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Pecan Pie Quintessential Southern Comfort

Low Carb KEY LIME PIE Battle – The BEST Keto Key Lime Pie Recipe!

Millions of Americans enjoy a slice of pecan pie every Thanksgiving, but its a popular dessert in Florida year-round. Pecan groves flourish in the Sunshine State and in nearby Georgia, providing a supply of quality nuts for baking. A rolled pie crust is filled with a mixture made from eggs, butter, and brown sugar or molasses. Pecans are arranged on top prior to baking.

Shrimp And Grits For Breakfast Lunch Or Dinner

If youre not from the South, you may not be familiar with grits. Handed down from the Muskogee Native American tribe, grits are a type of preparation of corn thats similar to Italys polenta. Corn is ground in a stone mill to create the gritty feel. Home cooks and chefs soak the grits overnight before boiling them and then finishing them with cream, butter and sometimes cheese. In Florida, grits are often served with shrimp, since these crustaceans are harvested along the coastlines of the state. Spicy sausage is also often an ingredient. Floridians eat shrimp and grits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Crab & Fin In Sarasota, locals and visitors head to Crab & Fin for fresh seafood of all types, but its those seasonal Florida stone crab claws that keep people coming back. They are served chilled with dijon mustard sauce and lemon.If thats not enough, you can order two other types of crab from the menu: St. Lawrence River snow crab and Alaskan giant red king crab.

Joes Stone Crab on Miami Beach Joes is the stuff of which legends are made. A family-run business since 1913, the specialty of the house is the Florida stone crab, cracked and served with mustard sauce. In fact, before Joes, no one really ate these crabs. It took this restaurateur to show locals and visitors alike the lure of the Florida stone crab, which was originally served with hash browns, coleslaw and mayonnaise.

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Key Largo Fisheries Cafe Down in Key Largo, this restaurant has focused on fresh-from-the-sea dockside dining since 1972. Key Largo Fisheries serves Florida stone crab caught fresh, cooked and chilled or as a chowder. For dessert, try the guava rum cheesecake.

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Florida Stone Crab A Seasonal Treat

Some visitors plan their trips to the Sunshine State based on Florida stone crab season. Available only from mid-October through mid-May, these gifts from the sea and their tender and sweet meat never disappoint. Fishermen harvest these crabs from Biscayne Bay near Miami, throughout the Florida Keys and along the states Gulf Coast. Because of that, Florida has a lock on the industry and there are a few famous restaurants that are devoted exclusively to this menu item. The wonderful thing about Florida stone crabs for us and the crab is that the most delicious part, the claws, regenerate. Crabs are harvested live, its claws are removed and the crustacean is returned to the sea where it will live to generate another set of claws in about a year to 18 months.

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One Slice Of Key Lime Pie Wont Be Enough


Sweet and tart Key limes grow through the Florida Keys and, in fact, across most of the state. It was natural then that the states official pie would use this special citrus fruit. The crust is traditionally made with graham crackers or sometimes pastry, while the filling is a whipped concoction of Key lime juice, condensed milk and egg yolks. The filling has a custard-like consistency and is often topped with either homemade whipped cream or meringue. Key lime pie is a staple on dessert menus at restaurants across Florida.

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Move Over Pb& j Grouper Sandwiches Rule

Head to any seafood restaurant in Florida and youre almost sure to see grouper on the menu. This fish wont win any beauty contests its big, pudgy and has bug-out eyes but so tasty. Atlantic goliath grouper can reach 800 pounds and they are fished in the waters off both of Floridas coasts. There are many species of grouper in addition to the goliath, including black, red, speckled, snowy, yellowfin, yellowmouth and more. Grouper are sold in markets across the state, and many seafood restaurants specialize in cooking the fish, which has mild white flesh thats incredibly tender when cooked. Grouper sandwiches fried, grilled or Cajun-style are popular with some of the most famous restaurants serving the sandwich located on the Gulf Coast.

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The Best Cuban Sandwiches Across The Sunshine State

Cubans have lived and worked in Florida for nearly 200 years, first as fishermen and then later, from the mid-1880s, in the tobacco industry in Tampas historic Ybor City neighborhood. Miami also became a hub for resettled Cubans. So, its no surprise that a food named for that Caribbean nation would make its debut here: the Cuban sandwich. Its made with roasted mojo-marinated pork, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. The filling is stuffed in Cuban bread and then the whole sandwich is pressed and heated to perfection so the cheese is nice and melty.

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Key Lime Pie Does Not Get Any Better Than Here

It is well worth the trip and the extra dollars to serve the best key lime pie you every ate. I try key lime pie everywhere I go, and always ask myself why? Bob Roth’s New River Groves key lime pie makes a person’s mouth water just to think of it. Creamy, just the right amount of tang and whipped cream, and the most perfect graham cracker crust you ever put in your mouth. Superb. The grapefruit and oranges there make terrific gifts and they ship! Check out their gift baskets! The only thing that comes close to being as fabulous as the key lime pie is their homemade fudge. You gotta try it to believe it. So many flavors so… They sell fruits, nuts, and beverages. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents stopped at a roadside stand as a treat. Good memories, And Yum!


I was on the hunt for the best key lime pie around on our trip to Ft Lauderdale and Terry’s Famous Pies did not disappoint. They have many different flavors of key lime pie, they said they are famous for the mango key lime pie but we had original. They were selling fresh mangos, coconuts, whole pies, fudge, hot sauce, crocodile meat, really anything local you can think of.

