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Smores Souffle From The Forge

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The Forge is known for its classy upscale dining experience. From their extravagant decor and their extensive wine selection right down to their delicious dessert menu. My personal favorite is their Smores Souffle. The waiter will open it table side and pour the warm chocolate and marshmallow cream inside. Did your mouth just water?

Birthday Sundae Pie From Fireman Dereks

This pie will change your life. Well, so would most of the pies they sell so you really cant go wrong with any. Head to this little wynwood shop and try their Birthday Sundae Pie: Birthday Cake Oreo Vanilla Mousse, Bananas, Chocolate Ganache, Whipped Cream, Chocolate & Carmel Drizzle, Sprinkles and a Cherry on top. Its a sundae in a pie!

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

11 Washington Ave. / Website

A classic. Joes Stone Crab has been serving the best key lime pie in Miami for almost as long as they’ve been open! While you might be stuffed after a stone crab and mac and cheese-filled meal at Joes you must save room for dessert. This key lime pie is almost as iconic as the restaurant, served in a perfect-sized slice and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

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Dolla Dolla Bills Yo From Barton G

Bring your cameras peeps, this dessert is something you will only see once in your life. Its like if Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland had a golden baby. The dessert comes dressed with a giant $100 bill and layers of gold coins, dollar bills, and gold bars. The giant gold bar in the middle is then torched only to find that its actually a tart with a graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, and marshmallow meringue. Happy freakin birthday.

Best Iconic Pie: Joes Stone Crab

Best Key Lime Pie near Miami

Joes Stone Crab

Why We Chose It: Joes Stone Crab bakes its classic key lime pie daily and delivers via FedEx Overnight.

  • Good value if ordering multiple pies

  • Only one variety of pie

The iconic Joes Stone Crab in the South Beach district of Miami, Florida, is known for more than stone crabs. Its key lime pie is a signature dessert at the historic establishment that has been around since 1913. Joes Key Lime Pies are baked daily and are available by the slice for locals. For those of us not lucky enough to have Joes Stone Crab in our neighborhood, we can enjoy it as a whole pie via nationwide delivery.

Each 9-inch pie is delivered via FedEx Overnight and will arrive frozen and packed in dry ice. Customers can order up to three pies per order. Because of flat-rate shipping costs, it’s beneficial to order multiple pies at once for the best value while a single pie is $72.95, two pies are $112.95 and three pies are $134.95 . In addition to key lime pie, Joes Stone Crab offers a large selection of other items available for home delivery to round out a delicious meal.

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Outstanding Key Lime Pies In Miami

Fireman Dereks Bake ShopJuvia Miami

  • 2545 N Miami Ave BAY I, Miami, FL 33127

The famous Key Lime Pie, whose origin is the Florida Keys, is a favorite for many. And the good thing is, you dont have to plan an entire trip down to Key West to get a test of the dessert, while you can get it right here in Miami. Although several joints make perfect Key Lime Pies in Miami, heres a list of a few of our favorites.

6730 Biscayne BLVD, Miami, FL 22138 756 0366

Blue Collar is a small restaurant located in the MIMO district of Miami. And their Key Lime Pie has an extra thrill because its homemade by Meghan Perkins, wife to Billy Corben director of Cocaine Cowboys. One of the best things about their key lime pie is that it tastes and feels very traditional, with a tangy feeling and some whipped cream. While you are at Blue Collar, you might consider trying their creamy mac n cheese for a complete experience.

The Green Turtle Inn Mm 812

The Green Turtle, a long time Islamorada landmark, is a restaurant where turtle soup and steaks were legendary before the endangered species was banned from commercial fishing. Still a well-known island hangout, the Green Turtle has a key lime pie that we consider a chefs special on the fancier side. The macadamia nut crust is covered with a denser style filling topped with coconut whipped cream, berry syrup, and sprinkled with fruit.

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Maple Bacon Donut From Salty Donut

Theres no denying that when you want a sweet treat, you head to Salty Donut in Wynwood. And when you get there youll see a line of people with the same idea. The donuts are worth the wait. My favorite? The Maple Bacon. An oldie but goodie. Definitely a must-try. Other personal faves include the Traditional Glazed Buttermilk and the White Chocolate Tres Leches. So while youre there, grab a whole box because why not?!

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Florida Travel: Find Great Key Lime Pie in the Keys & Miami

200A Elizabeth

It’s almost a reason in itself to travel from Miami to the Keys. Kermit’s Key Lime pies have been praised on nationally broadcast TVfood shows, and there’s a reason. This is a truly traditional pie, with a rich graham cracker crust, smooth, tart filling, and dotted with whipped cream. The filling will make your lips pucker about, but that’s the best part of a great Key Lime pie. If you like the lime, this shop is for you. You can find jelly, marinades, honey, and even wing sauce made with the juice of the Key lime. You could create a whole Key lime-themed meal with what you find here. You can even order online!

Most Key Lime pies are not what you’d call thick they are so rich, you really can’t eat a huge piece without dismissing your diet, but at the Ice Box Cafe, their bakers believe you can’t get enough of a good thing. That’s why they serve their creamy, tart Key Lime pie deep-dish style. The crust is graham cracker, and robust, and the custard-like filling never seems to end. It’s an outstanding slice, if not a bit pricey you can buy a while pie at the market for what you pay for a slice here. However, it’s well worth a try, and the other baked goods at the Cafe are worth a look. Indulgent.

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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Consider Yardbird Southern Table & Bars key lime pie as the perfect way to end a meal of fried chicken, biscuits and mac and cheese. Its just the right ratio of sweet and tangy, topped with a candy lime zest and chantilly cream. Mmm.

