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How to Make Our Favorite Homemade Apple Pie From Scratch

We bake a standard 9-inch pie in a 400 degree oven for about 75 minutes.

One of the biggest complaints with apple pie is that the filling is too runny, even after following a recipe. Thats why weve become such fans of this method of making apple pie.

With this method , the pie bakes at one temperature for a long time. This extra long bake time makes sure the liquid in the apple pie filling has a chance to simmer and thicken.

Tips For The Best Apple Pie Recipe

  • Let the pie crust come to room temperature before you try to unroll it. Otherwise the cold pastry may tear or crack.
  • Once the dough is unrolled, I like to cover the dish and chill it in the refrigerator for about 10-20 minutes before I add the filling. This isn’t necessary, but the cold pastry yields a flakier pie crust! You can do the same for the top layer — unroll the dough at room temperature, then cover and chill the dough before topping the pie.
  • Halfway through the baking time , I suggest that you lightly cover the edges of the crust with strips of aluminum foil. This will prevent the edges from burning or getting too dark while the rest of the pie bakes.
  • Allow the pie to sit on the counter on a wire rack to cool for about 2 hours before slicing. This gives the filling a chance to set.
  • Top each slice of pie with vanilla ice cream or freshly-whipped cream for a real treat!

This homemade easy apple pie recipe is the definition of All-American comfort food, and it certainly wins a blue ribbon in our minds. I hope that your family enjoys it as much as we do!

But First Let’s Talk About Some General Rules About Making Pie Crust From Scratch

As I mentioned, there tends to be a lot of mystery and rules involved in the art of pastry making. It’s important to understand the fundamentals about making pie pastry in order to be successful. Don’t let the rules intimidate you remember, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better your dough will be.

So first, let’s cover what you are actually doing when you are making pastry.

At its heart, a good pie pastry is a balance of three key ingredients: flour, butter and water. My pie pastry recipe contains a few other ingredients that make it the best it can be, but the aforementioned three are what makes up the base of the dough.


The flour is obviously the base of this recipe. It adds structure and texture to this recipe. In baking, the amount of flour that a recipe uses will determine the quantities of the other ingredients needed. So it’s important to measure your flour accurately.


The water interacts with the flour to form the gluten that helps creates the structure for the dough. You want to develop just enough gluten that it has some strength to hold its shape but not so much that its tough.


The butter coats the flour, helping to keep the dough together. It also creates pockets of air once it melts during the cooking process which then creates that flakiness we all love.

Each ingredient added to this pie dough recipe is there for a reason, and with a recipe like this, its best to follow the instructions as closely as possible.

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Choose The Right Apples

When picking apples for pie baking, use the same though process as you would when making caramel apples. The best apples for baking a pie are those that are firm and won’t fall apart under pressureyou aren’t making applesauce, are you? When it comes to taste, don’t grab just one variety. A combination of sweet and tart apples makes for a more balanced pie filling. Granny Smith and Jonagold apples are popular tart choices, and Pink Lady, Gala, and Honey Crisp apples are ideal sweet selections.

How To Make Homemade Cherry Pie

easy apple pie crust recipe from scratch

This cherry pie recipe is so easy All you need to do is mix, fill and bake. The hardest part is pitting the cherries. For that, you might want to buy a cherry pitter or if youre like us, cheat and use one of our suggestions below for how to pit cherries without a cherry pitter.

Stir cherries with sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, vanilla and almond extracts then stir. Roll out a pie crust , fill then top with another crust. Bake and cool. Its that easy.

To be honest, the hardest part is actually waiting for the pie to cool you really want to wait 2 to 3 hours before cutting into the pie. We know its torture!

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Making The Lattice Pie Crust

17. Its very easy to make a pretty lattice pie crust using the eggless and dairy-free pie dough.

After rolling and slicing the dough into even strips, lay them one at a time across the pie. Work to gently intertwine them, as I show in the video below.

18. Lastly, use a pastry brush to lightly brush soy milk onto the pie crust. Sprinkle on a bit more raw sugar and ground cinnamon.