Tucci’s Fire N Coal Pizza

The Best Key Lime Pie

Naming a best pizza place is like kicking the hornet’s nest. There’s no faster way to stir shit up between two otherwise reasonable adults than by asking them to agree on the style, region, or topping selections that make for the perfect pie. It’s a divisive issue, to say the least . That said, there’s little to argue about with Tucci’s, unless it’s whether to choose one of its signature coal-oven pies or to go rogue and build your own using piles of arugula, Kalamata olives, broccoli rabe, or prosciutto. Patience is required, as these puppies are made-to-order and won’t be served until the crust has achieved just the right amount of char, the cheese has browned on the edges, and the sauce is blistering to the touch. Let others argue about the merits of thick versus thin there are better ways to make use of your mouth in the presence of such flavor.

  • 50 NE First Ave.,Boca Raton,33432Map

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Empanadas May Be Spanish But Floridians Love Them

Empanadas originated in Spain and Portugal, but various recipes have flourished over the years in Florida and now they are pretty ubiquitous on menus especially at Latin American restaurants. An empanada is basically bread or pastry thats stuffed and then baked or fried. Fillings can be savory or sweet and people love them because you can snack on the go.

Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

6 Locations, includingwww.blondgiraffe.com

A true Key Lime pie is rich and creamy, almost like custard, not like a lemon meringue pie, where the filling is almost gooey. Purists cover their Key Lime pie with whipped cream, but there is a school that thinks meringue is fine as well, and thats what you find at the Blond Giraffe. They have shops dotting Key West and one in Marathon, and they serve a tasty tart pie capped with meringue, with something unique: a crust made of crushed vanilla cookies. Its not the traditional graham cracker you find in most Key Lime pies, but it works. The pies are not made on site theyre shipped from a factory about 100 miles to the north, but taste one and you wont care where they were made. Want something unique? Try the Key Lime pie dipped in chocolate, on a stick. Its almost a sin.

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Terry Roth 55 Famed For Lime Pies

For nearly a quarter century, her key lime pies have become as famous in South Florida as perhaps some of the people who have sampled them.

Terry Roth’s own key lime concoction continues to draw tourists, locals and celebrities to New River Groves in Davie, the citrus market she and her husband, Bob, founded about 35 years ago.

Mrs. Roth stopped making the pies about seven years ago when cancer developed in her lung. She lost her battle with the disease Monday night. She was 55.

Mrs. Roth was a native of New York who came to South Florida as a child and was among the first graduating class from what was Madonna High School in Hollywood, said her son, David Roth of Cooper City.

Bob Roth said he met his wife at a dance at the old North Miami Armory and they married in 1967.

Mrs. Roth grew dissatisfied with restaurants’ renditions of key lime pie, so she created her own no-bake version. She started by preparing a handful in the Roth home behind New River Groves. Demand soared and they added a kitchen to the store. Now the family sells 30,000 pies a year, David Roth said.

“We called her ‘The Key Lime Queen,'” he said.

Nick Nolte, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the late Lawton Chiles are among those the family says sampled her tarts or pies.

David Roth says the store itself has garnered attention, included in movies such as Cape Fear. That’s when Nolte, Robert DeNiro and Jessica Lange tried the pie, he said.

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I had a couple of things to eat here and I would have given this place 5 stars if it wasn’t for the tequeños in the Colombian stand they had their. What makes this place is the ambiance and the outstanding keylime pies! Terry’s FamousKeyLime Pies are famous for a reason. Will definitely be coming back for more!

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Terry’s Famous Key Lime Pie From Bob Roth’s New River Groves

The “World Famous” designator is generally as meaningless as calling oneself an expert: Says who? Although we can’t speak to the real-world measure of fame afforded to Terry’s Famous pies, it’s fair to say they enjoy a steady following. This classic version of Florida’s official state pie is tart and creamy with a crumbly graham crust. Though the whipped topping instead of meringue may make some purists balk, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t one delicious slice of Sunshine State nostalgia. Part of the appeal of a Terry’s pie is taking a Saturday-afternoon trip out to Davie to the Old Florida roadside fruit stand to pick one up. Slurp down a delicious fruit shake and grab a bag of oranges while you’re at it.

  • 5660 Griffin Rd.,Davie,33314Map

Sweeter Days Bake Shop

“We’re all about flavors here,” says proprietor Will Rubino. They’re also about the cake décor. A tower of frosting and intricate toppings add extra flourish to cake that’s spongy, moist, and fresh. Stop in the shop for a latte and watch bakers at work behind the glass divide. If you’re lucky, you’ll see them piping buttercream and adding the finishing touches to make these sweet treats even sweeter. Cupcake flavors include salty caramel, red velvet, Boston cream, lemon dream, Key lime, carrot cake, and a specialty creation called Seventh Heaven a mix of dark-chocolate fudgy cake with chocolate chunks.

  • 1497 N. Federal Highway,Fort Lauderdale,33301Map

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Arugula And Roasted Corn Salad From Pl8 Kitchen

When pork belly and tasting menus have pummeled your diet, stop in at PL8 for a break in more ways than one. PL8 offers lovely salads with delicious accompaniments, such as this arugula favorite, lightly dressed in mustard vinaigrette, complemented with a cascade of wood-roasted corn. Toasted almond slivers add crunch, while strawberries punctuate with sweetness. The salad is the work of chef Joel Christy, who took the helm at PL8 in early January. The restaurant transformed from a neighborhood restaurant like Himmarshee Bar & Grille to a small-plates menu in September, to much fanfare, and this is another indication that it was a fine change indeed.

  • 210 SW Second St.,Fort Lauderdale,33301Map

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