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Cracker Barrel Is Making These Changes For The Holidays

Cracker Barrel Pecan Pie Review

Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year at Cracker Barrel, and the old country store’s holiday traditions will look a little bit different this year amid an ongoing pandemic. Whether you plan to dine in or order takeout, here’s what you need to know about the changes the restaurant is makingand how you can score a bonus gift card!

There will be two meal options for customers eating at home and three for those dining in-store, the restaurant recently announced. If you don’t fancy cooking all day, the Thanksgiving Heat n’ Serve Feast takes only two hours to prepare at home. Up to ten guests can enjoy two turkey breasts, dressing, gravy, cranberry relish, rolls, three sides, plus pumpkin and pecan pies.

The Thanksgiving Heat n’ Serve Family Dinner requires the same amount of prep work, but it’s designed for a smaller crowd. Up to six people can feast on a turkey breast, dressing, gravy, cranberry relish, rolls, and two sides. Schedule your order the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving to get a $10 gift card for the Feast or a $5 gift card for the Family Dinner.

If you’re looking for a little something extra, sugar-cured ham, three-cheese squash casserole, and peach tea are also available. For dessert, you can add pecan, apple pecan streusel, chocolate pecan, or pumpkin pies to any order.

For more on what to expect during your next trip to the old country store, here are 5 major changes you’ll see at Cracker Barrel.

Eat This, Not That!

Cracker Barrel To Implement Menu Evolution

The classic chain’s off-premises business continues to surge as well.

One of Cracker Barrels priorities in fiscal 2020 is to drive top-line growth, and a revamped menu is proving to be a key part of that strategy.

The brand is implementing a menu evolution initiative to strengthen its dinner daypartwhere it faces the most competitionby introducing new items and simplifying the menu.

Soon, Cracker Barrel will offer a new chicken pot pie and country fried pork chop, in addition to a new menu design that reorganizes offerings into new categories. Sandra Cochran, president and CEO, said the optimized menu will emphasize signature menu items and the brands value and variety.

The work we’re doing around the dinner initiative, we do believe is in that way we’ve redesigned the menu, said Cochran during the companys Q2 review. We are seeking to ensure that we continue to first have great value and to highlight it, make it easy for our guests to find the value. And so I think that we’ll be well-positioned for an environment that we’re assuming going forward is going to remain very competitive and very promotional.


We believe the continued growth of this business underscores the trust that guests have in Cracker Barrel to provide a convenient and delicious home-cooked meal at a good value, Cochran said.

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How To Make Chocolate Pecan Pie

  • Beat the eggs in a medium-sized bowl.
  • Add sugar and mix well.
  • Add corn syrup, salt, vanilla, and margarine and mix well.
  • Place pecans and chocolate chips in the pie shell.
  • Slowly pour the pecan pie filling into the pie shell.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Serve chocolate pecan pie with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    You dont have to wait until the holidays to make this chocolate pecan pie, its good any time of the year. Its great to take to potlucks because it does not have to be refrigerated.

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    How Can I Get One

    The Heat n Serve options will cost you anywhere between $70 and $140, depending on the number of servings . Country Fried Turkey Family Meal Basket is $40 or $63, depending on your portion size. The options are both available for order online and can be picked up between November 23 and November 24. Youll need to order as soon as possible, though, because these deals are only around while supplies last. Nows the time to get the most out of Cracker Barrels fall menu!

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    Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

    There are two main reasons to go to Cracker Barrel: the store, and the Cracker Barrel fried apples.

    To be honest, I could eat a whole meal with just sides at the Cracker Barrel. But their fried apples are definitely my favorite.

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    This copycat recipe is just as delicious as the original!

    Whoever thought of making apple pie filling and serving it without the pie deserves a medal!

    I like to make a big batch of these fried apples to go over oatmeal, on pancakes and waffles, and Ive even paired them with pork chops.

    They hold really well in the fridge for a few days and re-heat just right.

    I love that the apples are sliced into wedges, giving you a nice bite rather than just a spoonful of applesauce.

    They are so easy to make and definitely qualify as a portion of fruit in your day!