1600 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach 305-538-5220

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perfect KEY LIME PIE

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Your Key Lime Pie: Tips

  • We suppose we dont need to say this but we will just say it: Fresh is better. For ingredients, use key limes if you can get them, otherwise use fresh limes, but many use bottled juice, or in a pinch, a combination of key limes and limes. If you like your pie tart, fresh is the way to go.
  • Also, homemade is better especially the crust. But if you dont have time, dont fret, its the filling that really makes the difference.
  • One tip we learned on our sampling tour, by increasing the egg yolks or juice, makes the pie lighter. But, it is all about personal preference.
  • Use the zest from the limes it will make the pie tarter.
  • A hand press works best for squeezing the limes.
  • Use a glass pan, not aluminum. Key limes react to aluminum.

So whats the best key lime pie we have ever tasted? We humbly tell you that it is the one the original creator of, Robin Draper, makes. She has perfected it and its simply delicious. Its homemade, light, and very tart. Whats the secret? Try it and youll find out! Heres the link:

We would love to hear how you make your key lime pie. How about sharing your recipe? If you have a good one, we may make it and feature it on our website or our . Post it in the comments below or email it to us:

Wed also love to know where is your favorite place to get key lime pie, especially if we didnt cover that establishment in this article.

Key West Key Lime Pie Company

Miamiâs 8 Best Key Lime Pies

Photo Credit:

511 Greene Street, Key West, FL 33040

When it’s in the name, you really better be able to master it… and Key West Key Lime Pie Company does not disappoint! Choose from traditional or extra tart key lime pie or maybe try the frozen chocolate-dipped key lime bar. Guests can even participate in an on-site pie-making class to go behind-the-scenes and make your own mini key lime pie with the pros! Their pies and treats can also be shipped anywhere within the United States.

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Hog Fish Grill Stock Island

The Hogfish Bar & Grillis a funky tiki-hut restaurant found just north of Key West on Stock Island. Situated near the boat docks, they have very fresh fish and outdoor dining. They get their pies from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company. The pie is huge and the filling stands several inches tall. It has a homemade crust with a good balance of sweet and tart loaded with whipped cream on top.

So after this exhaustive trip , we have some recommendations for you for making your own best key lime pie.

Where To Find The Best Key Lime Pie In Miami

By: Alexa Shabinsky| September 22, 2021 |

The Key West classic, key lime pie has made its mark on the Miami culinary scene. While we could drive the three hours south and indulge in some originally key lime pie, we really dont need to since some of Miamis top restaurants and bakeries have mastered the perfect key lime pie. We have rounded up where to find the best slice of key lime pie in Miami.

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Best Key Lime Pie Delivery Services Of 2021

SPRUCE15 for $15 off of minimum $50 spend, first time customers only, excludes shipping, standard T& C applies.

Why We Chose It: Goldbelly offers an assortment of key lime pies and other key lime baked goods from top vendors around the country.

  • Assortment of products and vendors

  • Free shipping included on many orders

  • Delivered frozen for longer shelf life

  • Good customer reviews

  • Free shipping not available on all items

Online gourmet marketplace Goldbelly offers an assortment of key lime pies from around the country. Goldbelly sells items from nearly a dozen other companies that make key lime pies and key lime pie-inspired products. Try key lime cheesecake from Juniors cheesecake in Manhattan, key lime pie jars from Colada Shop, key lime mini pies from Pink Pie, key lime pie ice cream sandwiches, and even Oprahs Favorite Key Lime Bundt Cake. Want to stick to the classic? There are numerous options for purchasing traditional key lime pies from businesses including Little Pie Company, Blue Smoke, Emporium Pies, and more.

What Is Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie, Easy Recipe, the Best Dessert of the Florida Keys!

Key Lime Pie is a quintessential American dessert. This pie is made from Key Lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and pie crust. The pie can be served just as it is, topped with meringue, or covered in whipped cream. A traditional Key Lime Pie recipe uses graham crackers for the crust. Though many stick to the traditional pie, some Key West restaurants go a little maverick! Mango, passionfruit, and blueberry can also be used for a unique slice of Key Lime Pie.

If you arent up for making your own, Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe ships their famous Key Lime Pie and it is actually cheaper than youd think. Click here to view options and order online.

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Where To Stay In Key West

There are so many fun places to stay in Key West. But our favorites by far are the quaint and cottage-y Key West airbnbs, conch-style guesthouses and boutique hotels with lots of tropical charm. The town is famously LGBTQ friendly so there are lots of gay hotel options as well.

Heron House boutique hotel in Key West, Florida

These boutique hotels below epitomize the local vibe in Key West. The first three here Simonton Court, The Marquesa, and Heron House are steps from Duval. The last three are also great places to stay if youre looking for a resort with a bit more action.

Miami’s Ten Best Key Lime Pies

Lesley ElliottAugust 13, 20129:00AM

Want access to our Best Of picks from your smartphone? Download our free Best Of app for the iPhone or Android phone from the App Store or . Don’t forget to check out the full Best of Miami® 2012 online at dessert tradition adopted locally by travelers to Key West who came back loving the sharper taste of the smaller key lime species, this contribution to the world of pie-dom is now sought by die-hard fans. Tart and creamy, key lime pie can be covered in meringue or sparsely dolloped with fresh whipped cream. Either way, it’s the pie for which Florida has become famous. Key lime juice has a yellowish tone and in its finished pie

format can look deceptively like lemon meringue in the bakery case.

Even an educated sweet seeker always asks. In this year’s “Best of Miami” issue, the Bar in Coral Gables took top honors for its version, but where else can you find a slice of killer key lime pie in the city? Here’s our Top 10.

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