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BEST EVER Homemade Healthy Apple Pie | Vegan, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added Filling!

Recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour

Ingredients You’ll Need:1 ready-made pie crust, baked and cooled 8 cups fresh strawberries, stems removed, gently rinsed and patted dry with paper towels½ cup Whole Earth sweetener 3 tablespoon cornstarch2 tablespoon freshly squeezed orange juice1 tablespoon water½ teaspoon salt


First zest the orange, slice in half and juice. You’ll only need 2 tablespoon of the juice for the recipe.

Wash and hull all the berries and pat dry.

Slice berries into fourths . Place ¼ of the strawberries in a saucepan and set the rest aside.

Using a potato masher, thoroughly mash the strawberries in the saucepan.

Next, mix the mashed strawberries, orange juice, water, cornstarch, sweetener and salt.

Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently until mixture has cooked down and thickened. It will become gel-like, resembling the texture of jam. This process only takes about 3-5 minutes. Take off heat and set aside.

Stir cooked strawberry mixture together with the remaining berries until thoroughly mixed and pour into the cooked pie shell.

Enjoy right away, slightly warm or refrigerate for 4 hours until filling is set. Garnish with fresh mint and homemade whipped cream, if desired . Store in the refrigerator. Best if eaten within 2-3 days. However, I don’t think that will be a problem.

How To Make A Healthy Apple Pie Filling

For the full written instructions and ingredientmeasurements, see the bottom of this post in the recipe card. You can also hit the jump to recipe button at the top of this post!Here, well go over a brief overview of the steps, along with providing visuals for a better understanding of the recipe.

The real trick to getting a super gooey apple pie filling without loads of added sugar is slicing the apples paper thin.

The whole process of slicing 7-9 apples takes about 15 minutes, but its so worth it.

How to make a vegan apple pie:

  • Prepare the pie crust.
  • Slice and prepare the apples.

    Make sure that theyre super thin!

  • Toss the apples with the remaining ingredients.

    Make sure that the apples are evenly coated to ensure that the sugars caramelize properly in the oven.

  • Add the apples to your pie crust.

    Then top with your lattice!

  • Bake the apple pie!

    You can cover the crust part way through to prevent the crust from over-browning.

  • Sugar Free Blueberry Pie

    Sugar Free Blueberry Pie is just about as nationalistic as possible of a pie. It is also one of the best uses of delicious fresh blueberries.

    This pie really sums up what summer is all about in my opinion. Not only is this pie a beautiful blue color reminding us of blue skies at dusk, it also celebrates the harvest of a popular fruit that it is season.

    Also, as far as homemade pie making goes, this one is not so hard to make. I say that because there are not a lot of ingredients that are needed in this recipe despite it being a homemade pie. However, you could certainly make this harder to make by making your own crust from scratch.

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    This Recipe Does Not Feature A Frozen Blueberry Pie Filling Nor Is It A No Bake Blueberry Pie

    Technically, this truly is a homemade blueberry pie recipe. Only, it has been modified to be both easy to follow and made without adding sugar to it.

    You could easily also make this a blueberry crumb pie if you wanted to. While my recipe is geared towards being made in a standard pie crust with excess crust used to top the pie, you could make an easy crumb crust to top the pie with instead.

    How To Make A Lattice Crust

    Duncan Hines Comstock No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling ...

    Now, for this easy apple pie recipe, you do not indeed need to make a lattice crust to go with it.

    Of course, I find them to be fun, but I find all baking challenges to be fun! Sometimes, you just want a really straight forward apple pie, and trust me, that will still an amazing apple pie because its all in the filling.

    In that case, just place the second rolled out pie dough crust over the apples in the pie dish, make a few slits , and youre good!

    But if you want to make a lattice crust like this oneread on

    So you have your first pie dough in the pie dish, and you have your sliced apples coated in their spices sitting in the dish. Now its time for you to get your lattice crust ready!

