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Aluminum Pie Pans: The Secret to Perfect Pies

Now we get into some heavy analysis. Not to pan them , but both had cons. Both also had good qualities.

To test how well each baked, I blind baked each pie dough shell until about halfway done, to start the browning and inhibit sogginess. Then, I filled each one with pumpkin pie filling decorated the edges, and baked the pies.

The paper holds a lot more pie filling. I got 1 1/2 cups of pumpkin pie filling in the aluminum pan, but a full 2 cups in the paper. The extra half cup made for a significantly thicker-looking and more luxurious filling. Win for paper.

Paper was flimsier. When I lifted the pie to place it in the oven, the bottom sagged like a wet pumpkin diaper. The aluminum, on the other hand, was more firm. Also, the aluminum has a nice lip on the edge, making it easier for me to make a nice border crust. The paper has no lip. I thought about doubling the paper tin, but at $1.34 each, that does not seem economical.

Best For Meat Pies: Safca Deep Dish Disposable Pie Pan

The Safca Deep Dish Disposable Pie Pans material feels more premium than its price would suggest. The safca deep dish disposable pie pan is good for individual pot pies and it is handy. This pan is of good quality, made here in the USA. You can bake, freeze and serve in this pan. And, the pan is perfect for pot pies, meat pies, cobblers and casseroles. This is a nice size for individual servings. Lastly, the safca deep dish disposable pie pan is made of 38 gauge aluminum foil.

Most customers think that the dish is good for pot pies.

Why We Like This:

  • Made in the USA- kosher certified and 100% recyclable.
  • This item was discontinued by the manufactuer-.
  • Good brand reputation.

The MT products deep dish disposable pie pan should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. The MT products deep dish disposable pie pan works well for easy transport and it is just the right size. They are heavy duty and strong and great for cooking or baking on the go, plus they are disposable for easy cleanup, making your life a whole lot easier. These pie plates are just the perfect size for two to share or one bigger individualized portion.

The pans are just the right amount to fill hungry eaters for a quick snack or dinner, made with 45 gauge aluminum. Also, it is great with excellent workmanship and it is safe. Most importantly, the MT products deep dish disposable pie pan is perfect for making all types of pies, tarts, and mini cakes.

Best For High Quality: Pinkada Deep Dish Disposable Pie Pan

We would, of course, be remiss if we didnt mention the Pinkada Deep Dish Disposable Pie Pan for regular usage. The pinkada deep dish disposable piepan is perfect for bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, It is an ideal solution for fruit pies, pudding pies, and meal pies. Finally, this item is disposable, which means you wont have to worry about extensive cleanup at the end of the night, and you have the option to send extra leftover pie home with your guests. The flexible 40 gauge aluminum material allows for easy serving while still offering a sturdy and break resistant vessel for the pie.

The dish is made of a little heavier gauge aluminum foil, so its fairly strong. Lastly, the pinkada deepdish disposablepie pan is great for overall dimensions and it comes with sturdy aluminum.

Most customers agree that the pan is attractive enough to use to display pies in a pie case or on a counter top stand. Moreover, a few also found that the pan was used for a church fundraising project. Moreover, they strongly agree that the 9 diameter enables this pan to fit perfectly in cake boxes, and the 1 1/16 depth is perfect for deep dish apple pies or your famous chicken pot pie. To sum up, for almost all customers, Pinkada product was just what they wanted.

Top Customer Quotes:

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What Are The Different Types Of Pie Pans

Different types of pie pans include clear glass, ceramic, and metal. The metal varieties are usually either aluminum or stainless steel. Disposable pie pans, typically made of very thin aluminum, are also commonly used. Almost all pie pans, regardless of material, have the same overall design: round in shape with low, slightly slanted edges. There is also typically a flat, thin lip along the top of the edge.

There are a few different types of glass pie pans. They may be made of everyday, run-of-the-mill glass, or thicker glass that is oven-proof and durable. One possible advantage to using any type of glass pan for baking pies is that it’s very easy to see if the bottom of the crust is adequately browned. Glass pie pans also hold up well to knives and other utensils used for slicing pies. A possible disadvantage to using glass pans is that they are normally heavy, which increases the likelihood that they may be dropped and broken.

