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Papa Johns Discontinues Cinnapie Dessert Pizza

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Are you sitting? The crew at Chew Boom have sad news to report. Papa Johns has pulled the plug on the Cinnapie dessert pizza.


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Perhaps were stretching it a bit, but hey, thats what foodies do when a menu item dies a profound, unannounced and largely ignored death. We celebrate new menu items, so it only seems fair to mourn the loss of a menu item. Ok, so we are stretching it.

The sad news of the Cinnapies demise comes by way of Robert D. Peyton over at My New Orleans. As he explains it, the middle child in my home was promised a Cinnapie by her mother.

But as Peyton points out, when his wife attempted to order a Cinnapie online, she wasnt able to find the dessert anywhere on the Papa Johns website.

The family only learned the sordid truth when Peytons wife picked up the telephone and called Papa Johns directly.

Peyton put it like this:

Tears were shed.

RIP Cinnapie.


Chew Boom brought the Cinnapie issue to the attention of Brand Eating on Twitter. The popular fast food blog believes the Cinnapies demise could be a regional thing.

They still offer it in my area. I think it might be a regional thing.

Papa John’s Apple Pie Coupons

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Order This Not That: Papa John’s


I frequently see commercials for this pizza chain but often wonder if there’s really is anything I can order that wont bust my waistline. Well give you the cheesy facts so youll be prepared on your next visit.

Nutrition Info

It can get kind of tricky when reading the nutrition information for Papa Johns. The calories listed for most items will give you the per-serving information. This means that their Pizza for One, which serves 4 has the calories listed for a quarter of the pie. The same goes for their sides like chicken wings and breadsticks. The calories listed are for a serving size of 2 wingsthough 10 are served in each order. So be sure to take a few minutes to decipher their nutrition breakdown when you sift through their website.


Papa John’s Garden Fresh Pizza is topped with onions, green peppers, portabella mushrooms, black olives and tomatoes. Its your best bet to get in some veggies since not many other options on the menu offer them. Remember that if you choose the Pizza for One, the nutrition information is given for one quarter of the pie. The calories for ¼ of the Garden Fresh Pizza for One is 180which means you can still eat half of it for 360 calories. Though if you gobble down the entire Pizza for One, thatll add up to 720 calories.

Extras:NOT:Pizza:Sides:Extras:Dessert:TELL US:

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Why Isnt Mcdonalds Apple Pie Considered Fully Vegan

It may be confusing that while the ingredients above dont list any meat or dairy products, McDonalds apple pie still isnt listed as vegan.

This is because , although McDonalds apple pies are vegan by ingredient and are not fried alongside animal products, the oil used for the apple pies is filtered using the same device as the oil used to cook chicken and fish. Therefore, theres a small chance of cross-contamination with meat, fish, and milk.

Can I Use Different Pie Fillings

Review: Papa John

The beauty of this dessert pizza is how many options you have. You’re only limited to the number of canned pie fillings you can find. Blueberry, Blackberry, Lemon, Cherry, Strawberry, Peachyou name it.The only small change you would make would be in the crumb topping. For this apple dessert pizza, I add ground cinnamon to the crumb topping. I probably wouldn’t use the cinnamon with any other pie fillings except for maybe the peach. And with the peach I would cut back the cinnamon to only a teaspoon. I absolutely love cinnamon with apple but you can certainly make it to the taste that your family loves.Try making this with a homemade pizza dough like I do in my recipe for CHERRY DESSERT PIZZA.

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Pual Apple Pie Delivery And Pickup

With Uber Eats, you can enjoy the best Apple pie Puñal offers without ever having to leave your home. The restaurants available for Apple pie delivery or pickup may vary depending on your Puñal delivery address so be sure to check out which restaurants offer delivery to home, work, a friends housewherever it is that you may want to enjoy some delicious Apple pie takeout. If youd rather get your Apple pie order yourself, see if there are any Apple pie places in Puñal offering pickup.

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Apple Streusel Pie

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Papa John’s Pi Day Deal Is Way Too Good To Pass Up This Year

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Mathematicians’ favorite holiday is upon us! Pi Day, which falls on Monday, March 14 this year, is an annual holiday devoted to celebrating the one and only true magic number: . Sure, pi is 3.14, a mathematical constant, never-ending, the circumference to diameter ratio of a circle you know the drill. But it is also the perfect excuse to indulge in pies of all sorts, thanks to the restaurants and bakeries who celebrate the fun holiday by offering deals, discounts and freebies.

Whether you’re a fan of pizza pies or traditional dessert pies , you’re sure to find a deal that will satisfy your craving and save you some cash. Pizza joints like Papa John’s, Blaze Pizza and Uno Pizzeria & Grill are offering some of the best promotions this year, including pizzas for only $3.14. To satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to swing by the Whole Foods Bakery for $3.14 off a fresh-baked apple pie or cherry pie. Or if you’re ready to feast now, you don’t even have to wait Goldbelly is already offering 30% off select pies from regional bakeries with nationwide delivery.

Ahead, you’ll find all the best Pi Day deals of 2022. Don’t forget that daylight savings time starts on Sunday night, so there’s truly no better day to treat yourself to some seriously discounted eats.

