Chicken Tenders With Panko Bread Crumbs

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Chicken With Panko Bread Crumbs

Panko-Crusted Chicken Tenders | Emeril Lagasse

Chicken in a Panko bread crumb coating is a common classic. The chicken stays juicy and its golden, slightly crispy coating is decadent. A creamy sauce made with Alfredo sauce, sour cream, mascarpone cheese and grated Parmesan cheese is amazing with the chicken. This dish can be served as an entree or over pasta.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe Faq

Can I make parmesan chicken tenders in the air fryer?

You sure can! Prepare the recipe as directed, but place them directly in the basket without any foil. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes at 400°F, flipping halfway.

This is a great option for smaller batches or when you want to reheat a few for lunch! Just be sure to use an oil mister on the food, since nonstick sprays can damage the basket.

Do I have to use panko breadcrumbs?

Thats what gives this dish its fabulous crunch! If you prefer a softer texture, combine equal parts panko with plain or Italian seasoned breadcrumbs instead.

How long do breaded chicken tenders last in the refrigerator?

These will last for 3 to 5 days when stored in an airtight container. Reheat in the oven or air fryer to get them nice and crispy again.


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2021. 8. 13. ·Coat the sliced chicken breasts in flour, then egg, and then the breadcrumbs. Spray both sides of the chicken tenders with cooking oil. Add the chicken tenders to the air fryer basket. Do not stack the tenders. Cook in. 2022. 7. 17. ·Combine ketchup, brown sugar, onion powder, paprika, salt, and pepper in a medium mixing bowl. Set aside 1/4 cup of sauce for later. Add chicken tenders to the sauce making sure they are completely covered. Allow.

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How To Cook Breaded Chicken Tenders In An Air Fryer

The recipe to make these chicken tenders in the air fryer is very simple and pretty fast to cook them. Here are some of the steps to guide you to make the crispest air fried chicken recipe with little oil.

First, pat dries the chicken tenders with paper towels, seasoned chicken with salt and pepper to taste.

Next, combine Italian breadcrumbs and garlic powder in a shallow dish, set aside. In a second shallow dish, whisk eggs together until blended. In a third shallow dish, combine panko and grated parmesan cheese.

Working one at a time, dredge both sides of the chicken tenders in the Italian breadcrumbs mixture, then the egg, and finally in the panko parmesan mixture, coat both sides while pressing into the mix to coat well.

Finally, place the breaded chicken tenders in the air fryer basket in a single layer. Spritz with oil and cook to 400ºF for 6 minutes on each side or until an instant meat thermometer reaches 165ºF. Serve with sides of choice or dipping sauce.

How To Make Baked Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders with Panko breadcrumbs
  • Preheat oven: Move oven rack up one level from center and preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spray an large oven safe cooling rack with non-stick cooking spray and set over a rimmed 18 by 13-inch baking sheet.
  • Prepare dredging ingredients: Pour flour into a small shallow dish. Crack and whisk eggs in a second shallow dish.
  • In a third dish toss together panko bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, paprika and garlic powder. Drizzle with olive oil then toss well to evenly coat.
  • Season chicken tenders: Season both sides of chicken tenders with salt and pepper.
  • Coat in flour, then egg: Working with two at a time, dip chicken tenders in flour , then transfer to eggs and coat both sides.
  • Cover with panko mixturer: Lift from egg mixture and let excess egg run off then transfer to panko mixture. Coat both sides in panko mixture while pressing, so mixture adheres well.
  • Transfer to wire rack on baking sheet: Transfer chicken tenders to prepared wire rack on baking sheet, leaving some space between each piece. Repeat process to coat all chicken tenders.
  • Bake to cook through: Bake in preheated oven until chicken is cooked through , about 15 to 20 minutes. If you find they are browning too much then tent with foil near the end.
  • Garnish: If desired, garnish with parsley and serve warm .
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    Secrets To Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders

    • Use Panko Bread Crumbs. Panko gives chicken strips a crunchy coating that is reminiscent of a deep-fried restaurant chicken tender. They keep the coating light and crispy. While you can use traditional bread crumbs, the results will not be the same.
    • Use a 3-step breading process. This means to dip the chicken into flour, then egg mixture, then breadcrumbs. This allows the breadcrumbs to adhere to the chicken evenly.
    • Bake chicken strips on a baking rack. By placing the breaded chicken tenders onto a baking rack instead of directly onto a sheet pan, the air is able to circulate evenly around the chicken, allowing the breading to get crispy on all sides without flipping.

    Chicken With Panko Bread Crumbs Recipe

    This recipe for Chicken with Panko Bread Crumbs recipe is easy to make and makes a delicious, satisfying meal. Its great any time of year, but is especially good when youre looking for a comfort food in the winter.

