Strawberry Pie With Cream Cheese And Sour Cream

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Can You Replace The Cool Whip

Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie recipe | The Recipe Rebel

If you cant find Cool Whip where you live or you prefer not to use it in recipes, you can use stabilized whipped cream instead. If you just use regular whipped cream, the consistency will be too light and the cream will not hold up very well when mixed into the filling. Its very simple to make your own stabilized whipped cream and it just takes a few minutes!

What Type Of Crust To Use In No

I prefer to use an Oreo crust in this recipe, but you can use any pie crust that you want. Ive tried the strawberries and cream pie with Oreo crust and with regular graham cracker crust, both are delicious! You can even do a standard pie crust if you have one on hand, just bake it and let it cool prior to making the pie.

How To Make This Pie

Its great use of fresh strawberries isn’t the only thing that makes this pie ideal for summer. You also don’t have to turn your oven on to make this!

For the crust, chop the pretzels in a food processor with melted butter, sugar, and a hint of cinnamon . Then press it out along the bottom and sides of a pie dish and plop it in the freezer for at least 1 hour. Once the crust is cold and firm, the cream cheese mixture can be spread on top of it in an even layer.

The filling is super easy to make, you just have to be sure of two things! One being that your block of cream cheese is softened to room temperature and is whipped up nicely before mixing in the rest of the ingredients. This ensures that there aren’t any little clumps in the mixture. The next thing is to make sure of is that the heavy whipping cream is whipped to soft peaks. This means that when you lift the whisk, the cream is thick enough to hold its shape but still falls down a bit! I like to use my electric hand mixer for these steps! You also want to fold it gently into the cream cheese mixture so that it doesn’t lose too much air while you stir it in. When you’ve added this mixture to the crust, put it in the refrigerator to chill for another hour.

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How To Make It

I like to make this easy Strawberry Pie completely from scratch. I know others who make their Strawberry Pie with Jello and thats fantastic, too, but when you make a homemade Strawberry Pie Glaze you can play with the amount of sugar you use to counter berries that may be sweeter or slightly more tart than usual.

Make the Crust

  • Combine the flour, sugar and salt in a large bowl, then add the butter .
  • Toss to coat the butter with flour. Using a pastry blender work the butter into the flour until the pieces of butter are no larger than a pea.
  • Drizzle with ice water and mix the dough with a fork until it holds together when pinched with your fingers.
  • Knead the dough until it is completely smooth and the butter is incorporated.
  • Divide the dough in half, shape each half into a 1 inch thick disk and wrap tightly with plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 48 hours
  • Just A Few Simple Ingredients

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie  Modern Honey

    For this recipe, youll need a pre-baked pie crust. Either homemade or store-bought. I use this recipe here for one minute pie dough. I used half 1/2 of the recipe, and added one teaspoon sugar.

    If youre planning on baking more, you could make a full recipe and use the leftover dough for these mini Jam Tarts. Since this is a recipe from the 50s, I decided to decorate my edges with circles, which have kind of a vintage flair. You can use pretty pie cutters like these, or just the bottom of a piping tip like I did.

    Next youll need 2 full pounds of fresh strawberries. Frozen wont do! Some will be used for the glaze, some for the top, and some will be sliced.

    The filling is cream cheese and sour cream which is a delicious counterpoint to the sweet berries and glaze. The filling is not sweetened, which means its not overly sweet.

    Unlike store-bought strawberry glazes, this glaze does not contain artificial coloring, flavoring or HFC. Its simple berries, sugar and water. . Itll be a little bit chunky, when its done.

    Ive adapted the recipe slightly for modern measurements. The original recipe called the filling, Bavarian Cream, which it is not.

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    How To Make Strawberry Pie

    For this delicious pie recipe, you need the following ingredients:

    • an unbaked pie crust
    • cornstarch
    • Whipped cream

    The first thing you need to do is to bake the pie crust. Take a fork and poke holes in the pie crust to release air that would otherwise bubble up and make a lumpy pie crust. Bake the pie crust according to package directions and let it cool.

    Next, beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla together until it becomes soft. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto the bottom of the cooled pie crust. Place it in the refrigerator while you work on the strawberry layer.

    Place the remaining berries in the pie crust on top of the cream cheese layer. I recommend that you slice the berries in half. Pour the strawberry sauce over the berries and chill for 2 hours.

    How To Make The Strawberry Pie Filling

  • In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese and powdered sugar until thoroughly combined.
  • Spread a thin layer on the bottom and sides of the crust. Chill for 10 minutes.
  • Pick over the remaining berries and halve the extra-large berries if necessary.
  • Add the berries to the bowl with the glaze and fold gently with a rubber spatula until evenly coated.
  • Spoon the berries into the pie shell being sure to turn any cut sides that are facing up on the top to face down.
  • Rearrange the berries to fill any holes.
  • Refrigerate the pie for approximately 6 hours or overnight.
  • In a pinch, I have made this strawberry pie with frozen strawberries but, honestly, its not as good as when its made with fresh berries.

