Coffee Ice Cream Pie Recipe

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How To Temper Eggs:

Coffee Ice Cream Pie

Youll want to temper your eggs so that they are safe to eat. You can also use pasteurized eggs instead if you can find them in the grocery store.

  • Pour the whole milk into a small saucepan and heat over medium heat until it reaches 160 degrees. stirring often. Do not boil.
  • In a small mixing bowl, combine the eggs and 1/2 cup of sugar and whisk well.
  • When milk reaches 160 degrees, take a small measuring cup and pour into the egg mixture, whisking vigorously as you pour it in. Do not stop whisking, and continue to pour about a cup of hot milk into the eggs.
  • Then pour the contents of the bowl into the saucepan and place back on heat. Continue whisking and heating until the mixture reaches 160 degrees.
  • Remove from heat and let cool. Refrigerate.
    • the whole milk
    • churned coffee ice cream

    Tips To Make The Perfect Caramel Toffee Ice Cream Pie

    For the crust you can go with a store bought crust, just remember they are usually 8 1/2 inches so youll probably have extra filling

    I like to make my own caramel sauce it only takes a few mins. Make sure you use a thermometer so the sauce hits the right temperature otherwise it could be too thin or too thick.

    Also remember to adjust for your altitude Being at 4500 ft altitude I adjust my recipes by 20 degrees!

    Water boils at sea level at 212, for me at 192 so a 20 degree difference. What does water boil at where you live?

    If you are going with a store bought sauce make sure you get a high quality thick sauce, not something super runny. You should have to heat it slightly to make it pour-able.

    It only takes about 3 mins to make fresh whipped cream, which I feels makes a huge difference in flavor. If you sub out for whipped cream take away the cream, powdered sugar and vanilla in the recipe.

    You can use any pudding flavor you want, Ive used vanilla, white chocolate and cheesecake with this pie. For a variation one of my favorites is pistachio

    Mocha Madness Ice Cream Pie

    Featuring one of our most popular ice cream recipes, this luxuriously rich, chocolate and coffee-flavored pie was a quick win for our test kitchen. It comes together easily and can be dressed up with a variety of your favorite inclusions to suit any summer celebration.

    • 2 cups chocolate cookie crumbs
    • 1/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
    • 1/3 cup chocolate sauce, homemade or store-bought


    • 1 cup cold whole milk
    • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 2 tablespoons Triple Cocoa Blend or Dutch-process cocoa
    • 2 cups cold heavy cream
    • 8 chocolate sandwich cookies, broken into small pieces, optional*

    *See “tips,” below.

    • 1/2 to 1 cup heavy cream
    • 1 to 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
    • extra chocolate sandwich cookies, broken into small pieces, optional*
    • extra chocolate sauce, for drizzling

    *See “tips,” below.


  • To make the crust: Preheat the oven to 375°F. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine the crumbs, sugar, salt, and butter.

  • Press the mixture into the bottom and up the sides of a 9 metal pie pan.

  • Line the crust with foil or parchment paper, and fill it with pie weights or dried beans. Bake the crust for 12 minutes.

  • Remove the crust from the oven, and gently remove foil or parchment with the weights or beans.

  • Return the crust to the oven for 4 to 6 minutes longer, until the bottom is shiny and bubbly and the cookie crumbs smell deeply of chocolate.

  • Tips from our Bakers

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    A Case For Mocha Coffee Ice Cream Pie

    While ice cream cakes are quite popular I find a good ice cream pie is the way to go. When you cut a slice of ice cream cake how much ice cream are you getting? But with an ice cream pie, well my friends it is all about the ice cream. There is no cake to get in the way of enjoying all the lusciously creamy ice cream. And this mocha coffee ice cream is so rich and creamy. The ample chocolate flavor features mocha undertones that deepen the flavor of the ice cream. The secret weapon in this mocha coffee ice cream is the use of Nielsen-Massy coffee AND chocolate extracts. These extract flavors compliment each other so perfectly. Not one stands out more than the other, and their individual flavor profiles are robust and full-bodied. I love using these extracts they are nothing but good. They are certified gluten-free, certified Kosher, allergen-free and GMO-free! But theres more!

    The luscious mocha coffee ice cream rests on a simple chocolate wafer crust that has been coated with a light drizzle of caramel. I layered that same caramel throughout the mocha coffee ice cream. And just when I thought I was finished with this pie, I made a chocolate mocha ganache to top it off. This pie is what dreams are made of. It will beat any ice cream cake you can ever buy. Heck, it just might beat any cake period.