    Chicken breast is a very versatile type of chicken meat that is perfect for frying. I like fried food a lot. It goes great with white rice and some vegetables . Ive used the same technique on different types of chicken, like olive chicken or even shrimp.

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    Making My Panko Crusted Chicken Strips

    First cut your chicken into 1 inch wide pieces. Dont worry about being perfect. They dont have to be the same size. Next prepare your coating. Get 3 bowls out. Add the panko and furikake to one and mix. Next, add all purpose flour and seasonings to the second one. And lastly, add the eggs to the third one and whisk. Dip 1 chicken strip into the seasoned flour, then the whisked eggs, and lastly the panko and furikake. Repeat for all the chicken strips.

    Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with paper towels. Set aside. Heat vegetable oil in a cast iron or dutch oven to 375 degrees F. Make sure the vegetable oil comes up 2 inches in the pan. Fry each chicken strip for 3-4 minutes until the outside is golden and the inside is cooked. Fry in batches, so you dont crowd the pan. Once cooked, place chicken strips on the prepared baking sheet. The paper towels will drain excess oil. Serve with dip of choice.

    How Can I Make This An Easy Meal

    Panko Crusted Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Tenders

    We tend to go non-stop during the school year and by the end of the night, I am ready to relax.

    I dont want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I always try to find easy meals to fix. But its not always easy to find healthy things to make for my family if were in a rush.

    And as much as we love Chick-Fil-A, we cant go there every night.

    I have a lot of simple breaded chicken breast recipes in my files to make life easier when were running from place-to-place and dont have time to fix a large meal, and I love being able to fix something healthy and not spend too much time in the kitchen.

    This baked breaded chicken recipe is a little bit versatile because you can use almond flour or all-purpose flour as an ingredient, or switch out seasonings for different flavor.

    The almond flour tends to give it a bit more flavor, and its healthier for you however, the all-purpose flour works just as well.

    Plus, you can dip the chicken in marinara sauce, ranch dressing, or even ketchup.

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    How To Make Panko Chicken

    Preheat the oven to 200C/Gas Mark 6.

    Combine all the ingredients for the Breadcrumb in a large tray breadcrumb, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper.

    Spray breadcrumbs with Oil.

    Bake for 4 minutes.

    Grease rack and add to an oven tray.

    Mix all the ingredients for the batter together Egg, Mayonnaise or Mustard, Flour and Salt and Pepper.

    Add the Chicken to the batter, then the Panko.

    Add the Chicken to either the rack or a lined tray.

    Spray with Oil.

    Bake for 12 15 minutes till golden all over flipping midway.

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    Lets Make Panko Baked Chicken Tenders:

    Take a look at how easy these are to make! Dont forget to scroll down to the printable recipe card for all the details.

  • Toast the breadcrumbs: Spread the Panko breadcrumbs in a baking sheet. Bake in the oven until light gold in color.
  • Coat the chicken tenders: Combine the ingredients for the egg coating in a bowl. It will be thick and gooey. Add the chicken tenders and stir to coat them with the mixture. Trasfer the tenders to the breadcrumbs and press the Panko into the chicken. Set each piece on a wire rack on a baking sheet.
  • Bake the chicken tenders: Transfer the baking sheet to the oven and bake until golden brown.
  • Best Fried Chicken Tenders Juicy And Crispy

    Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders

    Fried chicken tenders or chicken strips made with boneless skinless chicken breasts are always super juicy, but when you coat them with Japanese panko bread crumbs, they become extra special. Theres something magical and crunchy about the panko bread crumbs when theyre fried. If youve ever had Japanese potato croquettes, theyre crunch comes from the delicate flakes of the panko. Now coat those bread crumbs on chicken breast cutlets and what you have is a delicious chicken tender that s quick and easy. Both kids and adults will be super pleased.

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    Panko Crusted Chicken Strips

    Right now, I feel like everyone is really tired of cooking including me. There are days where Im just like screw it Im ordering takeout. I dont think anyone could imagine that we would be cooking every day, at least 3 times a day for so long. So in times like these, you just want something a little simple but still yummy. Thats where these panko crusted chicken strips come in. Chicken strips are so easy to make, and they feel like a treat after a long and hard week. Most of the ingredients in this recipe were scrounged up from my pantry, so there is a ton of leeway on what you can include.

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    Rub the chicken breasts with sesame oil. Sprinkle salt, pepper and the rest of ingredients all over. Pat down and rub gently to ensure even coverage. Place chicken breasts on the rack inside the air fryer , ensuring some space between the chicken breasts , skin side up. Plug in your > air< /b> < b> fryer< /b> , set the temperature to 380F and the time to 20 minutes. Apr 29, 2022 · Lightly spray each chicken tenderloin with cooking spray and then place them in the air fryer basket to cook for 8-10 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Do not overcrowd your air fryer. You want a little space between each chicken tender. I cooked mine in 3 separate batches. Top with minced parsley, optional, and serve warm.. 2021. 10. 16. ·Instructions. Pat the chicken dry and lightly season with salt and pepper on both sides. In a medium bowl, combine the egg and flour and whisk with a fork to combine and break up the egg. In a second medium bowl, combine the cheese, breadcrumbs, garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, and salt. Stir to combine.

