How To Make A Pie From Scratch

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Ingredients For Apple Pie

How to Make Pie Crust From Scratch

This is just a quick overview of the simple ingredients that you’ll need for a classic apple pie recipe. As always, specific measurements and complete cooking instructions are included in the printable recipe box at the bottom of the post.

  • Pie crust: your favorite pie crust will work, so feel free to make it from scratch if you like. My mom always uses a box of refrigerated Pillsbury pie crusts, so that’s what I’ve shown here.
  • Apples: sweet-and-tart Granny Smith apples work best for the filling.
  • Sugar: to sweeten the filling.
  • All-purpose flour: to thicken the filling.
  • Lemon juice: a bright, acidic touch. It balances the sweetness of the fruit and enhances the apples’ natural flavors.
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg and salt: spices that season the filling.

Notes On Freezing The Pie

How to Freeze an Apple Pie to Make a Head of the Holidays

  • For the best pie result, make your pie in a disposable aluminum pie pan. Aluminum pans are thinner so they will freeze faster which will reduce the risk of ice crystals forming. Ice crystal formation could change the texture of the pie.

  • Once the pie is assembled, wrap it with plastic wrap at least twice. Freeze the pie completely level.

  • How to Bake the Frozen Pie

  • Unwrap the pie and place it on a baking sheet and put it into a cold oven. Turn on the oven to preheat to 425. Once the oven comes up to the temperature set a timer for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes is up, reduce heat to 375F, cover pie with foil, and bake for 1 hour or until golden brown and bubbly! Let cool completely and serve with vanilla ice cream!

  • Making A Whole Meat Pie

  • 1Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  • 2Assemble a whole pie. Roll your pie crust around the rolling pin. Start from one edge and carefully wrap your crust around the pin. Transfer your crust to your pie dish by carefully unrolling it from your pin and laying it down into the dish.
  • Avoid stretching the pastry.
  • 3Trim the crust. Trim to about 1/2 inch beyond the edge of the pie plate and fold the extra pastry under to create a thicker crust on the rim.
  • 4Fill your pie. To assemble your pie, slowly pour the filling into the pastry-lined pie dish. Level it off and don’t overfill your dish.
  • 5Cover your pie. Roll out an additional circle of dough or pastry and carefully place it over your pie. Pinch the edges of the bottom layer and top layer of dough together and create the knuckle-like pie edge ridges. Trim off any excess using a sharp knife.
  • 6Make a few slits in the top. Use a sharp knife to cut some vents into the top crust to allow the steam to escape when cooking.
  • Brush the top of your crust with egg or melted butter. This will help keep the crust moist and prevent cracking.
  • 7Bake your whole pie. Place your pie onto an oven rack in the center of your oven and cook for about 45 minutes or until the top of the pie is golden brown.XResearch source
  • When your pie comes out of the oven, it will be hot! Make sure to let it cool on the countertop before serving.
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    S To Make Homemade Pie Pastry:

    1 Blend dry ingredients and butter:

    Start by mixing flour and salt in a large mixing bowl

    Add the butter and blend using pastry blenders or your fingers until you have a bowl filled with crumbs.

    This will take 3-5 minutes depending on your technique and working speed, so be patient!

    2 Make pastry:

    Mix the vinegar and your ice-cold water in a measuring jug.

    Slowly pour ½ of the ice water over the dry ingredients and slowly stir with your fingers. Add more water, a tablespoon at a time, just until it comes together into a dough.

    Push the dough into a ball. Do not knead or overwork!

    3 Chill Pastry:

    Divide the pastry into 2 disks .

    Wrap the disks individually in foil and chill for at least 1 hour.

    And thats it!

    You just made pastry for a homemade pie crust. That was easy, wasnt it?

