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Light Georgia Pecan Pie – Making the Topping

Georgia has lots of homegrown products to be proud of, and pecans are on top of the list. Pecans natural sweetness and crispness adds depth of flavor and a nice crunch to popular Georgia sweets, like pecan pie, pecan shortbread, pecan brittle, and my all time favorite – pralines.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to take a road trip and pick up some Georgia pecans.

Here are three great South Georgia locations to pick up your pecans.

Collection: Signature Natural Pecans

While we make room for the arrival of the 2021 Pecan Crop, we are offering a special discounted price on the remainder of the 2020 Crop. Supplies are limited, so place your orders soon. All 2020 Crop orders will ship immediately!

Our Signature Natural Pecans are harvested, cleaned, shelled and then bagged by hand, on our family farm in Georgia. Enjoy our pecans raw, by the handful, or use in one of our favorite pecan recipes.

Pearson Farm pecans are hearty, flavorful and available in a form that fits your needs. We offer natural pecan halves as well as pecan pieces that are chopped and ready for you to use with ease in the kitchen. All pecans are shipped in freezer-safe, resealable bags.

Our pecans are available year-round, with a new crop being harvested each year from October through December. We ship our pecans all over the United States, so order your farm-fresh natural pecans to enjoy at home today!

  • Bakers Best | Pecan Halves & Pieces Starting at: $80.00

Sunnyland’s Southern Pecan Pie

For years customers have requested Pecan Pie. So we decided to fulfill their wishes. We use the finest ingredients, including Georgia grown pecans and real butter. You and your guests will immediately taste the difference. This pie makes for the perfect gift, for the holidays, for the hostess or for any reason at all. We bake our pies in small batches right here at the farm. Each 10 Pecan Pie, will serve 8 generously and freezes beautifully.

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Gwendolyn’s Ros Bubbles Have Arrived From France

Gwendolyn’s Cake Bake Shop has partnered with Jean Charles Boisset of the Boisset Wine Family to showcase their Rosé Sparkling Wine from the Burgundy valley in France. The color and exceptional quality of this Crémant embodies the style, sophistication and elegance that The Cake Bake Shop is known for. From the vineyards of France all the way to your table. Celebrate life! Available for purchase in both shops and for delivery within the metro area of Indianapolis only.

You Can Score Yourself A Homemade Personal Pecan Pie At Crave Pie Studio In Georgia

Georgia Southern Pecan Pie

Homemade piesfresh out of the oven, dripping in deliciousness. Georgia isnt a stranger to pies by any means, and when you have a local pie shop churning out these gems then its just a match made in heaven. At Crave Pie Studio in Georgia, you can snag yourself homemade mini pies, each with their own flavor and filling choice. If you dont have hours to spend in the kitchen whipping up your own pie flavors, then head on over to this pie shop for a true taste of the South.

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What Happens If Edwards Georgia Style Pecan Pie Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

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  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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What Is The Best Value When Buying Pecans Online

Fun fact: did you know you can order a home box of our pecan products, use what you need, and freeze the rest? Pecans freeze beautifully! And in fact, this also preserves the flavor and oil content inside. While many of our customers buy pecans as gifts, our top sellers remain our 3-pound home box of Raw Mammoth Pecan Halves and our 3-pound home box of Pecan Pieces. Buying pecans in bulk is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

When Will I Get My Order

Light Georgia Pecan Pie – Making the Crust

UPS: Please allow 1-3 days for order processing . Once the order leaves our warehouse, please check the map below for UPS Ground Delivery Times:

USPS: Please allow 1-3 days for order processing . Once the order leaves our warehouse, please check the map below for USPS Priority Mail Delivery Times

UPS Ground Delivery Times

USPS Priority Mail Delivery Times

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Priester’s Pecans: A Little Flavor Of The South

Priester’s Pecans is a family-owned company specializing in delicious old-fashioned, farm fresh gifts like pecan desserts, pecan candies, pecan pies, cakes, and bulk pecans. As pecan suppliers and candy makers for over 7 decades, our Gourmet Pecan Pies, Gift Tins, Baskets and Candies have delighted countless families.Only the freshest, crunchiest and finest pecans are selected for your satisfaction. Combined with the highest quality candy and baking ingredients and rigorously tested for optimal flavor, texture, and aroma, your dessert is more than a dessert, it’s a work of art. A feast for the eyes, your nose, and your palette. Every item on our website carries Priester’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Milk Bar Crack Pie New York New York

The Famous Crack Pie by Tina Tosi

Slices of Milk Bars Crack Pie

This iconic dessert was a happy accident born in the New York restaurant kitchen of WD~50. When pastry chef Christina Tosi served this simple, gooey pie at a staff dinner, she never anticipated the reaction it got. The staff ate slice after slice and due to its undeniably addictive nature they christened it crack pie. With a sticky, buttery, salty-sweet filling in a hearty oat cookie crust, the Crack Pie has been a Tosi favorite since the beginning and now, you can get a fresh pie delivery anywhere in the USA.

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The Fudge Pie Company Miami Florida

The Signature Fudge Pie $25

The Cookies and Cream Fudge Pie $25

The signature pie of the Fudge Pie Company is exactly what your most intense chocolate cravings would hope for: a smooth, rich, dense, irresistibly chocolate fudge pie baked into a graham cracker crust. The recipe is the brainchild of Chef Stacey Donayre, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute of America who interned at the world-renowned LeCirque restaurant under the tutelage of French pastry chef and chocolatier, Jacques Torres. in short, Chef Donayre knows chocolate.

