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Whole Foods Graduation Cake

Low-Fat Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake {gluten-free}

When you need a cake for your high school or college graduate, Whole Foods bakery offers many options. A full sheet cake with fresh fruit can feed a crowd of eighty and be the perfect sweet treat for a summer afternoon. Whole Foods cakes for grad parties are adorned with graduation caps and come in different patterns like animal print and camouflage.

Its affordable to get a customized cake with an image of your grad on for just $5. Also, Whole Foods has themed graduation cakes like Key to Success, which is decorated with a monogrammed key and a beautiful silver plaque that reads You are the future. Sheet cakes range from $40-$125.

Does Whole Foods Make Custom Cakes


Whole Foods prides itself on excellent customer service. Cakes are no exception.

As I mentioned, they have bakers and cake decorators on staff and can make just about anything. Want a red velvet cake ? They got you covered!

A vegan chocolate cake? No problem! Maybe a stevia-sweetened vanilla cake? Also no problem.

To order your cake, just call your store to order or visit the store. Many stores offer online ordering as well.

They also offer catering. If you dont want just one cake, but maybe you want a tray of sweet things, cheese, or other party platters, theyll bring it to you!

If you arent sure what you want, many Whole Foods have an in-store concierge to answer all of your event-related questions.

Bake Cake For 8 To 12 Minutes Until Center Springs Back When Gently Touched

Mango mousse cake whole foods. Seive 1.5 cups whole wheat flour/atta, 1 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda in a bowl or plate. Whole foods mango mousse cake english deutsch español français português italiano norsk nederlands p svensk dansk A mousse cake is generally a layer cake made with a flavored mousse and a cake base.

Pour the mango mousse over the prepared sponge cake. Use a spatula to spread the mousse to the edges and smooth off the top. Once you get the mastery over creating the culinary with mangoes, youll completely forget the.

This recipe does have several steps and will take some time to put together but they. Some stores offer our dreamy chocolate eruption cake , which features layers of moist chocolate cake and belgian chocolate mousse. Wait about 45 minute to an hour, or until the mousse has set on the top, before adding the final jello layer.

Yes, it has an unmatchable taste and flavor. Crowned with whipped topping and fresh mango. Cool cake in pan on a wire rack for 5 minutes.

Garnish the top of the cake with sliced fruit and berries. Yellow cake mix (cane sugar, wheat flour, palm oil, baking powder , egg whites, dextrose, modified food starch , emulsifier [propylene glycol mono & diesters of fats & fatty acids, mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin, citric acid (flavor protectant. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 15 seconds until it is clear.

Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse Recipe (With images

Mango mousse Fruit

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Whole Foods Cake Designs

There are plenty of wholesome cakes you can choose from when exploring this bakerys cake menu. For example, the signature Whole Foods bakery cakes below are just some of the options for your next special event. To explain, these Whole foods custom cakes can be both rounds and purchased in sizes of 6 or 8 inches, and sheet . They work for parties that range from 8 to 64 guests.

Whole Foods is not able to offer its customers cakes that contain copyrighted images such as Star Wars or Mickey Mouse unless the person requesting the cake is the copyright owner. That said, you cannot order a character cake from Whole Foods.

The bakery is very transparent about the ingredients they use, so we have listed our findings from their official website below. You can also ask about the possibility of a Wholefoods gluten-free cake at the bakery in your area.

Can You Order A Cake From Whole Foods Online

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake (Whole Foods Copy Cat Recipe)  The Mindful ...

While its not possible to order a custom cake online from Whole Foods, you can reserve a cake online for pickup in-store. Alternatively, you can order a ready-made cake online with free delivery if youre an Amazon Prime member. Similarly, cake customization is not available with Amazon Prime orders.

If youre ordering online, keep in mind that Whole Foods online ordering does not allow you to order any type of cake, as availability is limited on the website.

Instead, ordering through the website is ideal for catering orders, especially if youre planning to order a full-sheet cake with appetizers, party platters, and other bulk goods.

To order a Whole Foods cake on , navigate to the bakery department to search your local stores current availability.

On the other hand, if youre in the market for a specific cake, you can simply search the name of the cake, choose your desired size, and add it to your cart.

What kind of cake is Mom going to want for Mothers Day? Whole Foods, Berry Chantilly Cake

Fig Garden Village May 10, 2017

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Whole Foods Holiday And Special Occasion Cakes

Preparing for holiday parties and other special occasions can be a stressful time, however, this is all made easier thanks to Whole Foods cakes. It is possible to pick up a last-minute cake at a great price from Whole Foods as they have a great variety of ready-made cakes on offer in the bakery. The staff can even write a message on a ready-made cake there and then in icing. The large variety of Whole Foods holiday cakes is a great low price, so they are perfect for anyone who is looking for a gourmet-quality cake at a low price.

In an emergency, Whole Foods cakes can even be ordered on the same day as an event if needed. Also, if you are hosting an event for vegan guests, you can order cakes that are specially made for those following a vegan diet Vegan chocolate or vanilla cakes are an option, and these are decorated with vegan filling and vegan icing.