Ceramic pans for pie-baking are often decorative, and may be painted a variety of colors. Ceramic pie pans come in a variety of designs and might have fluted or perforated edges. These little additions can result in a pie with a showier appearance. Ceramic is also considered a good choice for its superior heat retention. Ceramic is not a see-through material, so it may not be a good choice for a beginning baker who has trouble determining if something is cooked through.

Splurge: Le Creuset Heritage Tarte Tatin Dish

Disposable Aluminum 5"  Tart Pan/individual Pie Pan/Pot Pie Pan #501 (50 ...

by Sur La Table

This Le Creuset dish is the perfect choice for when youre ready to splurge on a pie pan. Due to its excellent construction, this enameled cast iron pie pan will last for years. It distributes and retains heat for well-done pies with golden crisp crusts.

This versatile cooking dish is great for classic Tarte Tartin, small casseroles, and cornbread. It also delivers evenly cooked double-crust pies. Moreover, you can use it with multiple heat sources including induction cooktops.

With its large handles, you can safely take your tasty meals right to the table. Its polished attractive finish resists cracks and chips. Better still, its easy to clean because virtually nothing sticks to this baking dish.

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Mini: Mini Pie Pans Set

by King Arthur

These miniature pans are superb for individual pies or a variety of quiches, potpies, tarts, and fruit pies. With these pans, you can surprise each of your family members with a mini portion of their favorite pie. A 9 pie filling will fill three of these pans. And one pie will be enough for two adults.

You must monitor the heat carefully when you first use these baking dishes because theyll cook your food faster than regular-sized pie pans. This set comes with four attractive sturdy pieces. Each mini pie pan is made from aluminized steel that uniformly distributes heat for perfectly browned mini bakes.

Additionally, these versatile nonstick pans easily release baked goods. Theyll quickly become your go-to pans for mini treats that are cute and fun to share

How Do You Take A Pie Out Of The Pan

A pie is typically served in the pan that it is baked in. For serving, a slice of pie is cut with a sharp knife and a pie server is inserted under the crust to lift the piece out to serve. If you want to remove the entire pie from the pan, the pie should be completely chilled or frozen first. A chilled or frozen pie is easier to handle and less likely to break. Once thoroughly chilled, use a knife or pie server to loosen the pie from the pan and either lift the pie out or carefully invert the pie to remove it. If you’re planning on removing the pie from the pan in advance, a disposable aluminum pie pan is the easiest to cut through and remove your pie with the least amount of damage.

The Spruce Eats / Jenny Kellerhals

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Best For Disposable Aluminum: Kitchendancecom 10 Inch Deep Dish Aluminum Pie Pan

The Kitchendancecom 10 Inch Deep Dish Aluminum Pie Pans material feels more premium than its price would suggest. The kitchendancecom 10 inch deep dish aluminum pie pan is great with fast shipping, is perfect for fruit pies and it is great for parties. Some call this a 10 pan, others call it an 11 pan, It depends on how you measure it. Also, the pan has bake sales, sturdy enough and it packed well.

The pan is a great size, is perfect for disposable aluminum and it is great for good size. Moreover, this can be used in the hotel and catering industry. Finally, the kitchendancecom 10 inch deep dish aluminum pie pan is stronger than standard disposable pie pans.

Almost all buyers found that the dish is a great drip pan for the kamado joe junior. In addition, they say that the pan is also, a true 11 pie pan and take note that these are deep-dish. Moreover, they say that the pan measures 10 and 19/32 inches.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • Give to family and friends to keep, no more losing good pie pans,.
  • This is an oven and freezer.
  • This is a great good value and it is great for a great price.
  • This looks to be the largest size available.

Best Pie Pans For Picture Perfect Pies

Deep dish MEAT PIE

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Baking an amazing tasty pie is all about the details. From the crust to the filling to the baking dish, you need to get every detail right.