The Fudge Pie Company also offers delightful seasonal, dense and fudgy versions of pie lovers favorites such as the Key Lime Fudge Pie , the Maple Pecan Fudge Pie, the rich and dense Dulche de Leche Fudge Pie, and we almost hate to tell you about the Cookies and Cream Fudge Pie, becauseOMG. When you order, take our advice and order two. Shipping is the same and they arrive packaged so they can be frozen and remain bakery fresh to enjoy whenever a special dessert is exactly what you crave.

Each 9-inch pie weighs a hefty 2 pounds and serves 12 16.

The Best Vegan Pecan Pie

Georgia Pecan Pie Postcard

The Best Vegan Pecan Pie- made with just 9 simple ingredients, you would never guess this pecan pie is made without eggs or corn syrup!

Now that we have a super easy pie crust, let us discuss the pecan pie. As in the BEST vegan pecan pie on the face of the planet.

Growing up in the south, I ate my fair share of pecan pie. Im also confident that approximately zero of those pies were vegan. Most recipes call for eggs, butter and corn syrup. You know, typical southern ingredients.

But the reality is you dont need all of that to make one bangin pecan pie. With just 9 simple ingredients you can whip up a healthier pie that everyone will love.

To make a vegan version that was just as good as the classic I used top notch vegan butter , pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, organic corn starch and creamy coconut milk.

The maple syrup, butter and coconut sugar create a salty, caramel-like flavor while coconut milk offers a creamy texture.

If it werent for the corn starch the recipe would also be grain-free but it is necessary for binding and firming the pie. Arrowroot might work in its place but I find it to be more finicky so I opted for corn starch. Its the safer choice here.

While this pie takes all of 15 minutes to prepare, it does require a lot of time to set as it cools. This means that you need to prepare it at least a day in advance. Which I think we all do anyway, right?

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How Are Sunnyland Pecans Different Than Others You’ll Find Online

Did you know there are over 500 different types of pecans? Here at Sunnyland, we grow many of these varietals in our own groves including Desirable, Schley, Pawnee, Kiowa, Cape Fears & more! The Elliott pecan is the undisputed King of Flavor. Packed with more oil than most other pecans, the Elliot cultivar is naturally sweet & delicious. We guarantee youve never tasted a fresh pecan like a Sunnyland Elliot.

We are also pleased to let you know that Sunnylands Raw Georgia Pecans are certified Kosher. Both certifications cover our Mammoth and Junior Pecan Halves and our Large and Small Pecan Pieces. The Kosher certification process was conducted by the Atlanta Kashruth Commission under the supervision of Rabbi Reuven Stein.

And lastly, our 1,700-acre Pecan farm was originally purchased by Will Willson in 1928. Today, we are a fourth-generation, family-owned farm.

We love educating our fantastic customers about our local products. Check back often for new fun facts about your favorite nut .

Customer Care

Celebrate Georgia Pecans This Fall

Posted August 31, 2018 in News

Agriculture is being so appreciated now with the home-grown movement. Theres so much agriculture in this area peanuts, pecans, blueberries, you name it. With that appreciation, it will help the local economy. It will help with the farmers getting the recognition they deserve. People want to know where the products come from, and thats what we have to offer. Staci Willson, with Sunnyland Farms in Albany, GA.

This fall, there will be several opportunities to appreciate and learn more about Georgia pecans!

Sunnyland Farms, a national leader in mail-order and online pecan products sales, will host their Pecan Festival on October 27, 2018 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Its no secret Georgia pecans are some of the best around, and Wild Adventures is ready to celebrate them like never before with the first Pecan Harvest Festival, September 15 & 16. Visit Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA for their first ever Pecan Harvest Festival!

And of course, visit the Georgia Grown building at the Georgia National Fair October 4-15, 2018!

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Celebrate Life With Pie

Showers We love celebrating the joy of a new life or the excitement of a new engagement of a couple with PIE! Whether youre planning a gender reveal party, a baby shower, a wedding shower or engagement party were here to help make the celebration a bit sweeter with delicious pie. We can customize bite-size tassie for guests to enjoy and create delicious pie favors that will leave guests with the sweet reminder of this special day.

New Baby The birth of a baby is the sweetest gift of life. Celebrate the new baby boy or girl and their family by delivering one of our decadent pies or dinner for all to enjoy.

Housewarming Our savory pies make the perfect mouth ready dinner for any of lifes occasions. From housewarmings gifts, new babies, or just to show someone you care, we make it quick and easy for you deliver a dinner with style.

Corporate Working with companies big and small to create gifts and desserts for corporate events and celebrations is our passion. Grand openings, conferences, new client/business acquisitions, promotions, and company milestones, should all be celebrated in the sweetest fashion. Our pies make great gifts for clients near and far! We offer nationwide shipping.

Office Celebrate milestones around the office with pie! Celebrate employee anniversaries, birthdays and company milestones with pies. Our whole pies are perfect for sharing during a business meeting and our petite pies make the perfect gift for individual employees.

Are Pecans Healthy

REVIEW: Ample Hills’ Sweet Georgia Pecan Pie and Patriot Cream Pie

Pecans are absolutely a heart-healthy food when consumed in moderation. The F.D.A. shares that “scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as shelled pecans, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Mammoth Shelled Georgia Pecan Halves are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as counting between 200 250 halves per pound. Each crop year is different, so size and thickness will vary year to year. If you haven’t compared a fresh farm pecan from Georgia to a store-bought pecan, you’ll be shocked at the difference in taste, weight, and nutrition. Our raw pecans and toasted nuts and pecans are naturally gluten-free, and have no added sugar.

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