What Does Costco Cake Taste Like

Most people love Costco cakes!

They have a light, delicate taste with a light mousse frosting and filling. Unlike a traditional frosting, the mousse is very light and not too sweet. Sometimes when the frosting is too rich, it can cause stomach problems. I also hate it when the frosting is too thick I just end up scraping most of it off.

The light mousse frosting on Costco cakes wont end in a stomach ache after one or even two pieces.

So Costco fares pretty well in that area too. But like Walmart, it doesnt work for me personally due to the low ingredient standards.

Most of Costcos cakes are from the company Davids.

Among other ingredients, youll likely find:

  • Bleached flour

Real World Recipe

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Whole Foods Wedding Cake

Tiered wedding cakes arent available through Whole Foods because the store doesnt offer delivery. Though the average cost of a wedding is around $33,000, some couples opt to save money on a cake by having a small round cake to cut and a sheet cake in the kitchen to be served. Designs to choose from are scroll and PhotoCakes that can read anything of your choosing.

More gorgeous wedding cakes: Walmart Cakes Prices, Models & How to Order

Make The Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake Filling

Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake | Simple Dessert Recipes | Kidspot

To make the chocolate mousse layer is very simple too! First, melt the vegan milk chocolate and pre-soak the dates in hot water until they are softened for about 20 mins. Then put all the ingredients for the mousse except the aquafaba in the food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Set aside.

In a large bowl, beat the aquafaba until its fluffy and makes a peak, about 8-10 mins with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer. Add the chocolate mixture to the aquafaba and mix on low speed until they are just combined. Dont over mix! If you do the mixture will deflate and wont be fluffy.

Pour the mousse over the raw chocolate brownie base. Smooth the top evenly and set it in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight. You can also speed up the process by placing it in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

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A Bit About Whole Foods

It started in Austin, Texas by four individuals who believed that the grocery industry was in great need of change. The first store was opened in 1980 and, they only had nineteen members of staff for the store. From that humble beginning blossomed a hugely successful chain of stores that is still constantly expanding to this day. Whole Foods pride itself on good quality, and they are constantly implementing new measurements to ensure that its quality is the highest it possibly can be. The brand is dedicated to providing shoppers with natural foods and a variety of top-quality products. One of them being the gourmet cakes that they offer.

Make The Chocolate Mousse

Clean your food processor jar and put the soaked dates into it, making sure they are well-drained. Pulse to obtain a smooth date paste.

Add your silken tofu and melted chocolate to the dates. Process again until a creamy batter forms.

Make the fluffy aquafaba by pouring the chickpea liquid into a medium-sized bowl and whipping it with a hand mixer. Dont give up too soon, this can take a few minutes!

Once its all nice and frothy, carefully add the tofu, date and chocolate mixture from your food processor into the bowl. Gently incorporate with a whisk until you have a homogeneous chocolate mousse!

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How To Store This Chocolate Mousse Cake

You can store this cake in the fridge for up to 2 days. Put them in a cake container or slice them then put them in an airtight container to keep it nice and fresh. The cake can also be stored in the freezer. Simply put it in a freezer friendly airtight container and store in the freezer for up to 2-3 months.

How To Order Whole Foods Cakes

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake (Whole Foods Copy Cat Recipe)  The Mindful ...

Unfortunately, the bakery currently does not offer an online order option. You can only get Whole Foods cakes at your local store. Their order forms vary from location to location, but here are three for Philadelphia, Florida, and a general one. However, even with the order forms, you will still have to visit the bakery to place the order or contact them by phone.

The best way to make sure your cake reaches you in time is to talk to your local Whole Foods bakers. At the store in your area, you can talk about custom details. Also, you can see what recommendations the specialists have and what seasonal ingredients are in stock.

Whole Foods recommends placing any custom order at least 48 hours prior. For a standard cake order, you only have to order 24 hours in advance. If you want to cancel your order or make any changes to it, inform the Whole Foods bakers 24 hours before the deadline.

Finally, to contact Whole Foods customer service for any inquiries, use the customer service page.

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What Types Of Cakes Does Whole Foods Have

  • A delicious rugelach served in 20 portions for $45.00.
  • Servings 19 at $23.00. Bakers Best Cookies.
  • A Petites Patisserie is served for 20 dollars.
  • Cupcakes for Kids. 20 cents per cupcake.
  • The Berry Chantilly Cake is 6 inches long and serves 8 people.
  • A 6-inch chocolate fudge fantasy cake served in 8 cups for $25.
  • Six inches of cookies and cream cake.
  • Six inches of Tuxedo Cake.
  • Can I Use Something Else Other Than Coconut Milk

    Im sure you can use tofu instead of coconut milk. The texture should be very similar but it might be less rich because of the less fat content.

    Want to master the basics of vegan baking?Check out Vegan Baking 101 the beginners guide to vegan baking for you to become an excellent vegan baker and familiar with the basics of vegan baking, ingredients, and techniques with useful tips!