    How To Avoid A Runny Blueberry Pie

    How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

    There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort to bake a pie only to have the filling fall apart when you go to slice and serve it. Here are my top tips for avoiding a runny blueberry pie:

    • First, bake your pie using fresh, not frozen, blueberries, since frozen blueberries will release a lot more liquid while the pie bakes.
    • Second, don’t under-bake the pie. Just like with apple pie, the pie filling needs plenty of time to bake in order for it to set properly once the pie has cooled. Don’t be fooled by the pie crust, which will begin to brown long before the pie is actually finished baking. To keep the pie crust from over-browning while the filling bakes, quickly but carefully open the oven and reach in to place a silicone pie crust shield or a bit of aluminum foil around the edges of the pie about 20 minutes after the pie goes into the oven.
    • Third, bake your pie the day before you plan to serve it. The filling will firm up as the pie cools and continue to set over time, so letting the pie sit for a day before serving will help to ensure clean slices. Whatever you do, do not try to cut into a warm blueberry pie, as the filling will be quite soupy.

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    Fresh Pumpkin Filling Or Canned Pumpkin Filling

    For this pie recipe you can use either fresh pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin puree. Just be sure to evenly measure out 2 cups of pumpkin puree for your pie filling.

    • Can pumpkin that weighs 16 ounces is roughly 2 cups of puree. All you need to do is measure and mix it in.
    • Fresh pumpkin requires a few extra steps and is a great way to use any leftover pumpkin decor. You will need to roast and puree the pumpkin flesh when using fresh pumpkin puree. There is also a lot of excess water when making fresh puree.
    • Drain fresh pumpkin puree before using. Simply scrape the pumpkin flesh from the baked pumpkins, puree in a food processor, then let it sit on a sieve or colander for a few seconds for excess water to drain. Do not squeeze or press the water out, which will result in very dry pumpkin puree.

    Tips From The Pillsbury Kitchens

    • tip 1 The flour tossed with the fresh apples turns their juices into a thickened, spiced sauce during baking. Mix it with the sugar and spices before tossing the mixture with the apples.
    • tip 2 Two cans of more fruit apple pie filling can be used if youre short on time.
    • tip 3 Let your apple pie cool for at least 2 hours before cutting into it. The filling will thicken as it cools, making it easier to slice.
    • tip 4 To make Caramel-Pecan Apple Pie: right after removing the pie from the oven, drizzle with 1/3 cup caramel ice cream topping. Sprinkle with 2 to 4 tablespoons chopped pecans.
    • tip 5 To freeze Baked Pie: Assemble and bake pie as directed in recipe. Cool completely. Wrap pie tightly with plastic wrap. Place pie in a 2-gallon freezer storage bag seal. Freeze up to 4 months. To reheat, thaw pie in refrigerator overnight. Remove bag and plastic wrap. Cover with foil, bake at 350°F for 25 to 30 minutes or until warm.

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    The Word Of The Day Is: Cold

    A.A. Newton

    Even if youve never made pie crust before, you may know that your butter needs to be cold. So, before you do anything else, clear a spot in your freezer for the pie. Youll need to chill your butter and the pie itself, and getting this out of the way will save you headaches down the road.

    Its not just the butter, either: your water, flour, tools, and countertop all need to be as cold as possible, too. I pop my cubed butter in the freezer for a few minutes and fill a measuring cup with ice water while I measure the dry ingredients winter weather takes care of the rest. If your kitchen is especially warm, check out Stella Parks tips for baking in a hot environmentshe recommends refrigerating tools and dry ingredients and chilling counters with ice packs to prevent a crust meltdown.

    Double Pie Crust Recipe

    How To Make Apple Pie From Scratch Easy Simple

    Want to make a double crust pie? This is the recipe you need for most fruit pies like apple pie or cherry pie.

    Ingredients for a homemade double pie crust:

    • 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • ¾ cup cold unsalted butter cubed
    • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
    • ½ cup ice-cold water

    A few notes about the ingredients:

    • The crust turns out best with a high-quality European-style butter , but its delicious with regular butter, too. Please dont use buttery spread or margarine.
    • The apple cider vinegar doesnt affect the taste of the pie pastry, but it helps to make the pie crust flaky. Vinegar helps to stop the gluten from developing. Developing the gluten would make for a tough crust, so please dont skip it out of fear youre going to end up with a tart crust.
    • Make sure to use butter cold from the fridge and ice-cold water. It yields the flakiest pie crust.

