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Best Commercial Oven for Baking Bread/ Biscuit Baking Oven

There are a number of brands selling products in the commercial oven space, which can make it a little overwhelming to figure out the specialties and reputation of each. To give you an idea of the reputation some of the top commercial oven brands have, we looked what people are saying online. We also recommend talking to other chefs and restaurant or bakery owners you know to learn from the experience theyve had with different brands.

Heres What Our Bakery Equipment Guide Covers

  • Commercial bakery equipment terminology
  • What are the main things to consider when opening a commercial bakery?
  • Top 10 must-have pieces of bakery equipment
    • Commercial bread oven
      • Commercial wood fire bread oven
      • Commercial rotating rack oven
    • Commercial bakery tables and racks
    • Commercial display fridge
  • Used commercial bakery equipment or new?
  • How much is commercial bakery equipment?
  • Best bakery equipment brands
  • Top questions to ask before you buy bakery equipment
  • Commercial bakery equipment FAQs

Best Commercial Oven For Baking Cakes Buyers Guide

Choosing a commercial oven for baking cakes may be intimidating. There are so many choices to make and they all appear to be ideal for your needs. This article will assist you in determining what characteristics to search for and how to narrow down your options so that you can discover the best commercial oven for baking cakes for you!

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Dough Dividers And Sheeters

are specialized pieces of commercial bakery equipment that take a large batch of dough and portion it out into equally sized and weighted balls of dough for consistent results when making pies, bread, or even pizza crusts. Dough sheeters take a ball of dough and roll and stretch it out to the size and thickness that you specified. This improves consistency in your pie and pizza dough crusts.

Dough dividers and dough sheeters are great labor savers and help you improve the consistency of your output. However, you’ll want to consider the return on investment, as they can be bulky and expensive to purchase initially. As a result, they’re most often used by higher volume establishments.

Pizza Oven / Conveyor Oven

Electric Convection Combi Oven And Steamer Intelligent Cake Baking Oven

When it comes to high volume consistent cooking, a conveyor oven is an excellent choice. Commonly used in takeaways or food halls, these quickly cook foods such as pizza, burritos, pies and more by using a set of rollers to slowly pull food past the powerful cooking elements. Almost anything that can be cooked in a standard oven can be cooked in a conveyor oven, although it has to fit in a small 3-5 opening. As well as conveyor ovens, pizzas are commonly cooked in the more traditional stone base deck ovens for the perfect thin or stuffed crust pizza.For more information about pizza ovens, check out the .

  • Consistent: as the conveyor speed stays consistent, pies and pizza are cooked the same every time – great for multi-site businesses
  • Easy to Use: once the oven is on, all the user needs to do is place the food onto the conveyor – no buttons to push or costly training required
  • Stackable: both deck and conveyor ovens are usually stackable to double or even triple output

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Here Are Some Things You Can Ask Other Bakery Owners:

  • What commercial bakery equipment do you use and why?
  • What are your preferred bakery equipment brands?
  • Have you had any issues with certain brands or equipment suppliers?
  • How often does your bakery equipment down or need repairs?
  • Is the provider reliable when you need their help?
  • Do your employees find the equipment easy to use?
  • What was your experience buying commercial bakery equipment?
  • Would you recommend the equipment you have to others?

Recruit The Right Staff

Its important to realise that you cant do it alone. Youll need to bring in some employees to help you run your bakery. But this will also require careful thought. The rule of thumb is to bring in people who compliment your particular expertise and fill your skills gap. That is, if youre going to work as a hands-on head baker, you might consider hiring a store manager to look after front-of-house issues, roster staff and handle payroll. Or if youre planning to take on a more managerial role, you might need to hire extra help in the kitchen.How youve equipped your kitchen and designed your production flow should also help inform your recruitment. That is, if youve used commercial bakery equipment like dough sheeters and moulders to automate steps in your production line, youll likely need fewer kitchen employees to reach the production capacity youre shooting for. On the other hand, if youve limited your bakery equipment to the bare minimum, youll probably need to have more people working your manual stations to pick up the slack.

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How To Choose The Best Bakery Oven

A commercial bakery oven is a must to be at the heart of any type of bakery. No matter what baked goods you sell, a commercial oven will always be indispensable.

This way, your cakes, cookies, pies, desserts, and other pastries are baked to perfection. It is crucial to know what type of commercial bakery oven is worth your investment. It must meet not only your expectations as a baker, but also of your valued customers. You have to satisfy them with baked goods that will keep them coming back for your business to flourish.

To start your oven shopping, you must know the options available to you.

Best Overall: Kitma 46l Countertop Convection Oven

Oven Rack Placement for the Best Baking Results

What We Didnt Like

  • Doesnt come with the regular functionality of an oven

If you are looking for a multifunctional commercial oven, the KITMA 46L Countertop Convection Oven might just be the perfect fit for you. This versatile oven has multiple functions, including baking, broiling, toasting, heat warming, air frying, and a lot more.

