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Harvesting And Curing Pumpkins

Homemade Pumpkin Pie & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds From Scratch

How do you know when your pumpkins are ready? The stem hardens, the color dulls, and when you press the skin with your fingernail it is hard. The vines begin to die backCut at least a 3-6 inch stem. Turn off the water and leave the pumpkins in the field to cure unless it is very moist and wet. If a hard frost is coming you will want to move them in cool garage.Store pumpkins in a dry area at 50-55 degrees. Spread out on a wood surface or on newspapers so the pumpkins are not touching. Do not store on concrete.Frequently check for weeping and soft spots. You can cut out soft spots and use the good portions of the pumpkin.Pumpkins store for about 3 months.

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
Pumpkin puree.

Sugar Pie Pumpkin Seeds

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    Wilderness Poets Oregon Pumpkin Seeds 8 Oz

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    Beautiful heirloom Styrian Pumpkins, grown in Oregons lush Willamette Valley.

    Emerald gems with fruity, robust flavor.

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    Where Can I Buy Sugar Pie Pumpkins

    You can purchase sugar pie pumpkin seeds or plants at any local nursery or gardening store, although you will have to specify that you want to purchase sugar pie pumpkin seeds rather than regular pumpkin seeds that grow into pumpkins that people use for carving classic Jack-O-Lanterns.

    Sugar pie pumpkins are typically sold late in the fall until the early winter. Sometimes they can be found in grocery stores early in the fall when the early carving pumpkins are sold. They are also quite common at specialty markets and pumpkin patches. Sugar pie pumpkins are commonly found in New England, which is why they are also called the New England Pumpkin.

    Pumpkin Planting & Growing

    New England Pie

    When do you pick pumpkins form your garden? Which pumpkins are edible and which are ornamental? Learn all about choosing pumpkin varieties, planting pumpkins in time for Halloween, how pumpkins grow, when to harvest pumpkins, how to cure and store pumpkins, and how to cook pumpkins with our pumpkin recipes. Its all in the Almanacs Pumpkin Growing Guide!

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    How Are Sugar Pie And Carving Pumpkins Different

    Sugar pie pumpkins are smaller than standard carving pumpkins. Sugar pie pumpkins only grow to be 2-4 pounds, while carving pumpkins can grow to be up to around 10 pounds. Sugar pie pumpkins are also rounder than carving pumpkins as carving pumpkins tend to grow in a variety of ways, vertically or horizontally, whereas sugar pie pumpkins tend to grow in a more consistent shape.

    Inside, carving pumpkins and sugar pie pumpkins are somewhat different. Carving pumpkins have pale orange, stringy flesh that connects to the top of the pumpkin. Because most of the flesh strands tend to stay with the stem of the pumpkin that you remove, it is very easy to scoop out the rest of the flesh and carve your new pumpkin. Carving pumpkins also tend to be very heavy and look like they will be heavy when you pick them up.

    Sugar pie pumpkins have flesh that is slightly darker and much thicker than the flesh in a carving pumpkin. When you remove the flesh inside a sugar pie pumpkin, it is very easy to scrape it out in chunks and set it aside to be cooked later. The flesh inside a sugar pie pumpkin is less stringy than the flesh inside a carving pumpkin .

    Because Sugar Pie Pumpkins are much smaller than carving pumpkins, they are easier to carry and dont seem to be as heavy when you go to pick them up . However, they may feel slightly heavier than you think they should be because they are a bit denser than many carving pumpkins.

    Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

    $ 2.25

    Heirloom 1893. It is said to be the best pie pumpkin, ever! Vines produce medium-sized, 5-7 lb. tangerine orange pumpkins that are blanketed with white netting giving it a pastel appearance. The flesh is silky smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. A must-have if you like to have your own canned pumpkin in the pantry.

    15 seeds

    Cucurbita pepo

    Germination: 7-10 days

    Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 70-90ºF. Planting in soil under 70ºF may result in poor germination.