19. Bake the apple pie in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 50 to 60 mins, until the crust is golden. It took exactly one hour in my oven.

But as oven temperatures vary, it can take less or more time in your oven. Keep an eye on it, and be sure to remove promptly to keep from burning.

20. Serve the apple pie warm or at room temperature. It is delicious to enjoy plain, or with a generous helping of vegan ice cream or eggless vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

What Are The Best Apples For Apple Pie

It’s best to use a mix of different types of apples in your pie. Some apple varieties cook up faster than others. Some cook up firm, some more soft some apples are more tart, some more sweet.

  • Granny Smith – Green and tart, Granny Smith apples have wonderful flavor, but they they often lose their shape and turn mushy when cooked. So use no more than 2 Grannies in your pie, and combine with other varieties.
  • Jonagold – A cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan, Jonagolds have a lovely aromatic flavor, they’re both sweet and sharp, and they hold their shape with baking.
  • Fuji – Crisp, firm, juicy, balance of sweet and tart, holds its shape in baking
  • Golden Delicious – Yellow and sweet, holds its shape after baking
  • Braeburn – Sweet and crisp, bakes up firm and juicy
  • Cortland – Juicy and tart, relatively soft, great all purpose apple for baking
  • Honey Crisp – Honey sweet and tart flavor, crisp and juicy, holds shape in baking
  • Avoid Red Delicious apples for pies, they don’t cook well.

For more information on which apple varieties are best for baking, check out our Guide to Apples.

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Don’t Miss Out On This Fall Classic Learn How To Make Apple Pie From Scratch And Enjoy The Flavors Of Autumn

Theres no fall treat more iconic than the apple pie. Who doesnt love going to their local apple picking farm, getting crisp apples and combining them with warming cinnamon and buttery pastry? Because this fall dessert is so beloved, its one home bakers should try to master. If baking pies is intimidating to you, have no fearwell walk you through how to make the perfect apple pie step by step.

The Difference Between A Dutch Apple Pie And A Traditional Apple Pie Is The Topping

The Only APPLE PIE Recipe You’ll Need

Something about warm apples, brown sugar, and whipped cream that make the perfect . The southern strawberry pie is one of the simplest yet tastiest desserts you can make. This dutch apple pie is one of my all time favorites. For the dutch apple pie: The entertaining experts at share a delicious recipe for dutch apple pie. A dutch apple pie has a delicious crumble streusel topping . Dutch apple pie, like so many other american traditions, is a combining of cultures. Then they are topped with a crust and dabs of butter. This fall recipe has a crumbly topping . The difference between a dutch apple pie and a traditional apple pie is the topping. Dutch apple pie forgoes a double crust for layer of sweet and crispy crumble. Tablespoon lemon juice · cup . It’s easy to make but if you follow some of the recipes featured here, you’ll make the most of the ingredients and produce a dessert that’s memorable for. · 1 pie crust , · 2 1/4 lbs granny smith apples, 6 medium apples · 1 tsp cinnamon · 8 tbsp . Ingredients · for the pie:

The Best Homemade Cupcake Recipes from

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Easy Apple Pie Using Store

Shared by Amy Desrosiers | Updated on

Are you looking for a homemade apple pie recipe, but dont have time to make a pie crust from scratch? This easy apple pie bakes up high to delicious flaky perfection.

Fresh, tart, Granny Smith apples are peeled and cut into wedges. Theyre tossed with a blend of cinnamon, sugar, and butter before being piled high into store-bought, premade pie dough.

I love a homemade pie crust like the one in my Custard Pie just as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just feel like taking a short-cut.

Thats where this recipe with premade crust comes to the rescue. After using an egg wash on the crust before baking, the final crust comes out golden brown and flaky.

Why I Dont Make All

The short answer is because I dont hate myself. Just kidding! Lately it seems really trendy in the food world to use all butter for everything baked, because shortening will kill you, or whatever. I just say moderation in all things.