The oven is available in three size configurations, 26L, 46L, and 66L. For this review, we consider the 46L configuration, which can comfortably store pizza, bread, and other baked delicacies. Moreover, the rear fan and diffuser help circulate the hot air quickly throughout the entire oven.

Indeed, this KITMA oven is a bakers delight. It comes with 2 dial controls that easily help you adjust the temperature between 150 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the company also provides a timer feature that automatically switches off the oven once your baking time cycle is over. The oven door is constructed from tempered glass, which keeps the outsides of the oven cool while baking.

Also, the oven is very easy to clean. It is made from 304 high-quality steel, which makes cleaning a breeze. Furthermore, you also get 4 removable wire racks, making cleaning much easier.

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Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven

The Hamilton Beach 31104D is another great countertop oven for your money. It comes with both rotisserie and baking features and has an extra-large capacity that allows ist to fit two 12 pizzas at once .

This oven has everything you could possibly need to start baking. It even has a removable drip tray, two oven racks, a broiler rack, baking pans, and a rotisserie skewer!

This oven offers maximum versatility but all the convenience of a countertop oven. Its compact and adjustable, making it a great option for people who want to cook a lot of food in a small amount of space.


  • Can be used as a rotisserie or pizza oven
  • Comes with removable drip tray, lifter, skewer, oven racks, baking pans, and more
  • Large capacity
  • Fits well on a countertop
  • Great value for the price


  • Gets pretty hot on the outside
  • Some customers report issues with glass exploding
  • Can be difficult to see the temperature and timer knobs
  • Not the best for people who have children

The Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven is a good option if you want to save a bit of money, but otherwise, this one probably isnt our top pick. Some customers report occasional malfunctions with the glass door exploding, while others argue that it gets pretty hot on the outside while in use. Although these arent dealbreakers, they are issues you would want to stay away from if you have children. Otherwise, its a great pick for your money.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Commercial Oven For Baking Cakes

Now, when you do research prior to buying the best Commercial Oven For Baking Cakes, there are certain things you need to consider. Because these considerations come into play by ensuring that you do not end up with the wrong choice.

Finding the perfect Commercial Oven For Baking Cakes is not rocket science and doesnt require extensive research. Some important features which you should look out for are described below.

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Best Oven For Baking Cake: Guide To Choose

The appointment of the most eligible kitchen-friendly oven is an important yet tough decision to make. While the perfect oven can become a long-lasting companion to your cake recipe, the wrong one, however, can be a nuisance. There are numerous brands and models available in the market, but before buying one, here are some factors that you should consider.


Some ovens can cost you your years salary. Hence you must set a budget so that you dont get blinded by the polished finish or the digital touchpad of any oven.

I am aware that people often tend to go for famous brands and that most of the time can cost them heaps of money. But, if you have a limited budget, choose a brand that is normal, but still full of features instead of a reputable brand with inadequate features.

However, I cannot deny the fact that those that cost a bit more usually come with an array of features that can help you, especially if you are a baker. For instance, small inexpensive capacity ovens usually only have a single baking mode. Contrarily, expensive ones can come with dedicated modes so that you can cook every type of cake and pastry that you could think of.

So, in a nutshell, I would suggest that while it is important to set the amount you are willing to spear for such a machine, focus more on the features the unit offers and if they align with your requirements than on the price tag.


Oven Size and Capacity

Baking Function


  • Countertop Ovens:
  • Built-in Ovens:

Are Convection Ovens Better For Baking Cakes

Commercial Electric oven 1200w baking oven baking oven 3 layers 6 pans ...

Unlike regular ovens, convection ovens feature a fan and exhaust system, which helps blow hot oven air over and around your food and then vent it back out. The trick is to help the hot air surround your food for faster and more even cooking.

However, using this type of oven for baking cakes and other foods that start as a batter might not be a good idea. Its because the fan blows air on the cakes and might end up creating lopsided results.

But when it comes to baking cookies, a convection oven is a great option. It enables you to bake them evenly and quickly. It even becomes a better option for baking many cookies. You wont need to keep rotating them for even cooking.

Besides cookies, they work great for making biscuits, puff pastry, muffins, laminates, and more.

Our buying advice: If you want to invest in an oven that comes with convenience, make sure it enables you to disable the fan. This way, you can easily switch to a convection oven when baking cakes and switch back to convection when baking cookies, muffins, etc.

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Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

The Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven is one of the best ovens for baking cakes especially if youre looking for one that is easy to clean. Its made out of durable materials and offers easy access to food, making it difficult for crumbs to spill onto your floor.