    Seed Sowing Depth: ½ -1 deep

    Starting Indoors: 3-4 weeks before the last frost. Sow 2-3 seeds per cells/pots, thin to the strongest seedling. We like to use individual biodegradable paper, peat, or cow pots because it provides the least amount of stress to the roots when transplanting. Transplant after last frost when the soil warms to 70ºF. Space 36-48 apart, in rows 48-60 apart.

    Sowing Outdoors: After the last frost when the soil reaches at least 70ºF. Sow 2-3 seeds per space/hill, 36-48 apart, in rows 48-60 apart.

    How much does a packet plant: 12-15 foot single row, 4-5 hills

    Harvest: When skin turns color and rinds are hard. Leave a few inches of the stem on for best storage potential.

    Tips: Heavy feeders, requiring high nitrogen. Plant into fertile soil or amend with compost or manure. Heavy water needs, mulch, and supply adequate water, at least 1 per week for optimum growth.

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    New England Pie Pumpkin

    100-105 days.Small SugarOne packet of about 15 seeds

    • Buy 10 for $3.65 each and save 10%
    • Buy 50 for $3.05 each and save 25%
    • Days to Germination: 5-10 daysGermination Temperature: 65°-75°FPumpkins need space to ramble, as well as a hotgrowing site in full sunlight. They may be startedoutdoors shortly after the last frost. Direct-sow 3 to5 seeds per hill, then thin to the 2 strongest seedlings.To start seedlings indoors, sow singly in pots 3 to 4weeks before transplant date. Provide seedlings withgood ventilation, strong light and even moisture.Transplant outdoors after the last frost date. Enrichsoil with organic fertilizer, compost and/or well rottedmanure. Cover seedlings with cloches if itgets cool, water regularly and feed as needed withkelp or fish emulsion. Harvest when mature with a sharp knife, leaving2″ of stem at the top. To cure Pumpkins, if there isno danger of frost, leave outdoors in the sun for 10days or place in a warm, dry room for 5 to 7 days.Store in a cool, dry place until use.

    Container Selection And Preparation

    How to Grow and Trellis Pie Pumpkins

    A container with a capacity of at least 5 gallons is best for sugar pie pumpkins. Even though the pumpkins are small, the prolific vines will soon overtake a small container. Drill or poke a drainage hole in the bottom of the bucket because vegetable plants rot quickly in muddy, soggy soil. Fill up the bucket to 1 inch of the rim, using a commercial potting soil that contains ingredients such as peat or finely chopped bark with perlite or vermiculite to improve drainage.

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    How To Start Baking Pumpkins From Seed:

    If you have a short growing season, growing your baking pumpkins from seed may be a good idea since you can start the seedlings indoors. This said, if you have a short growing season, opt for starting indoors while frost is still present instead of planting them outside. Here is how to start them from seed.

    Sow your pumpkin seeds in warm and nutrient rich soil. You want to be sure the containers you are planting in are spacious, giving each seedling as least 4-5 inches in space. Planting them directly into peat pots may be easiest, this way you can transfer the pots directly into the ground when the time is right. Once seeds are planted, keep the soil moist through regular waterings and dont allow the soil to dry out or become crumbly. A sunny spot is preferred, and a spot where your seeds will get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is ideal.

    Do you have a long growing season? Then add your pumpkin seeds directly to your garden using the planting system discussed below.

    Test And Fertilise The Soil

    Since pumpkin plants are heavy feeders, it is imperative to provide them with the fertiliser or food they need for their growth.

    Testing your soil every few months or years is the first step in determining the exact type of fertiliser you will need throughout the whole process.

    The results will give you the exact picture of the pH and nutrient levels to help you plan accordingly.

    The best fertilisers for pumpkin plants should contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and it is in this same order that you should apply them.

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    Can All Pumpkin Seeds Be Used For Planting

    No, and it’s important to know what type of pumpkin you’ve got in order to avoid disappointment when trying to grow them next year. Stephen says that ‘certain types of pumpkins have been developed from those with thicker shells. These pumpkins cannot be used as seed material, as they will not germinate.’