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    Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

    This strawberry cream cheese pie has a deliciously creamy filling and tons of fresh strawberries. Its an easy, no bake pie recipe thats perfect for warm weather and everyone goes crazy over the delicious strawberries and cream combo.

    If you love juicy berries and fluffy, creamy filling then this strawberry cream cheese pie is right up your alley. It has a delicious golden Oreo crust creamy, dreamy, cream cheese filling then a mountain of fresh strawberries.

    Plus its a super easy, no bake recipe that you can make in no time. No pastry crust fails, no accidentally soupy pie filling, and no fancy lattice work pie crusts. Because sometimes you want a delicious no bake strawberry pie recipe thats guaranteed to turn out perfectly every time.

    And thats exactly what this strawberry cream cheese pie recipe is ALL about.

    Better yet theres no jello mix, and no gelatin. So all the strawberry flavor comes from real berries instead. Creamy, dreamy, strawberry pie goodness.

    No Bake Sour Cream Berry Pie

    How to Make Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

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    Tips From The Pillsbury Kitchens

    • tip 1 Pie baking can be even easier when you use Pet-Ritz® frozen pie crusts. Find them in the freezer case with a precrimped edge, ready to use. The disposable pan makes clean up a snap.
    • tip 2 Swap some or all of the strawberries on top with fresh blueberries, fresh raspberries or a combination.
    • tip 3 Swap the melted semisweet chocolate chips for melted white chocolate chips to drizzle on top, if desired.
    • tip 4 Dont have almond extract on hand? Use vanilla extract in the filling instead.

    Can You Freeze The Leftovers

    Yes, you can! Not that theres ever any leftovers of this pie, though Just defrost it in the fridge.

    The strawberries do change their texture a bit, but its still nice to eat.

    I hope youre as thankful as I am that Im getting over my dessert photography reluctance. Watch this space, way more delicious desserts headed your way the next few months!

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    A Vintage Recipe From The 50s

    Strawberries and Cream Pie Recipe Desserts with graham ...

    The recipe comes from the book, Thoughts for Buffets, which was published in 1958. These books were intended for the woman who is both home-maker and hostess. Both were given to my mom, who was a young wife, home-maker and hostess, in the early 60s by my aunt, and signified a time when America was changing both culturally and gastronomically.

    That the authors would write an introduction aimed exclusively towards women seems preposterous today, in an age where men are just as likely to whip up something in the kitchen as their wives, and in many cases, enjoy it more! I just checked to see if the book is still availableyou can get the original first edition for just $900! Yikes! I wish mine were in better shape!

    The book is dog-earred where mom has turned down pages, and the pages are grease spattered and stained.

    This fresh strawberry pie recipe has withstood the test of time and seems just as fresh and current today, as it must have 50 years ago.

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    How To Make Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipeamazing

    • Bake deep-dish frozen pie crust according to package directions. Let the pie crust cool completely.
    • Chop one pound of the strawberries into tiny pieces. You can do this by hand or with a food processor.
    • Cut the other pound of strawberries in half. If there are some huge ones, cut them in thirds or fourths. Reserve the strawberries for later.
    • In a medium saucepan, combine 1 cup sugar, cornstarch, the juice of half a lemon, and the finely chopped strawberries. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened.
    • Remove from heat.
    • In a small/medium mixing bowl, combine softened cream cheese, sour cream, remaining sugar, and vanilla. Using a hand mixer or a whisk, beat the mixture until completely combined and smooth.
    • Spread cream cheese mixture into the bottom of the completely cooled pie crust.
    • Add the largely chopped strawberries to the thickened strawberry glaze mixture and stir gently until they are all coated.
    • Next, pour the strawberry mixture over the cream cheese layer in the pie crust.
    • Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until ready to serve.
    • Enjoy!
    Tips for making Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

    Sour Cream Cheese Pie Ingredients

    This pie is made with six ingredients. Thats it! So I find its important to the use the best ingredients possible for the cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla extract and graham cracker crust. When these ingredients are a good quality, the pie is outstanding! For the eggs and sugar I do not use name brand ingredients though you certainly can if you want to. My mom loves Egglands Best Farm Fresh eggs but mostly because they put that little stamp on the egg. She thinks thats cute, so thats why she spends more on her eggs. I did offer to buy her little stamp so she could buy any brand of eggs she wanted and stamp them herself, but she said it wouldnt be the same.

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    How To Make Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie:

  • Start with the pastry: you can use either this homemade pie crust recipe or a refrigerate pie crust from the grocery store. I wont judge either way! I do both, depending on how much time I have.
  • Make the cream cheese filling: just a few ingredients and an electric mixer are all you need! Feel free to use light or regular cream cheese here .
  • Make the topping: fresh strawberries work best for this recipe, but you can use frozen if you follow the notes below. I use gelatin and strawberry for the topping because I want it to slice cleanly. It sets up perfectly and lasts a few days in the fridge! Seal it all in with a simple gelatin mixture or go ahead use plain old strawberry Jello and dont tell me
  • *NOTE: large sliced strawberries do make this pie a bit more of a challenge to slice though they are beautiful. If you want to chop the strawberries into smaller pieces, it will be slightly easier to slice.

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