It comes with multiple functions, including those for broiling, baking, and toasting. It has a 30-minute timer with a ready bell and a stye-on setting. It also comes with a baking rack and a pan with two separate rack positions.


  • Has a convenient roll-up door
  • Small profile is compact and convenient
  • Baking pan can be used to collect drippings
  • Affordable option
  • Gives off a lot of heat
  • Convection fan is loud
  • Difficult to clean

Hailed b customers as the Easy Bake Oven for Grown-Ups! the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven is not only easy to use, but its fun to use, too. This product can cook all kinds of foods, including cakes, grilled cheese, pizza, french fries, and more. Great value for your money, it heats up quickly and saves you time in the kitchen.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Professional Oven

10 basic guidelines for choosing your next commercial oven

  • Understand each type of oven.
  • Know your uses when buying a bakery oven.
  • Find the right size.
  • Consider the types of foods you will be using it for.
  • Look for ease of use.
  • Dont forget the ventilation.
  • Consider plumbing and water.
15 to 20 Liters

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Best Commercial Ovens For Cakes

If you are working in any cafeteria or restaurant or other businesses that are relied upon feeding large amount of people effectively then finding a suitable commercial oven can be a very hectic job for you as your whole business is dependent on the source of cooking which you use to feed other people. If you are working on a commercial oven in your house you will have to suffer some major cost effects and inconvenience if the oven is not entirely suitable or adaptable for your kitchen type on the other hand if you are working in a cafeteria or restaurant your food serving is dependent on that working of the oven and you range of loss also maximizes as you are now feeding a huge amount of people not only your current family member or yourself.

You need an oven that works consistently throughout your whole day of work even if in home it meets your entire requirement and is fitted suitably according to your kitchenâs particular needs. The oven needs to be working proper temperature and consistency levels that will not slow down your work and become any hazard to your kitchen staff if you are catering a huge amount of people in a restaurant.

/2 Size Commercial Countertop Electric Convection Oven

Sponge Cake Making With Two Deck Baking Oven And Heavy Duty Planetary Mixer 45L

This half size convection oven is perfect for preparing small batches of your best baked goods, snack foods, pizzas, and sandwiches! Its small compact design makes it great for coffee shops, snack bars, kiosks, and restaurants. It has 1600W of cooking power, making it a great way to increase your cooking capacity without sacrificing your valuable cooking space in your kitchen!

Highlighted Features:

This perfect half size convection oven increases cooking capacity without sacrificing valuable cooking space.

Small and compact, this oven is perfect for coffee shops, snack bars, kiosks and restaurants.

1600W of cooking power.

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How Much Is Commercial Bakery Equipment

The cost of commercial bakery equipment depends on the type and brand of equipment youre considering. For example, you can pick up an entry-level bench top commercial spiral mixer for around $1,000, while a large high-end commercial combi oven can run you upwards of $30,000. Fortunately, you dont have to find all that cash upfront. Financing options are available that enable you to rent or pay off expensive commercial bakery equipment over time. For example, SilverChef offers flexible finance options including Rent-Try-Buy®. Simply choose your bakery equipment, rent it for the first year, and get flexible options during and at the end of 12 months. This includes being able to upgrade to a bigger and better model if your business grows or purchase the machine if you know you want to keep it. At the end of 12 months you also have the option to return the equipment to us, if it no longer suits you.

Function Of Commercial Oven

The function of a commercial oven is to provide even and consistent cooking temperatures for food. This is achieved through the use of heating elements, fans, and air circulation. Commercial ovens come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any business, from small cafes to large restaurants.

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Cuisinart Chefs Convection Toaster Oven

Next in line, I have this quality toaster oven by none other than the leading name of the kitchen appliance world: Cuisinart.

This Cuisinart Chefs Convection Toaster Oven is the perfect blend of style and function. Not only does its matte stainless-steel finish gives your kitchen an elegant and professional look, but its vast functions and advanced features extend their practicality to your cooking as well.

Contrary to the conventional ovens with their endless overwhelming buttons and presets, this toaster oven is pretty instinctive and straightforward to use. The blue LCD display lets you check the temperature, and time in a glance while concurrently enabling you to choose your desired cooking function with just a single touch.

This gadget comes with complimentary baking and broiling pan, pizza stone, and a little recipe book to help you start with your cooking ventures. The unit allows you precise heating time as well as temperature so that your cakes cook perfectly. For instance, if you are baking pies, you will surely get the ideal crispy and flaky crust that everyone loves so much!

The most admired feature, however, is its cord cleats pair that hoards the unused cord and keeps your cooking space safe and tidy. Cusinarts oven is ideal for cooking dinner for your family, all credited to its extra-large capacity. Further, the cool-to-touch bar handle protects your hands if in case you forget to wear your cooking mittens.



  • On the expensive side

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