    Stephen also explains that ‘varieties explicitly bred for eating do not produce good seedlings, and these must be purchased every year.’ When buying your pumpkins for your outdoor Halloween decor ideas, it’s always a good idea to ask the grower what type they are if you want to follow our tips on how to save pumpkin seeds for planting.

    How Are Dickinson And Carving Pumpkins Different

    New England Pie Pumpkin Seeds

    Dickinson pumpkins and carving pumpkins are very different in color, shape, density, and size.

    Dickinson pumpkins are long, tan, medium to large in size, and smooth while carving pumpkins are orange, have many bumps and grooves, are round, and can grow to be very large.

    Dickinson pumpkins are very dense while carving pumpkins can be somewhat hollow. Carving pumpkins have very stringy flesh inside of them, and the seeds tend to hang onto the flesh. Dickinson pumpkins are not hollow, do not have stringy flesh, and the seeds can be found in the base of the pumpkin rather than attached to the flesh. Dickinson pumpkins also typically have fewer seeds compared to carving pumpkins. However, the seeds of Dickinson pumpkins and carving pumpkins look very similar.

    You cant carve Dickinson pumpkins very easily, while carving pumpkins are grown and sold to be carved around the Halloween season. If you tried to carve a Dickinson pumpkin you would have a very hard time as the outside of the Dickinson pumpkin is not as hard or sturdy as the outside of carving pumpkins.

    Dickinson pumpkins are different in shape than carving pumpkins. Dickinson pumpkins are tall/long and have a slightly rounded base while carving pumpkins are round. Carving pumpkins can grow to be very tall, but they typically grow to be a very round shape rather than a long shape.

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    Plant The Seeds In A Sunny Spot

    You can pick any sunny day, but a day after the last frost would work best for sowing. Each packet has instructions for sowing and the days it should take for full maturity. Most pumpkins take 100 days or even more to attain full maturity, so you should be aware of the variety you go for before proceeding to plant.

    Space out the seeds in a sunny spot, as per the recommendations listed on the packet.

    If you are an ambitious farmer, you can consider planting the seeds in pumpkin hills, whereby mounds of oil are slightly raised off the field. Raised hills make it easier for the soil to warm and drain water faster.

    Clean The Pumpkin Seeds

    Cleaning the seeds is the first and essential step for saving your pumpkin seeds for planting. Suzy Blodgett, a gardener, homesteader, and garden blogger, points out that before you do any of this, it’s important to remember that ‘pumpkins should be fully mature to ensure that the seeds are fully developed, this will help with germinate rates.’

    Once you’ve chosen a nice and ripe pumpkin to use for your pumpkin carving ideas, pull out the pulp and separate the seeds. ‘Once you have the seeds separated, cover the seeds with water. Let them soak and come back to rinse and refresh the water once or twice a day, until all of the pumpkin guts are gone.’

    • Want to know how to carve a pumpkin for Halloween? Our guide has lots of useful tips and tricks

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    How To Save Pumpkin Seeds

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    • Total Time: 3 – 4 wks
    • Skill Level: Beginner

    When you’re carving this year’s Halloween Jack-o’-lantern or cooking a pumpkin, you can save the seeds to plant in next year’s garden. Pumpkin seeds are easy to save in part because they are large and easy to harvest.

    First, determine whether your pumpkin is a hybrid or not. If it is, it won’t breed true from seeds. That big, orange pumpkin bought at a store this year may produce seeds that give smaller, less colorful progeny.

    If you planted heirloom or open-pollinated seeds, they are more likely to give you dependable results. If you are buying a pumpkin at a farm or farmers’ market, ask the grower whether or not the pumpkins are hybrids.

    Even with seeds from your homegrown heirloom pumpkins, you may see cross-pollination between pumpkins and squash, such as zucchini. To improve your chances of getting true-breeding seeds, save seeds from three or more of your best pumpkins.

    The Spruce / Ana Cadena

    • Paper towels or waxed paper
    • Envelope or small brown paper bag

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