astoria Sassano, the plaintiff, bought a bottle of PetSmarts Only Natural Pet Hemp Seed Oil with Krill and Cod Liver. PetSmart claimed this oil was intended to treat, mitigate, or prevent disease. Yet, it was not considered safe for dogs because it had not received FDA approval.

Another class-action lawsuit was filed against Simply Nourish Pet Food Co. LLC and Petsmart Inc. in 2020 over another part of the advertisement. Alexa Grossman, the lead plaintiff, claimed that PetSmart misled consumers.

PetSmart advertised the goods as natural. But they contained synthetic chemicals, according to the lawsuit.

The charges against PetSmart refer to their pet grooming services, too. The most recent example occurred in 2020. Sherillyn Miller from East Bay filed a claim against PetSmart for injuring her emotional support dog.

After a grooming session, a PetSmart groomer attached bows to Sherillyns dog, Winter. The stylist wrapped rubber bands around Winters ears, which decreased blood circulation.

Miller had to take her dog to the vet, who surgically removed the rubber bands.

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Artificial Food Coloring Dyes

Artificial food coloring dyes are unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. In general, we not not recommend feeding any pet foods that contain artificial dyes.

In 2010, the CSPI raised serious concerns regarding the safety of many artificial dyes. Most of the studies referenced by the CSPI involved prolonged or excessive consumption. Since most dogs consume the same foods throughout their lives, concerns raised by the CSPI are alarming to say the least.

To read more about Artificial Food Dyes, .

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Authority Offer

Authority® Small Breed Mature Adult Dog Food
  • Everyday Health is made for general dietary needs. It includes life stage-specific food for kittens, adults, seniors, and all life stages.
  • The Grain Free line doesnt contain any corn, wheat, soy, or other grain ingredients.
  • Authority Solutions cat food addresses special dietary needs, including hairball control, weight management, and more.

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