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The Camino Frances. Episode 1. From St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona (Days 1-3)

If you have the time, why not check out Paris for a day or two? Lots of pilgrims stop and get over jet lag before starting their Camino, see the sights, and eat yummy macaroons!

Whenever I only have a day in a city, I consider taking a tour. Although they might cost more than wandering on my own for the day, day tours allow you to cover a lot of ground quickly! By taking a tour, you can get a good enough feel for the city to determine if youd like to return for an extended period.

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Getting To The Camino De Santiago

So youve decided to go on your Camino de Santiago expedition, the trek of a lifetime that will take you 770 kilometers from beginning to end. What is the most efficient way to get to and from the trail? You may be confident that we have your back! In this section, youll find general information about the best modes of transportation to and from the Camino de Santiago.

Who Can Get Me From Pamplona To Saint

If finding a good deal is your main consideration for your trip from Pamplona to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, then we’ll help you find the best value travel company for you:

  • Conda can get you to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port by bus. You can find a good deal for bus tickets with Conda from Pamplona to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port for $26 on Omio.

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Camino Francs: Stretch 1 From Saint Jean Pied De Port To Pamplona

The Camino Francés: Stretch 1 from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona

1 pax min.

Stretch 1: from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona crossing the Pyrenees

When we speak about the St. Jamess Way it is often associated with the so-called French Way without considering that only in Spain there are several routes to Santiago coming from different points of the Peninsula. This way, compared to others, is the busiest and the one which has the best facilities.

It dates back to the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle and the first pilgrimages to Santiago from France. It partly runs along old Roman roads that were used by the pilgrims.

There are three routes of the Camino Francés that cross the Pyrenees, the one across Saint Jean Pied de Port which is the busiest, the one across Somport also known as the Camino Aragonés even if its part of the French Wayand the Baztán route which comes from Bayona and joins the Camino Francés in Pamplona. The route coming from Somport joins the Camino Francésin Puente La Reina.


Day 1: Saint Jean Pied de Port

Transfer to Saint Jean Pied de Port. Possibility to visit this pretty village, the last of the French ones, before entering into Spain.

Day 2: From Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles, 26 29 km approx.

From Saint Jean Pied de Port you can have a choice between two routes:

1. The Valcarlos route , of medieval origin runs along secondary roads through the villages of Arneguy and Valcarlos, 26 km approx.

Day 5: In Pamplona

Bus From Pamplona To St Jean Pdp

6 Day French Way (Saint Jean Pied de Port

captdave51 said:My wife and I will be travelling in early April from Pamplona to St. Jean PDP. I have contacted Alsa for their bus schedule for April but they are saying that they do not make this journey. I know that do not make this journey at this time but I did tell them that I wanted to travel in April. Besides a taxi, does anyone have any other ideas?

CF11, CF12, CP13, CF14, CA15, S.Anton15, CF& CI15Ditch Pig16, CF& CP17, CdN18, CM18, CF18, LePuy19


Judymiddle said:There will be 2 of us that are trying to get the bus from Pamplona to SJPP on April 10th in the afternoon. Alsa schedule shows a bus on April 9th and April 11th. Anyone else needing transport to SJPP at that time who would like to share a taxi? I tried clicking on the link above that DaveBugg suggested but it says it is an unsecure site. Do you have the name I could look up? Thanks everyone!

Judymiddle said:There will be 2 of us that are trying to get the bus from Pamplona to SJPP on April 10th in the afternoon. Alsa schedule shows a bus on April 9th and April 11th. Anyone else needing transport to SJPP at that time who would like to share a taxi? I tried clicking on the link above that DaveBugg suggested but it says it is an unsecure site. Do you have the name I could look up? Thanks everyone!

if you are fixed on starting at SJPdP,Plan APlan BPlan C

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Where To Stay In St Jean Pied De Port

You can simply roll up to St Jean and choose one of their 13 albergues for the night. Frankly, this is how most of your Camino will go.

But if you are nervous about securing a bed for your first night, here are a few pilgrim-friendly resources on the main street that you can pre-book:

Be sure to stop into the St. Jean pilgrim office. They will give you a credential and they will also give you a sheet listing albergues along the Frances Camino. Their list is very comprehensive and includes places that arent in the guidebooks. You can download it from the Camino Forum.

If you have some extra time, its worth walking up to the 17th century Citadel above the town. Its an interesting historic site and they have lovely views overlooking St. Jean.

Walk St Jean Pied De Port Pamplona In 6 Days

Walk St Jean Pied de Port-Pamplona. The Camino Frances runs from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela and is the most used and best known route for pilgrims. The Camino Frances takes you past famous Spanish pilgrimage sites such as Pamplona, Puente la Reina, Leon, Burgos and Cruz de Ferro to Santiago de Compostela.

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How To Get To St Jean Pied De Port Starting Point Of The Camino Frances

Have you ever heard of St. Jean Pied de Port, France? I hadnt either until I decided to thru-hike the Camino de Santiago. Nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains, this medieval town is known as the starting point of the Camino Frances. Although there are many routes to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, about half of pilgrims choose to walk the Camino Frances each year. Many start their journey in St. Jean Pied de Port, but you may start anywhere youd like such as from Astorga.

Read on to find out how to get to St. Jean Pied de Port. Plus, we offer some tips on the town, booking tools, and info on the surrounding area.

How To Get To Saint Jean Pied De Port From Pamplona

On the Camino: Walk from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Pamplona

Most pilgrims get to Saint Jean Pied de Port from Pamplona. The city has an airport located 6km away with connecting flights to Madrid and Barcelona through Iberia and Air Nostrum airlines and from Portugal through TAP. You can also get to Pamplona by train, with several daily conections with Barcelona and Madrid or by bus from cities like Madrid , Barcelona or Bilbao .

From Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port by bus.From March to the beginning of October, the bus company Alsa has several connections per day. The rest of the year, Autocares Artieda has a regular bus line from Monday thru Saturday between Pamplona and Roncesvalles, with a duration of 1 hour 10 minutes. From Roncesvalles, the only option is to take a taxi.

From Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port by taxi. Many pilgrims choose to make the journey Pamplona-Saint Jean Pied de Port by taxi. There are several companies that depart from the Pamplona airport, the train station or the bus station: Teletaxi San Fermín – which gives the option to share taxi with other pilgrims, Navartrip or Taxi Pirineos.

Its also possible to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port from different French localities that may be of interest to pilgrims or from other Spanish cities close to the border, like San Sebastián.

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Cmo Ir A Saint Jean Pied De Port

Lee por favor la página “Llegar a Roncesvalles”.

Cuando el autobús de Pamplona llega a Roncesvalles, en la misma parada hay un servicio de taxi-furgoneta compartido para los peregrinos que quieren ir a Saint Jean Pied de Port. Al ser un taxi compartido este servicio suele tener un precio económico , aunque puede depender de si se llena o no.

Por otra parte, la empresa autobuses Alsa pone en servicio, del 1 de marzo a finales de septiembre , entre 1 y 4 enlaces diarios de autobús de Pamplona a Saint Jean Pied de Port. Las salidas son entre las 10:00 y las 17:30, y el precio de 22 euros. Para ver los servicios de un dia concreto mirar en la web de Alsa . Ojo, esta línea no admite pasaje a Roncesvalles, aunque el autobús pase por dicha localidad.

Desde este 2015 también hay un servicio directo de autobús de Alsa de San Sebastián a Saint Jean Pied de Port, solo desde el 26 de junio al 5 de septiembre: Precio de 20 euros y duración de 1 hora y 45 minutos.

También se puede viajar en tren a Saint Jean Pied de Port , aunque desde España es algo más engorroso la única línea que llega a Saint Jean es la que sale de Bayona. Hay entre 3 y 4 trenes diarios, y tarda 1 h y 20 m. El paisaje es precioso.

How To Get To Saint Jean Pied De Port By Train

The only direct line that gets to Saint Jean Pied de Port departs from the French Town of Bayonne, through the company SNFC, this journey take 1 hour and 20 minute.

If you want to go from Spain by train, the best option is to catch the Euskotren in San Sebastián that will take you to Irún-Hendaya. There, the pilgrim will take another train, from the company SNFC, which will take him to Saint Jean Pied de Port. This trip includes a change of trains and it will take approximately 2 and a half hours.

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Getting There From Spain

Info about searching and buying your plane / train / long distance bus ticket are in the section Plan your journey

  • Search a carpooling onBlabla Car
  • Trips for Pamplona or Bayonne are common
  • Try your luck and look for a direct trip to Saint Jean Pied de Port… unlikely but you knows!
  • Pay attention to the rendez-vous points, they can be unpractical to reach!

Hitchhiking: Why not?!

Unique Experience Walk St Jean Pied De Port Pamplona


Do you want to experience what it is like to be a pilgrim, but only have a few days? Do you want to experience the unique feeling of the many pilgrims who, just like you, are at the start of an adventure? Then walk St Jean Pied de Port Pamplona in 6 days. St. Jean Pied de Port is the starting point for many pilgrims from all over the world. During your pilgrimage you cross the Pyrenees, cross the authentic Basque Country and end in Navarras capital Pamplona, famous for its bull run and its hilly landscape.

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Getting From Paris To St Jean By Train Via Bayonne

IF you want to overnight in Paris, then take the RER train from CDG to the Denfert Rochereau station, which is near the Montparnasse train station. Then stay somewhere nearby. In the morning, take one of the 8 trains per day from Montparnasse to Bayonne. The ride takes 4 hours.

Staying in Paris: The Lenox Montparnasse is a well-rated, inexpensive hotel near the Montparnasse station. You can also explore nearby Luxembourg gardens or anything else on this Paris itinerary.

IF you want to take the train directly from CDG, catch on of the 3 daily trains to Bayonne via Bordeaux. If you catch the earlier train, you can get to Bayonne by 3pm. If you catch the later train, consider overnighting in Bordeaux, where you can sleep off your jet lag and catch an early train to Bayonne.

Staying in Bordeaux: Check out the Stay City hotel. Its fairly inexpensive and is located directly in between the train station and the old town.

From Bayonne, catch the local to St. Jean, which runs 5 times per day. It will take about an hour. The last train of the day is at 5pm.

Take this routing if youd like to work off your jet lag by overnighting in France. Train travel can also be more relaxing than rushing to make an air transfer.

How Do I Get To The Starting Point Of The Camino

In order to start your journey on the Camino Frances on the Way of St. James, you need to know how to get to St. Jean Pied de Port. Located some 500 miles/770 km away from Santiago, its best to fly into airports nearby rather than Santiago.

The most popular major international airports to fly into to get to St. Jean Pied de Port are Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. From there, the smaller nearby cities to fly into are Biarritz, Pamplona, and San Sebastian. In the following sections, well give details on how to get to SJP from each of these cities.

The methods of getting to SJP once youre in France or Spain are up to you. Well cover flights, trains, busses, taxis, and private shuttles. Before you write off a certain method as too expensive or uncomfortable, take a look at all your options. Sometimes what you think is the cheapest option actually isnt really or will cause you to have to stay overnight at a hotel, which could be more expensive in the long run.

That being said, check out the following options, and decide which is best for you! But, always check schedules ahead of time as things change from time to time. Plus, daytime schedules often differ from weekend or holiday schedules. As well off-season and on-season schedules and prices may differ. Schedules and prices up to date at the time of writing.

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