    Equipment needed to make a pie crust from scratch:

    • a large mixing bowl
    • measuring cups and spoons
    • a pastry blender

    In case you need new baking equipment, here are my favorite mixing bowls and measuring cups. I use them almost every day in my kitchen! Im also adding the best pastry blender Ive tried for your convenience, even though I prefer using my hands to make pie crust.

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    How To Make Flaky Pie Crust

    I am very worried, friends. Worried that the fear of pie crusts may be keeping a great many of you from making your own pies at home. Is this true? Does this sound like you? Do debates over butter vs. lard or tender vs. flaky make you want to run and hide? Well, take a deep breath and grab your notebook today were going to go over how to make a pie from start to finish, one step at a time.

    Stainless Steel Or Other Non

    A lot of pans react with acidic ingredients and give you a terrible metallic taste. Some people say they cant taste it, but this reaction can also discolor your pans or cause pitting.

    If you will be cooking any fillings for your pies be sure and get a non-reactive pan! It will last you a lifetime and is worth every penny: Stainless Steel Saucepan

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    Heres A Little Secret

    When I first started baking pies and sharing them I used store-bought crusts. I had no idea how to make a crust or even where to begin! The pie crust was supposed to be ADVANCED BAKING 401!

    Part of my reason for making this site is how lost I felt trying to figure it all out.

    With so many variations on pie crusts, the pie crust is hard excuse cant hold water. As with all baking, start with a recipe and follow it to a T. Then tweak it or keep searching for a new recipe until you find the one you love and you can make your own.

    How Is Pie Made

    The BEST Homemade Pumpkin Pie! Make Pumpkin Pie from Scratch!

    Well most pies have three main components: A bottom pie crust, a filling, and some type of top crust, crumble, or other topping. Once you have assembled your ingredients, your pie will then either be baked in the oven, chilled in the refrigerator, or frozen in the freezer, depending on the type of pie. Making amazing pies from scratch really is a cinch!

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    Other Ingredients In Pumpkin Pie

  • Eggs. Eggs set up the pumpkin pie filling. They give the filling its rich, luxurious texture.
  • Heavy cream. Heavy cream makes pumpkin pie luxurious and silky smooth. Its thick, creamy, and absolutely heavenly in this pumpkin pie recipe. I use 1 cup of heavy cream and 1/4 cup of milk. I found that 1 and 1/4 cups of heavy cream was simply too much. Too thick, too gloppy! You can also use the heavy cream to make homemade whipped cream for the topping.
  • Cornstarch. A starch thickener is one of the most important ingredients in a pie filling. I use a touch of cornstarch in my pumpkin pie because it helps set up the pie. Makes it a little sturdier and firm, while keeping everything smooth.
  • Classic Blueberry Pie From Scratch

    Nothing says summer like homemade blueberry pie, and this is the best-tasting blueberry pie I’ve ever eaten! With an easy blueberry pie filling, made with mounds of fresh blueberries and a hint of lemon piled high inside a flaky pie crust, this recipe is sure to please any classic blueberry pie lover! Best of all, this recipe is full of tips to help you bake the perfect blueberry pie from scratch.

    My favorite thing about blueberry pie is just how simple it is. Sweet fresh blueberries and buttery, flaky pie crust make for a seriously delicious combination. This classic blueberry pie recipe combines my favorite homemade pie crust with a super easy homemade blueberry pie filling to create what is hands-down the most delicious blueberry pie I’ve ever eaten!

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    Measuring Cups And Spoons:

    IF you dont have a scale you will have to rely on measuring cups and spoons, which are the next best thing. I actually use the spoons more than the cups, but I have both. A lot of recipes dont have the weights listed, so these types of measuring devices are still essential.

    at an affordable price. Ive been happier with my steel ones over my other plastic and silicone handled sets.

    How To Make Meat Pies

    How to make a Sweet Potato Pie from scratch

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    Meat pies are tasty snack for all the carnivores and a great appetizer for parties and potlucks. Make a whole pie for the entire family or make individual pies, just for one! These meat pies are easy and fun to make, and create a great activity for the whole family. Using hearty ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, peas, and savory ground/minced beef to make amazing meat pies that your family and friends will love. Using a few everyday ingredients, you can create delicious meat pies for your next gathering or potluck event.

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