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    Panko Sesame Chicken Tenders

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    Crispy pan-fried chicken tenders coated with crunchy panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds theyre perfect dipped in a tangy sriracha mayo or sliced and served atop a crisp romaine salad.

    This easy dinner recipe is a sure crowd pleaser for adults and kids alike: with a coating of panko breadcrumbs and both black and white sesame seeds that is then pan-fried to crispy perfection.

    Whats for dinner?

    Are you sick of that question yet?

    Sometimes it feels like life is an endless cycle of figuring out what to cook for dinner, actually cooking it, cleaning up, then starting all over again.

    Not to mention when you think a recipe is going to be easy and it turns into a 3-hour ordeal thats mediocre at best .

    This isnt one of those recipes, I promise. It really is quick. I clocked it at 45 minutes even though its probably less than that, but if theres anything I hate its recipes that exclude the prep and cleanup in their staunch claims of 30 minutes or less!

    So, there you have one days dinner solved. Its a start, right?

    This recipe is based on our sesame-crusted tofu recipe, which is one of our personal favorites . For those who cry ew texture when it comes to tofu, giving it a miraculously crispy coating is a surefire way to make it enjoyable for everyone.

    We love that tofu recipe so much, I wanted to see if the same idea could be applied to chicken too .

    How To Make Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

    Panko Fried Chicken Tenders – It’s so Crunchy & Tender!

    A full printable version of this recipe with ingredient measurements is available at the bottom of this post.

    Its best to buy chicken tenderloins for this recipe, but raw chicken breasts work as well. If your chicken has skin on it, you will need to remove it before cooking.

    STEP ONE: Take your raw chicken breasts and cut them into 1-inch wide pieces. Its okay if they are a little long, as long as they fit in your air fryer flat. If youre using chicken tenderloins, they should be already sized appropriately for this recipe.

    If your chicken is a bit thicker, you will want to pound ita little thinner until its a little thinner. Think about ½ inches.

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    Ingredients Substitutions & Adjustments

    • Skinless, boneless chicken thighs I love to use chicken thighs because they are way more juicy than chicken breasts. Feel free to substitute for chicken breasts if that is what you prefer. Note that 1 pound equals about 4 chicken thighs.
    • Panko breadcrumbs Panko breadcrumbs provide texture to the chicken strips. You can substitute regular breadcrumbs for panko.
    • Furikake I had a small amount of furikake left over so I added them into the mix with my panko. This is an optional ingredient.
    • All purpose flour I use flour to provide the initial coating onto the chicken. I would highly recommend sticking to AP flour for frying.
    • Seasonings These seasonings are used to provide flavor to the chicken and the flour. I used white pepper, but it can easily be substituted with black pepper.
    • Eggs Helps bind the coating to the chicken.
    • Vegetable oil Vegetable oil is perfect for frying foods because it has a high smoke point, so it doesnt burn as easily as animal based fats.

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    Herby Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders

    These arent your kids chicken tenders, although they are kid-approved! Flavorful dried herbs and spices are combined with panko breadcrumbs to form a crispy and flavorful crust on these chicken tenders. Pan seared and then finished in the oven, these tenders have a crispy outside and a tender and juicy inside. Serve it with my balsamic mayo , or with your favorite dipping sauce.

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    2022. 8. 5. ·Instructions. Preheat the air fryer to 400°F. In a shallow dish: combine breadcrumbs, panko, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika and mix. In a separate shallow dish: whisk the 2 eggs.. 2021. 1. 8. ·Youll need two separate bowls for this recipe. In bowl #1, add your butter and melt it in the microwave. In mixing bowl #2, mix together the parmesan, panko bread crumbs, and ranch seasoning. Dip a chicken tender.

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    Oct 01, 2020 · Working in batches place the tenders in your air fryer basket. Spray the top of the chicken tenders with an oil mister. Set the air fryer to 400° for 8 minutes. Flip them After 8 minutes on one side, flip the tenders, spray again with an oil mister, and fry for an additional 4-5 minutes.. 2022. 2. 3. ·One by one, dredge each chicken tender in the egg bowl, wiping off any access and then dip each into the breadcrumb mixture. Roll until each tender is covered completely. Preheat air fryer if required. Add chicken tenders to your air fryer in a single layer and cook at 400°F for 7-8 minutes, flipping once halfway.

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