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You might be excited about moving to your new home, and that is completely understandable. But that overall excitement could soon be curtailed when you think about the overall process of moving. Things such as making inventories, separating important items from unimportant ones, and gathering necessary documents can become strenuous. Adding to that, finding a moving company that suits your needs can become mind-boggling as well.

If you live in NYC and google Moving companies around me, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage will surely pop up as one of the results. Although theyre a fairly young company, theyve been making immense strides in the manner in which they approach the moving processes. There is a lot to explore with this NYC-based moving company, so continue reading our Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage review to know more.

The Piece Of Cake Difference

We provide so much more than just heavy lifting, its about meeting you where your life is and where you aspire to be. Proudly a New York City headquartered company, weve seen it all, across the 5 boroughs and the tri-state area, as well as across the country and international moves.

If youre looking for value, quality and reliability you need to make your move a Piece of Cake.

Many Hands Make Light Work Let Ours Pack For You

Our full packing service takes care of your packing at the pick up location of your move. We can pack all or some of your belongings so you can focus on other aspects of your move. All of your boxes and items will be securely delivered so you can peacefully unpack them in your new home at your own pace.

Its surprising how long it can take to pack even a small apartment let alone a home with 20 years of memories. Moving can also take place at some of the biggest moments in our lives. With all of your items professionally packed and clearly labeled by our team for an easy unpacking experience, settling into your new home will be a joy. Our movers have the training and expertise to efficiently and securely pack your valuable items.

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Premium Packing Material To Protect Your Items

We use only premium packing material to protect your valuable items. Our wrapping paper, boxes, plastic bins and wrapping cloths are not spared when we are packing your belongings to make sure they arrive safely into your new home. We use boxes designed specially for each household item. We arrive with all the materials well need to expertly protect, buffer, package, label and secure your items to be loaded onto one of our clean, safe trucks when the big day arrives.

Dont Just Take Our Word For It See What Our Customers Are Saying About Ourlong Distance Moving Service

Our Truck Fleet

I couldn’t have asked for a better move. Service was great. Price was great. I was super stressed moving from NYC to Boston but my moving consultant was super helpful in making the arrangements, and the moving crew showed up early worked fast and everything went perfectly. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use them.

Michael M.

Providence, RI

I couldn’t be happier with Piece of Cake movers. Communication was excellent. I had two pickups and a long distance drop off. Paul and his crew got to the first stop right on time. They were quick and efficient. The next day, they arrived as expected and were hard working and courteous. Best of all, the price was more than reasonable. Thank you Piece of Cake.

Maude deLaski

New York, NY

I used Piece of Cake to do 2 moves. One to upstate NY and the other for a long distance move out of state. The customer service was excellent! When the moving team arrived to do the moves they were meticulous and thorough ensuring that all pieces went to the right location. I am extremely happy!

Mao K.

San Francisco, CA

We moved from Jersey City to Fort Lauderdale Florida. All in all was a good experience with piece of cake.Pleasure to deal with, movers were excellent on both ends of move. Would use them again!



Roopa M.

Rockville, MD

Briana R.

New York, NY

Alex K.

New York, NY

Paul P.

Brooklyn, NY

Dianne Sungjee R.

Burns Park, Ann Arbor, MI

Michael M.

Providence, RI

Maude deLaski

New York, NY

Mao K.

San Francisco, CA



Roopa M.

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How To Book Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage

Booking an appointment with this company is pretty self-explanatory once you visit their website. Thanks to the websites user-friendly interface, contacting Piece of Cake is a piece of cake!

  • On the front page of the website, youll get a Get Quote section. There are two blanks where you have to fill in the address youre moving from and the address youre moving to. After that, youll be directed to a form asking you to fill in more details about your move, and if there are any special requirements such as plastic bins for packing, moving fragile items, etc.
  • On the top right-hand side of the web page, the companys contact number is highlighted in dark blue. You can just pick up your phone and give them a ring if you prefer speaking directly to a representative.
  • Or you can hover over the Company tab and click the Contact section below. Youll be directed to a list of consumer numbers and email ids of the company.

Our Movers Are The Dream Team Of The Moving Industry

You invite us into your home and you trust us with your belongings during one of the biggest changes of your life. Our team of movers provides way more than heavy lifting on the day of your move. Were there to support you, so you can enjoy your moving moment.

Piece of Cake is the highest rated moving company in NYC for many reasons, one of the most important being our movers exceptional customer service. Were proud of our 5 star service which is made possible by screening and frequently training our movers to the highest standards in the moving industry. We want you to feel comfortable with the movers who will be facilitating your relocation.

In an industry thats considered tough, our culture is human and empowering. We support our movers with a wide range of resources which enables them to go above and beyond for our customers.

Happy employees = Happy customers.

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Practically No Information On International Moves

Piece Of Cake Moving does claim that they do international moves as well, but no information about how they do so is given. Their website mentions that they have international partners, but who are these partners and how do they go about the process? None of that vital information is provided. Its only after speaking to them that this information is given. This lack of transparent information can prove to be a deal-breaker for many who might be looking for movers experienced in international moves.