    Cracker Barrel Vegetables & Sides

    Baked Sweet Potato, Brown Rice Pilaf, Cheese Grits, Whole Kernel Corn, Fried Apples, Macaroni & Cheese, Fresh Apple Slices, Pinto Beans, Dumplins, Turnip Greens, Cole Slaw, Steak Fries, Country Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Hashbrown Caserole, Breaded Fried Okra, Mixed Green Side Salad, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, Sweet Whole Baby Carrots, Mixed Seasonal Vegetables and Vegetable of the day $2.79

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    Cracker Barrel Chocolate Pecan Pie

    April 3, 2011 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated March 20, 2021

    Cracker Barrel Chocolate Pecan Pie is a must if you can catch it when it is available. This is a seasonal pie that is served during the holidays. I really dont think you want to miss this delicious Cracker Barrel recipe, and especially so if you love pecan pie.

    When people tell me pie is difficult to make, I always tell them to start with a pecan pie. If you can measure, and stir, guess what, you can make a pecan pie. I promise it is easy to do.

    If you like, you can start with a pre-made pie crust. I like the refrigerated ones you buy at the store, I think they taste better than the frozen ones. Frozen ones will work too, but I think the refrigerated ones taste a little better.

    The Best Fried Apples Style

    NEW @ Cracker Barrel Chicken Pot Pie, & Maple Glazed Bacon Chicken!ð?ð?

    7 simple ingredients is all you need for this fried apples recipe. This is a copycat Cracker Barrel fried apples recipe, that is loaded with brown sugar, cinnamon, tender apples, and more. Dive in fork first to an incredible dessert.

    Spiced apples are paired with apple pie spice, brown sugar, white sugar, butter, apple cider, and cornstarch. Simple, but delicious.

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    Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Prepares To Serve Guests Looking To Spend More Time With Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

    On Cracker Barrels busiest day of the year, Americas Thanksgiving experts offer three ways for guests to relax and enjoy the holiday

    Lebanon, TN This Thanksgiving, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® is connecting family and friends around the table by offering several in-store and carryout meal options to help guests put the focus back on time spent with family. As the Thanksgiving expert, Cracker Barrel will once again offer its Homestyle Turkey n Dressing Meals for in-store guests, as well as its popular Heat n Serve Holiday Family Meals To-Go and Homestyle Turkey n Dressing Family Meals To-Go for guests to enjoy at home.

    Thanksgiving centers on the ideas of quality time and tradition, and through our meal offerings, we hope to take the legwork out of preparing a traditional holiday meal and give families more time to spend together, said Cracker Barrel Vice President of Culinary Cammie Spillyards-Schaefer. Todays families find it more and more difficult to gather for a meal, so we work hard year-round to provide a home-away-from-home environment for our guests to come and connect with their loved ones. Thanksgiving is our busiest day of the year, and we look forward to serving our guests this holiday season.

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Cracker Barrel estimates it will serve over:

    • 650,000 pounds of turkey
    • 8 million ounces of gravy
    • 1.6 million ounces of cranberry relish
    • 1.1 million slices of pie

    Heat n Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go

    Love Pecan Pies Try These Recipes

    • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    • In a medium-sized bowl, beat together eggs.
    • Add sugar and mix well.
    • Add corn syrup, salt, vanilla, and margarine. Mix until well combined.
    • Place pecans and chocolate chips in the pie shell.
    • Slowly pour pecan pie filling into the pie shell. The pecans will rise up to the top when baking.
    • Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes.

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    Tips For Making Fried Apples

    Though this dish may seem simple, there are a few ways to make sure that it comes out perfect every time!

    • Even though golden delicious apples are known to hold up well to cooking, keeping the skin on will ensure they hold their shape.
    • When cooking on a stove-top, use a heavy bottom pan to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed.
    • A great and easy way to make these fried apples is to use a slow cooker! Combine everything in the pot and stir well before cooking on high for two hours.
    • Check that the apples are done with a paring knife. You shouldnt feel any resistance when you poke with the knife.
    • Though this recipe calls for apple juice, you can use apple cider for a smoother sauce.
    • If you want to use these for a cheeky dessert, try using alcoholic cider or adding a dash of Fireball whiskey.