Best Pi Day Deals On Pie 2022

Papa Pio XII eleva a 32 nuevos cardenales en el Vaticano 1946
  • Boston Market: Download the Boston Market app to get a free chicken potpie with any potpie and drink order.
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen: Cheddars’ signature menu item, their homemade chicken pot pie, will be $10.29 on March 14 for dine-in or to-go orders.
  • Goldbelly: Now through March 14, take 30% off select pie delivery orders. No matter where you are in the country you can enjoy your all-time favorite regional piefrom Florida Key Lime pies to Texas trash pies.
  • Grand Traverse Pie Company: Get a free slice of Michigan ABC Crumb Pie with any purchase on March 14th.
  • The Honey Baked Ham Company: Take $3.14 off an apple caramel walnut pie using this coupon at participating Honey Baked Ham locations.
  • Magnolia Bakery: Magnolia Bakery is releasing a brand-new menu item on Pi Day: Chocolate Hazelnut Hand Pies! Order on from March 14March 20 to get $3.14 off these new hand pies. They will be available for nationwide shipping.
  • : At select locations, get a free slice of pie with the purchase of any adult meal.
  • Nestle Carnation: Now through March 14, enter here for the chance to win a baking kit with everything you’ll need to make Nestle’s signature Chocolate Cow Pie.
  • Whole Foods Market: Take $3.14 off a large apple pie or cherry pie from the Whole Foods bakery on March 14, while supplies last .

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Can Vegans Eat Mcdonalds Apple Pie In The Uk

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McDonalds famous apple pie has been a popular part of the fast food chains legacy since the 1960s and is loved by many but can it be enjoyed by vegans?

As with many processed food products, the answer to is it vegan? isnt a straightforward yes or no, and generally depends on how strict of a vegan you are .

In the UK, however, technically McDonalds apple pie is suitable for vegans because it contains no meat or dairy products within its ingredients. However, it has a disclaimer that doesnt guarantee it is free from cross-contamination.

So, the answer is a mixture of yes and no.

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Is Mcdonalds Apple Pie Considered Vegetarian

The same rule applies to vegetarians it depends on how strict of a vegetarian you are.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian for ethical reasons, it is probably not appealing that many of their non-meat products cant be considered vegan or vegetarian because of the cross-contamination risk.

However, if you are just avoiding having meat as a part of your diet for health reasons, treating yourself to a McDonalds apple pie occasionally shouldnt be a problem.

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The Best Apple Pie In Pual

Enjoy the best Apple pie delivery in Puñal with Uber Eats. Enter your delivery address to browse the Apple pie restaurants available near you. See a Apple pie spot youve never tried? Compare menus, ratings, and prices to help make your selection. Once youve placed your Apple pie order online or on the Uber Eats app, you can track its delivery to your door as you count down the minutes to dig in.

Apple Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza

Review: Papa John

This apple cinnamon streusel dessert pizza is so tasty and adaptable, you just might forego the pepperoni and head straight for this!

Dessert Pizza? I think I love you.

Since we tend to make a habit of homemade pizza every Saturday night, dessert pizza was an inevitable creation, especially since my kids have been begging me to make it at home after they tried some at a local pizza joint during our long hotel stay a few months ago.

Some recipe creations are absolute disasters , but the triumph that is dessert pizza has successfully redeemed me from all my past failures.

The tender, lightly sweet crust is topped with a cooked apple and cinnamon mixture and then topped again by cinnamon streusel, all of which is drizzled with a creamy, sweet glaze.

Please sit down while taking your first bite. Swooning may occur.

Im just so, so happy about all of the possible dessert pizzas in our future .

If I said Ive dreamed about dessert pizza more than once in the last week or so, would you judge?

Thanks for loving me despite my issues. Now go and make some dessert pizza!

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The Questionable Ethics Of Mcdonalds

Many vegans choose to steer clear of McDonalds because many of the companys ethics do not align with many vegans who are in it for moral, ethical, and sustainability reasons.

McDonalds are famously one of the key culprits in the ongoing global deforestation crisis, which is caused by the mass production of soy feed they use to feed the cattle that is then bred for burger meat, although in recent years they have taken action to reduce their impact on the environment and the worlds rainforests.

They also cull billions of cattle and chickens every year.

How To Make Easy Apple Dessert Pizza:

Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Take crust out of package and place on round baking sheet. Now it’s time to stab the apples. Open your can of pie filling and get in there with a sharp knife and pull the knife back and forth across the apples. This will chop them up and give you more apple filling across your whole pizza. I do this a lot with canned apples, remember those EASY APPLE DANISHES?

Spread the apple pie filling evenly on the pizza crust.

To make the crumb topping: in a bowl, combine softened butter, brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. You can use a fork, a pastry cutter or your hands to do this.

You want the butter to be evenly distributed and the mixture should look nice and crumbly.

Sprinkle the crumb topping all over the apple filling.

Bake until heated through and crumb topping is slightly browned. While pizza is cooling, start making the icing. Whisk together powdered sugar and milk. Add milk slowly until you get the consistency you like.

Drizzle icing all across pizza. I usually make a bunch of lines one way, then turn it around and make some more lines the other way. Whatever strikes your fancy. You’ll probably have a little icing leftover. We save that and add a bit more icing to his individual slices. Using a sharp pizza cutter, slice up your pizza and serve!

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Pi Day Freebies And Promotions To Know About For March 14

On March 14, several restaurants and bakeries will celebrate Pi Day in the Houston area.

To commemorate the date, deals are being offered on everything from baked pies to pizza pies.

Among those offering deals includes Houston-area favorite Three Brothers Bakery.

On Pi Day, Three Brothers Bakery will offer a discount of $3.14 off all whole pies purchased online or in-store.

Here are a few other Pi Day deals to know about from

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