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    Make The Cookie Crust

    Start by preheating your oven to 345° F and prepare a cast iron skillet or round baking dish for the crust.

    Get a food processor and put the dates, almond butter and vanilla extract into it. Pulse and process to obtain a puree.

    Next, add the chickpeas, almond flour, oat flour, baking powder and a sprinkle of salt. Process again to obtain a thick, smooth and creamy batter. Stop and scrape down the sides as needed.

    Using your food processor or a spoon, you can fold in the chocolate chunks. This step is optional, as you can leave the crust plain without any chocolate if you like.

    Adjust your dough to taste preferences, then distribute it evenly in your prepared skillet or baking dish. This works best with the back of a spoon or wetted fingers.

    Finally, put it into the oven for around 20 minutes or until cooked through. Once your crust is done baking, remove it from the oven and let it cool.

    Does Whole Foods Have Good Cakes

    Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake [No Bake, No Gelatin, No Eggs] | Sweet reTreat

    Whole Foods has delicious cakes. And I say that with some bias since I worked there for more than 20 years.

    The quality of Whole Foods cakes is superior to any other grocery store cake. They use real buttercream frosting. If youve ever noticed that buttercream frosting has a slightly greasy texture, its because its not real buttercream frosting.

    Its Bettercreme, which is made of chemicals. Yuck. Bettercreme is a whipped, dairy-free topping that tastes like sweet cool whip.

    Whole Foods has a policy not to sell items with artificial sweaters in any of the products sold in their aisles. This is a good thing.

    Whole Foods has a ton of options when it comes to cakes. They even have vegan options!

    All of their cakes can be decorated and customized to your liking. The best part is that they have a distinctly homemade taste and are relatively reasonably priced.

    Every Whole Foods Market location has a real bakery with bakers and cake decorators on staff .

    If your celebration includes grilling, you should definitely get steaks from Whole Foods, too.

    Whole Foods wont sell meat that has been treated with antibiotics, has added growth hormones, or animal by-products. They also ensure that animals are raised, transported, and slaughtered humanely.

    To read more about where to purchase the best steaks, read this recent article.

    Just click the link to read it on my site.

    Heres a hamburger cake Whole Foods Market makes in their bakery! Gave to my son a few years back.

    Lisa Sands

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    Whole Foods Cakes Menu 2022

    Whole Foods has announced its intention to remove all artificial flavors and colors from its cake menu by 2022. This decision was made in response to customer feedback and the increasing demand for more natural ingredients.

    While some might see this change as a step back, Whole Foods believes that it will ultimately result in a better overall product. Stay tuned for updates on how this transition progresses!

    Plus, whole food cakes are perfectly portioned, so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty! Please stop by our bakery today and try one of our delicious, whole foods cakes. You wont be disappointed!

    Chocolate cake is a classic, beloved by many. But for those who want to enjoy the flavor of chocolate cake without all of the sugar and carbs, there is a better option: whole foods chantilly cake.

    Whole foods chantilly cake is made with almond flour instead of traditional flour, with fewer carbs and less sugar. Plus, this type of cake is typically lighter and fluffier than traditional chocolate cake.

    The best part? Whole foods chantilly cake can be made at home for a fraction of the price you would pay for a store-bought version. So why not try making your own? Its worth it!

    Whole Foods Cakes Menu

    Which Supermarket Does The Best Birthday Cakes

    While we all know that homemade cake is the best, sometimes its just not feasible.

    If you have a local bakery nearby, sometimes it can be even better than homemade. But if you dont have a local bakery, supermarkets are all over the place. Chances are that your local supermarket sells cakes. Some even bake them in-house.

    But again, best is subjective and it depends on who the cake is for.

    As well get more into below, a childs first birthday is about the parents having fun not the quality of the cake. For that, Walmart wins as theyll give you a smash cake for free if youre spending at least $15 bucks.

    Target wins for kids ages 5-10 as they do a lot of licensed character cakes . But not all locations have a bakery.

    For a very large group , its hard to beat Costco for the size and price.

    But if what youre wanting is a really high-quality cake made from quality ingredients, its almost impossible to beat Whole Foods Market.

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    Are Target Cakes Good

    Target does a lot of things really well.

    They seem to have this spell on people that somehow encourages people to spend more money than they intended.

    Not all Targets sell cakes, but the ones that do are generally well-received. Target has a lot of options when it comes to flavor combinations. they can make customized cakes to fit in with your celebration theme, too.

    Admittedly, when my 2 older daughters were younger, they loved walking by the Target bakery case and looking at all the cakes.

    But this was all based on appearance. Target uses a lot of what I could call props to enhance the appearance of their cakes. They also do a lot of character licensing. By that I mean they pay companies like Disney to be able to use an official picture of Elsa on a cake, etc.

    But they do also have more normal cakes too.

    Its not right for me since they have the same ingredient issues that Costco & Walmart. But like with those cakes, you are likely to find the texture and flavor good. And if youre planning a themed kids birthday party, I would opt for Target over the others too.

    Just make sure your Target has a bakery as not all Target stores do.

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