Heres the thing: butter melts. If you put a pat of butter in your hand, how long would it take to melt completely? Just a couple minutes probably. Well, the same thing will happen to the butter in your pie crust as youre rolling it out. Melty butter=melty crust=angry baker.

American butter is only 80% fat. Lard and shortening are 100% fat. Lard is 100% made from animals whereas shortening, such as Crisco, is made from vegetable oil.

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Apple Pie With Graham Cracker Crust

Why spend all that time rolling and chilling pie dough, when you can make apple pie with a graham cracker crust instead?! I’m serious!

This scrumptious spin on a classic dessert is made with homemade apple pie filling and baked inside of a toasty graham cracker crust. To top everything off–literally– we cover the whole top of the pie with a buttery, sweet, cinnamon streusel. To die for.

This pie is warm, rich, spicy, and sweet. It’s all the parts we love about fall baking with half the work!

Here’s how we make it:

Apple Pie Troubleshooting Tips

How to Make the Perfect Apple Pie Crust (Every Time ...

Need help perfecting your pie recipe or fixing common slipups? Weve got tips.

  • The filling is too watery: Despite our best efforts, apple filling can sometimes be too runny. This depends so much on the moisture of the apples. If youre particularly worried about a soggy filling, you can precook the apples for a few minutes, as Joanna Gaines does in her signature pie recipe. Then you can drain the apples and then mix up the filling as normal.
  • The apples are too mushy: Be savvy about the apples you choose. Opt for firm, tart apples like Cortlands and Granny Smiths. Avoid apples like Red Delicious.
  • The crust gets too brown: Dont skip those crust shields! They do wonders to preserve the color of your pie.
  • Slicing the pie is messy: Wait! Thats all there is to it. Waiting overnight will yield the best results.

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How Do You Bind A Graham Cracker Crust

We bind this graham cracker crust by using a combination of butter and granulated sugar.

The generous amount of butter will moisten the crumbs enough so that they can be packed down nice and tight in the pie dish. During the baking process, the added sugar will melt and act like glue, keeping all the graham cracker crumbs together.

As an extra precaution, we egg wash the inside of the graham cracker crust to create a moisture barrier and help prevent the bottom crust from disintegrating under the apple pie filling. This will allow for some nice slices at serving time.

Homemade Buttery Flaky Pie Crust

Today Im going to teach you everything you need to know about making the perfect buttery flaky pie crust. This is the one and only pie crust recipe I use. Its been passed down through generations. Stands the test of time. Old-fashioned, yet never out of style. Wins my heart every single time.

There is nothing more satisfying than making a pie completely from scratch. From the golden crust to the juicy filling and everything in between. Pies are tasty for one reason: theyre time consuming. This shouldnt scare you! It should intrigue you. Because if you can bake an exceptional homemade pie, congratulations. Youre a talented baker.

Let me help you get there.

As the base holding all of the pies contents, pie crusts flavor is in every single bite. Start with a solid crust and youre that much closer to pie-fection. !! Today were going to explore my pie crust recipe, preparation tips, how-tos, and troubleshooting.

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How To Make Pie Crust From Scratch By Hand

After baking in large batches in professional kitchens for many years, I forgot how simple and quick it was to make pie crust by hand until I started this website. Often times, people can be intimidated by all the “rules” associated with making pie crust that they turn to the machines to do the work for them. Myself included. But, after spending the better part of the last year working on this website, I’ve fallen back in love with the art of making pie crust by hand.

There is a connection to feeling the flour, butter, and water with your hands and using all your senses to know when the pie crust is done. I’m sharing all my tips for easily making pie crust by hand, and some tricks and techniques to make it work for you each and every time.

But aside from the ethereal sensation of making pie pastry by hand, I’m here to argue that pie dough made by hand is in fact the best pie dough. Handmade pie pastry results in the flakiest crust because the butter naturally stays in larger pieces than if it was made by a machine.

Basically, bigger butter chunks = flakier dough. And, you should keep this in mind when making your pastry. So let’s get to making it, shall we?

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