    Does Cracker Barrel Have A Secret Menu

    chocolate pecan pie cracker barrel

    4.3/5secretsCracker Barrel menuhiddenmenumenudoesmenu

    Fresh Baked Pies

    • Pecan Pie.
    • All-American Apple

    Beside above, do you get free biscuits at Cracker Barrel? Free food!Ok, ok, with purchase, but still. If you order a meal, you get unlimited corn muffins and biscuits, all served with free apple butter, jelly, or honey.

    Secondly, what you should never order at Cracker Barrel?

    10 Things You Should Never Order at Cracker Barrel

    • Maple Jam n’ Bacon Double Cheeseburger. Cracker Barrel.
    • Country Fried Anything. Cracker Barrel.
    • Sunday Homestyle Chicken. Cracker Barrel.
    • Fried Chicken Salad. Cracker Barrel.
    • Grandpa’s Country Fried Breakfast. Cracker Barrel.
    • Pecan Pancakes. Cracker Barrel.

    Does Cracker Barrel give any discounts?

    Cracker Barrel Military Discount. Cracker Barrel is a homey chain restaurant serving American comfort food, with an on-site general store. Depending on the restaurant, you can get between 20-30 percent off with your military ID. This includes any of the items in the store as well as their yummy hometown cooking.

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    The Best Apples For Frying

    Cracker Barrel uses golden delicious apples for this recipe, and they work so well.

    Not only do they have a mild flavor, but they wont turn to mush if you leave them to cook for a few minutes too long.

    But if you cant find any or are looking for a slightly different flavor, fuji apples are a wonderful alternative.

    These apples are slightly sweeter, so you may need to cut back the sugar content.

    Granny smith apples would make another excellent choice, being both sweet and tart. They would work especially well if youre thinking of adding fried apples to a savory pork dish.

    Breakfast And Dinner Ideas For Fried Apples

    Once youve seen how easy these fired apples are to make, youre going to want to make a big batch and have them on hand at all times.

    Some great breakfast options to serve these with include:

    • Top your honey-nut and coconut granola with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a healthy helping of cold fried apples.
    • Warm your fried apples and serve on top of some cinnamon oatmeal pancakes.
    • Add some of the apples to the last five minutes of baking your French toast casserole.
    • Vanilla overnight oats are even better with some added spiced apples.
    • A quick breakfast galette made with fried apples and frozen puff pastry is divine.

    The good news is, these fried apples dont just elevate your breakfast. Some incredible dinner ideas for your friend apples are:

    • Add your fried apples in the last few minutes of cooking one-pan pork chops.
    • Make brown sugar pork loin with roasted potatoes and warm spiced apples.
    • Chop your fried apples and mix them into a cool walnut quinoa salad.
    • Prepare skillet chicken with fried apples and cranberry rice.
    • Apple-mustard chicken tenders will be a quick and delicious family favorite.
    • 2cupsapple juice, plus

    • 1/2cupapple juice

    • 4 large golden delicious apples, with peel

    • 3tablespoonscornstarch

    • 1teaspoonapple pie spice

    • 4tablespoonssugar

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    Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Launches New Bacon

    Menu Updates Include Bacon Mac n Cheese, Seasonal Beverages and More

    Lebanon, TN Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® announced that its menu innovation will continue this fall with new additions and limited-time seasonal beverages. Bacon is a breakfast, lunch and dinner staple and will serve as the centerpiece of two new dishes Bacon Mac n Cheese and Bacon n Egg Hashbrown Casserole while for a limited time, guests also can enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of Cracker Barrels Huckleberry Tea or get into the fall spirit with a hand-crafted Pumpkin Pie Latte.

    Care is at the heart of all we do to make the guest experience unique at Cracker Barrel, and part of that is continuing to innovate and offer new menu additions like the flavorful Bacon Mac n Cheese, said Cracker Barrel Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Tate. This fall, we look forward to our guests returning to our stores to enjoy these brand-new items as well as fan favorites that are all crafted with care our secret ingredient.Cracker Barrels new menu additions and limited-time offerings, available in stores and online, include:

    Bacon Mac n Cheese: Theres a new way to enjoy a classic favorite. Available as a premium side, guests can now enjoy Cracker Barrels creamy mac n cheese topped with crispy bacon bites, parsley, green onions and parmesan cheese.

    For more information about Cracker Barrels new menu items or to place an online order today, visit

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