    Here are my basic steps for making a lattice crust:

  • Start by rolling the dough out to about 12 inches in diameter.
  • Next, slice 12 strips, each 1-inch thick. Youll then have 6 strips for each direction. I recommend using a ruler and a pizza slicer here.
  • Place the first 6 strips in one direction onto the pie, but do not seal anything off. Youll be lifting these strips up again and again until your lattice is made!
  • Now for the weaving. Fold back 3 strips, alternating which you fold back .
  • Place one of the unused pie dough strips over the non-folded pie dough strips.
  • Fold back the folded pie dough strips to go over this new strip.
  • Now fold back the opposite 3 pie dough strips, and place another strip over the unfolded strips. Repeat the same process that you did for the previous strips.
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    Healthy Apple Pie Tips & Tricks

    You can make this vegan apple pie gluten free as well.

    Simply swap in gluten free 1:1 baking flour, such as Bobs Red Mill, or even use this amazing oat flour pie crust.

    Slice your apples very thin for the filling.

    Since were not using any sugar or sweeteners in the apple pie filling, its so important that the apples are thin. This will help the natural sugars caramelize in the oven, and the arrowroot will help everything gel together.

    Use sweeter apples for this vegan apple pie.

    This is because were not adding any sugar to the healthy apple pie filling! I recommend Fuji, Gala, or golden delicious. Personally, I recommend a mix of apples for the best flavor!

    Allow your apple pie to sit for 3-4 hours at room temperature after baking.

    I know its so tempting to dig into your freshly baked vegan apple pie, but truly this pie does need to set for a few hours! Its very worth the wait though

    Youre just going to absolutely love this easy vegan healthy apple pie! Truly, it will be your go-to apple pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond.

    This vegan apple pie is:

    • Perfectly sweet and gooey
    • Naturally less sugar, thanks to the no sugar added filling
    • Easy to make and stress-free
    • Delicious with the easy vegan flaky + buttery crust!
    • Perfect for all eaters, vegan or not!
    • Great for Thanksgiving or Christmas
    • The best pie for just after apple picking!

    Happy baking!

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    Vegan Apple Pie Ingredients:

    • Pie crust: I used two servings of this vegan pie crust recipe. You can easily make it gluten free, or use the oat flour crust linked down below!
    • Apples: I recommend using the sweetest variety of apples you can find, as this is a no sugar added apple pie!
    • Arrowroot starch: You can also swap in cornstarch. This helps to bind the sugars into a caramelized juice once baked!
    • Spices: Youll need the classic apple pie spices ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon!
    • Lemon juice: This help keep to coat the apples evenly in the arrowroot and cinnamon.

    No Sugar Bakers Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    Decadent Chocolate Pie Filling (no sugar added!) – Delicious, Fast & Easy from bakeyourwaykitchen!

    Ingredients for Pie Filling:

    2 C. Fresh Chopped Rhubarb3 C. Fresh Sliced Strawberries1 C. Swerve Granular1 Egg YolkExtra Granular If Want1 Prepared 9-inch Pie Double Crust

    Easy Directions:

    In medium mixing bowl, combine rhubarb, strawberries, flour, and corn starch. Pour into pie crust. Dab with butter. Top with remaining crust. Be sure to seal the edges! Apply yolk to crust, sprinkle with a little Granular and cut small holes and pricks allowing to steam. Bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes. Let cool!

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    Why Youll Love This Fresh Homemade Strawberry Pie

    I just know that this homemade strawberry pie is going to be your go to summer pie! Its filled with fresh strawberries that are cooked together and caramelized to become super gooey in the most lovely naturally vegan pie crust.

    Yes, this is an entirely vegan strawberry pie as well! Yet youd never know it. The strawberry filling is just so lovely and sweet and perfectly baked in a pie crust that everyone is going to rave about, vegan or not.