The quality of your pie plate will determine the success or failure of your pie baking project. You need a pie pan that can efficiently handle classic apple pies and savory creations like chicken potpies. The pan should allow you to prep ahead and to safely store any leftovers.

In this post, I’ve rounded up the best pie pans for a smooth baking process and tasty results. These pans are durable, versatile, and economical. This list also includes gorgeous pans that will pair wonderfully with your beautiful creations for show-stopping presentations.

Additionally, I will answer some of the most popular questions about pie pans.

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Disposable: Reynolds Disposable Bakeware Round

by Target

A stack of disposable pans is great for stocking your fridge with unbaked pie crusts. Theyll come in handy as you prep large holiday meals. Also, when making pastries for potlucks and bake sales, disposable pie pans save you from giving away pastries in your favorite pie pan.

This set of Reynolds disposable pans comes with lids for easy transport. The pans are lined with nonstick parchment liners for quick release of your desserts. Additionally, these versatile baking dishes are great for cakes, cookies, bread rolls, and much more. Plus, they can freeze your desserts for up to three months.

If you use pies weights when baking, remember to place the pans on a cookie sheet for support.

Testing The Best Disposable Pie Pan

But what about disposable pie pans? Sometimes you need a disposable pie plate. But which one? In the battle of the disposable pie plates, which one stacks up best?

The best challenge for a pie plate is pumpkin pie. Technically a custard pie, it is more prone to sogginess, cracking, and instability than other pies. Also, I needed to bring them to Thanksgiving dinners. So pumpkin pie it was.

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Deep Dish: Pyrex Deep Round Pie Dish

by Target

This 2.94 deep Pyrex pie dish will come in handy when you want more layers of your favorite pie. Its 60% deeper than most pie pans so that you can pile in more yummy goodness as you make your pastries and deep-dish casseroles. Its made of strong heat-resistant Pyrex glass thats safe for a preheated oven.

This robust dish evenly cooks sweet and savory desserts. Its wide handles make it easy to remove heavy dishes from the oven. Plus, it will conveniently keep your leftovers in the freezer. Its also safe for microwaves and dishwashers. Besides that, this deep-dish pie pan wont absorb food flavors and odors.

On the downside, it doesnt have fluted edges for crimping your pie crust.

Ideal For Baking Pies: Hfa 10 Inch Deep Dish Aluminum Pie Pan

Durable Packaging 4 7/8"  Foil Tart Pan 1 1/4"  Deep 50/Pk

The Hfa 10 Inch Deep Dish Aluminum Pie Pans material feels more premium than its price would suggest. The hfa 10 inch deep dish aluminum piepan allows for sturdiness as well as even cooking temperatures. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. These handi-foil pie pans are listed by the manufacturer as a 10 pie, however handi-foil rounds up the actual top-out diameter, which is just short of 10 at 9-5/8.

The pan can be used by bakeries and food processors across the country. Also, this is called a 9 pie based on the inside diameter of 8-3/4. Above all, the hfa 10 inch deepdish aluminum pie pan has baking pies and has a sturdy design.

To sum up, for most buyers, Hfa product was what they were looking for.

Why We Like This:

  • This is made in wheeling, il usa by handi-foil of America.
  • This is made with sturdy 35 gauge aluminum, by Americas leading foil maker.
  • One of the newcomers and featured product.

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Oxo Good Grips Glass 9

The Best Pie Plate, According to WirecutterThe folks at Wirecutter have tested 19 pie plates since 2013 and ultimately picked this glass option. They went with glass because its inexpensive and conducts heat gently and evenly. They also like that it allows you to check the doneness of the bottom of your pie. More specifically, they liked this OXO glass plate because its made of thick borosilicate glass , which means the dish can go from freezer to oven with a lower risk of breaking. Also: This plate is two inches deep and held more than most of the other glass ones they tested. Note: The OXO plate that Wirecutter picked actually does not come with a lid, but the lid-less option is currently sold out. And a lid is nice to have, anyway!

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