    How To Make A Gingersnap Crust

    Coffee Ice Cream Pie Recipe

    This easy pie recipe starts with a gingersnap crust. You could use any type of crust that youd like.a prebaked traditional pie crust, graham cracker crust, oatmeal crust. But when I think pumpkin, gingersnaps immediately come to mind. The snappy ginger flavor will pair so well with the spices in the pumpkin filling.

    Simply crush gingersnap cookies either with a rolling pin or in a food processor. Add sugar and melted butter. Mix well and press into the bottom of a deep dish, 9 pie plate. If you dont have a deep dish pie plate, youll have enough filling to make two smaller pies. And two pies is not a bad thing at all.

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    Tips For Using A Kitchenaid Attachment:

  • Place bowl attachment in freezer. Youll want to be sure to store the bowl in the freezer for AT LEAST 15 hours before using. Since we have an extra freezer in our laundry room, I keep ours in there all the time. That way we can make ice cream on a whim!
  • Run mixer in advance. Attach bowl to the KitchenAid mixer and add the attachments. Start mixer on the lowest setting BEFORE adding ice cream mixture. This will prevent the bowl from freezing up.
  • Add liquid while mixer is running. Then carefully pour the liquid into the bowl attachment while its running.
  • Let it slow down slightly. The ice cream is done when you see it expanding to the top of the bowl and the mixer starts to slow down.
  • Ice Cream Coffee Recipe

    What you need to cook ice cream coffee recipe, When salt and ice mix, the freezing point of the ice is lowered and the freezing point reached depends on the amount of salt used. Salt causes the ice to melt. Beat the egg yolks in a medium bowl.

    1 1/2 ounces unsweetened cocoa powder, approximately 1/2 cup. When salt and ice mix, the freezing point of the ice is lowered and the freezing point reached depends on the amount of salt used. Combine the cream, milk, sugar, and coffee in a medium, heavy saucepan. 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract The same reason salt is used on icy roads and sidewalks in winter explains why salt is mixed with ice to make ice cream. The more salt is added, the lower the temperature can get before the saltwater solution freezes. Beat the egg yolks in a medium bowl. Salt causes the ice to melt.

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    Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Pie

    • As the Nestlé Kitchens Pie Recipe Contest winner, this Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Pie is a refreshing summer treat.
    • 1 cup finely chopped almonds
    • 1 container coffee ice cream, softened
    • 1/2 cup NESTLÉ LA LECHERA Dulce de Leche
    • 1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed
    • 1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted

    Why You’ll Love This Pie

    How to Make Mud Pie | Ice Cream Desserts |

    Can you say Mocha Latte three times fast? For the life of me, I can’t do it. But, if you asked me to eat a piece of Mocha Latte Ice Cream Pie three times fast…I bet I could give it a go.

    Okay, I’m not kidding here…this frozen chocolate pie is swoon-worthy. It’s definitely date-night worthy. Heck, I can’t think of any night it wouldn’t be worthy. It’s just that good.

    If you’re looking for a dessert that’s perfect for any occasion, this is it! I’ve made it for birthdays, anniversaries and girl’s night out. The coffee flavored ice cream is a nice surprise, and folks love the combination of toasted pecans and chocolate shell syrup on top.

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    Lets Assemble A Coffee Ice Cream Pie

    Fill the pie crust with softened coffee ice cream. Mine was softened perfectly by the time I got home from the grocery store.

    Cover and place the pie in the freezer until frozen. I do this part the night before Im planning on serving the pie. And I cover the pie with the top that comes with it.

    When ready to serve, let the pie sit for a minute or two on the counter before slicing. It makes it easier to slice.

    Slice the pie and top each piece with chocolate syrup, whipped topping, and a cherry. You could also add chopped nuts. I dont but I may add chopped toasted pecans the next time I make this pie.

    Wasnt that easy? Ive been thinking about creating an ice cream sundae pie. Ill keep you posted!