    Plus, this is such an easy fruit pie recipe! The filling takes all of 3 minutes and the entire strawberry pie is only 7 ingredients! This is the homemade strawberry pie to make!

    Best Ever No Sugar Added Fresh Strawberry Pie

    • 1ready-made pie crustbaked and cooled or your favorite pie crust recipe
    • 8cupsfresh strawberriesstems removed, gently rinsed and patted dry with paper towels
    • ½cup Whole Earth sweeteneror cup sugar
    • 2tablespoonfreshly squeezed orange juice
    • 1teaspoonfresh orange zest
    • 1tablespoonWhole Earth sweeteneror superfine sugar
    • 3cupsheavy whipping cream

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    What Makes This A Vegan Strawberry Pie

    Dont worry- you wont be able to tell that this strawberry pie is vegan if you dont personally subscribe to that diet label. But essentially, what makes this strawberry pie vegan is that were using dairy free butter and not using any eggs. Thats really the only thing that wouldnt be vegan in a more classic strawberry pie! Some classic strawberry pies are made with Jello, which I personally dont like the idea of that. I like a gooey consistency, like blueberry!

    I cannot wait to hear how this secretly vegan strawberry pie came out for you! Youre going to love it. If you try this recipe, please be sure to leave a comment and a rating down below. This helps others find the recipe!

    As always, I absolutely love to see your beautiful creations on and , so be sure to tag me there!

    Happy pie baking!

    • Total Time:2 hours 55 minutes
    • Yield:101x

    Does This Homemade Apple Pie Taste Healthy

    Duncan Hines Wilderness No Sugar Added Apple Pie Filling ...

    Not in the slightest. In fact, youd never know that this was a vegan apple pie, nor a gluten free apple pie.

    Ive actually been making this particular recipe since high school , and its one that I always come back to.

    I promise that none of your guests, nor you, will know that this healthy apple pie is indeed vegan and gluten free .

    Its all in the easy apple pie filling. Not to mention, the crust is so flaky, no one will know this apple pie is vegan.

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    What Makes This The Best Healthy Vegan Apple Pie

    Is there anything more classic than an apple pie made from scratch and just out of the oven?

    Seriously, I mean, I hope someone is starting to understand my deep love for all things fall! Recently, Jared and I went apple picking and basically came home with the whole orchard.

    So naturally, there was no better time to share my favorite fruit pie of all time. I cant believe Im just sharing this recipe too, because truth be told, Ive been making it for about 9 years nowI know, thats longer than Id like to admit!

    But Im overjoyed to share it with you because this healthy apple pie has been a family favorite for a while now, and its just so shockingly simple.

    Filled with cinnamon coated sweet apple slices and layered with a flaky lattice crust, this apple pie has my heart, and itll have yours soon too.

    The best part? Serving it warm with a scoop of ice cream- truly, nothing better!

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    Here Is How To Make A Sugar Free Crumb Crust For Your Pie

    You will need a granular sugar free brown sugar alternative such as one of these . Also, you will need cut up butter and all-purpose flour.

    To make your crumbled topping follow these directions. In a mixing bowl, blend together ¼ cup of cut up butter, 1 cup granular brown sugar alternative, and one cup of flour until it becomes crumb-like. Then distribute the crumbles on top of the pie just before placing the pie into the oven.

    Tips On How To Make And Serve Sugar Free Apple Pie

    Super easy, very healthy, no added sugar, apple pie filling.
    • Keep your pie crust ingredients cold. Never allow your pie crust ingredients to heat up, that especially is true for the butter. Overmixing can add unwanted heat to the crust.
    • Make sure the filling is completely cool before filling the bottom crust. Not only is it better for the crust as discussed above, but allowing the sugar-free apple pie filling to cool will enable it to thicken entirely.
    • Add a sprinkling of cheese before baking. Cheddar cheese goes great with apple pie. Try it out by spreading a handful of shredded cheddar to the top of the crust for the last five minutes of baking.

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