    Coffee Ice Cream Pie Recipe

    Youll need:

    • Oreo cookies, chopped or crushed
    • butter, melted
    • Coffee ice cream
    • Magic shell or chocolate syrup for topping


  • Grease a pie plate or cake pan.
  • Mix together crushed Oreos with melted butter, then spread it in the pie plate.
  • As the ice cream is defrosting on the counter, stick the crust in the freezer.
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes. Stay away from the Oreos that are left.
  • When the timer goes off, scoop the ice cream into the Oreo crust. If the ice cream is still hard, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so.
  • Top with Magic shell or Hersheys syrup.
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    Mocha Latte Ice Cream Pie

    Published: · Modified: Aug 17, 2021 by Debi · This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Mocha Latte Ice Cream Pie starts with a fudgy brownie crust, followed by coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup and toasted pecans. It’s topped with homemade whipped cream to create the best slice of frozen pie you’ve ever tasted!

    Coffee Caramel Ice Cream Pie

    Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Pie Recipe

    This just might be a perfect summer dessert: a chocolate cookie crust, no-churn coffee ice cream, with a topping of caramel whipped cream and candied cacao nibs.

    The crust and ice cream base can be put together a day or two in advance, which also comes in handy. If you arent into the candied cacao nibs, crushed chocolate covered espresso beans would also be delicious here.

    A few things:

    *The Coffee-Caramel combination on my ice cream cake is inspired by this Ice Box Cake over on ZoeBakes.

    *My summer reading has been fluctuating between Wodehouse and the French Revolution, which has been an odd but interesting combination. Im currently in the middle of the Twelve Who Ruled, which is a fascinating look at the Committee of Public Safety and their role in the Reign of Terror.

    *We recently splurged on an outdoor projector, so we could take our family movie nights outside this summer. Weve just been projecting it onto our garage door, which works just fine! Weve been showing our kids a bunch of our favorite movies from the late 80s/early 90s, and weve made it through Goonies, UHF, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, What About Bob, and Napoleon Dynamite. So if you have any other suggestions for movies, Id love to hear them.

    *I saw Amazing Grace, the film of Aretha Franklins 1972 gospel concert, and it is incredible: moving and beautiful. I highly recommend seeing it if it is playing near you. Ive been listening to the soundtrack all week.

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    Irish Coffee Ice Cream Pie With Whiskey Ganache

    Rachel GurkPosted:

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    A crunchy chocolate crust paired with creamy coffee ice cream and rich whiskey ganache makes this Irish Coffee Ice Cream Pie an irresistible treat. Perfect for St. Patricks Day or any day!

    This PIE! I have no words. Mainly because Im busy eating a slice right now as I type this. My mouth is stuffed full of crunchy Oreo crust, creamy coffee ice cream, and smooth, rich whiskey ganache. My husband is doing sit-ups on the living room floor.

    Yeah. I know.

    But.whiskey ganache!!!!

    You know how some rich, decadent foods look really good and then you eat them and realize that they were so NOT worth the calories you just consumed? I really hate that. You eat it and then youre left wondering why in the world you wasted your calories on something so mediocre.

    This pie, my friends, is worth EVERY SINGLE STINKING CALORIE. And then some. Its out of this world. Not trying to toot my own horn here, Im just really trying to get the point across that you must make this pie. Especially if you like coffee. If you dont like coffeewell, maybe this pie isnt the thing for you. But its realllllly good.

    If youve ever had Irish coffee, you probably know that what makes it Irish coffee is a touch of whiskey, sugar and cream. Well, I of course add chocolate and the sugar and cream are definitely there in the coffee ice cream.

    And now I want another slice.

    Using A Paring Knife Split A Vanilla Bean In Half Lengthwisescrape Out The Seeds

    1 1/2 ounces unsweetened cocoa powder, approximately 1/2 cup. 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract The more salt is added, the lower the temperature can get before the saltwater solution freezes. Beat the egg yolks in a medium bowl. Try adding vanilla, shaved chocolate or your favorite fruits. When salt and ice mix, the freezing point of the ice is lowered and the freezing point reached depends on the amount of salt used. Combine the cream, milk, sugar, and coffee in a medium, heavy saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil over medium heat. Salt causes the ice to melt. Using a paring knife, split a vanilla bean in half lengthwise.scrape out the seeds This recipe may be used as a base for your favorite flavors. The same reason salt is used on icy roads and sidewalks in winter explains why salt is mixed with ice to make ice cream. Yummy ice cream for adults inspired by philz coffee®’s ice mint mojito coffee. Since i used this as a base for blueberry ice cream (3 cups blueberries macerated with 3/4 cup sugar and the juice of half a lemon, then.

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