Event And Special Moves

Average Cost of a Move – Piece of Cake Moving & Yelp

Suppose theres an important business event and you have the opportunity to set up a small booth over there, but you dont know how to transport your equipment to that place. Give Piece Of Cake Moving a ring, and theyll take care of your transportation and logistical needs. They even handle heavy and/or fragile items such as movie sets, trade show exhibits, art sculptures, and more.

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How Much Should I Tip Movers

First, lets settle it. Yes, you should tip movers, especially if they did a great job and were respectful of you and your furniture. Moving is not an easy job!

  • For an average or small size move of 3 to 4 hours, a reasonable tip would be $20 per mover.
  • For a larger move, or if it is a very hot day for instance, do not hesitate to go up to $40 per mover.
  • In addition to tips, movers are likely to appreciate non-alcoholic beverages, such as water or Gatorade, or small snacks during the course of the move.
  • It is usually recommended to tip at the end when paying the final bill.
  • Final note: Reviews. The moving industry is not easy, and online reviews are very important for these companies and also for other families that will be seeking their services later on. Share your experience!

For more information, read our full post here on how much to tip movers.

Moving School For Rigorous Screening & Constant Training

We hire our movers with strict requirements not only for their experience and technical knowledge, but also their attitude and people skills.

Before our movers engage with any customer, they undergo two days of training which include modules on customer service, best practice on how to pack, how to safely pick up and move items, truck safety and other courses aimed at delivering you a stress free move.

We ensure our movers are not only knowledgeable and well qualified but also up to date on the latest safety practices, regulations and technology, holding regular briefings additional to core training in response to any industry or sector changes.

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Some Of The Common Packing Services We Assist Our Customers With:

  • Kitchen which includes glassware, plates, cutlery, utensils, knife blocks, baking trays, pots, pans, chopping boards, cleaning products and appliances such as toasters, kettles, mixers and blenders

  • Living Room which includes TV, sound system, books, pot plants, lamps, heaters, decor, pillows, artwork and curtains

  • Wardrobe which includes clothing, shoes, jackets, accessories. As most homes have multiple wardrobes these are packed separately and labelled clearly.

  • Bedroom which includes pillows, bedlinen, photos and momentos, lamps, fans, bedside tables, kids toys and curtains.

  • Study which includes important documents, tech equipment and devices, books, storage furniture, certificates, lamps and wall art

  • Bathroom which includes toiletries, makeup, towels, appliances like electric razors and blow dryers

  • Garage which includes shelving, outdoor equipment, large appliances like leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners, luggage, bicycles and tools

  • Entire home which includes all rooms and items in rooms

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Moving Company

7 ways to communicate with your customers using Yelp Connect

Selecting a mover is always a tricky thing to do. Since you do not move every year, you usually never had experience with the mover we end up selecting. There are rarely very poor decision, but here are a few things to consider that will help you make an appropriate choice:

  • Make sure the moving company offers insurance for your belongings.

  • Look for the BBB Rating. A BBB rating is a measure of customer satisfaction. The highest, the better. Note that not all companies use this rating.

  • How long have they been in business? It is often a great thing when a company is in business for 50 years. We are not saying that young companies are not good, but harder to evaluate.

  • Where are they located? The closest to you and your new home, the cheaper it will be.

  • Do they hire full-time employees, or work with contractors? Full-time employees will often give you a guarantee that the reviews are relevant to the team.

  • Look for reviews from friends and family or turn to online reviews. Take the time to read the reviews and understand it.

  • Make sure you get more than one moving company quote!

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    There Are A Lot Of Moving Parts That Come Into Play

    Many people often assume once their belongings are loaded onto the truck, the movers simply hop in the truck, drive to the destination, and meet you at your new home, but when it comes to out-of-state or cross-country moves, there’s a lot more to it, beginning with the way we pack.

    For long-distance moves such as those from New York to Florida, everything is packed in special protective boxes, and once all the items are inventoried and loaded into one of our 100 trucks, they’re taken to our local warehouse, where they’re unloaded.

    Here our long-distance team reviews the inventory list to make sure it matches up, ensures everything is well protected, and reloads everything into wooden crates assigned to each client.

    Those crates are then loaded into one of our huge trailers that depart from New York and head to our Miami warehouse two to three times a week.

    Once our trailer arrives at our Miami warehouse, our local team there unloads the crates, placing the belongings into small local trucks, which are then dispatched to our individual clients. The entire process can take up to nine business days from door to door.

    Licenses & Certificates For Piece Of Cake Moving & Storage

    To legitimately operate within the State of New York, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is required to have a valid New York State Department of Transportation license . If they perform interstate moves, they are also required to be registered with the FMCSA.

    To legitimately perform interstate moves, moving companies must be registered with the FMSCA . Click on the Piece of Cake Moving & Storage license numbers for the government record information:

    ICC MC number:58659

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    Convenient Full Storage Service While You Move

    Moving is often the best time to decide what items you can live without by placing them into storage.

    Make more space in your life with our full storage service where we handle every part of the process so you dont have to lift a box or make a trip to a storage facility ever again.

    Just call us to pick up and drop off your items when you need them its that simple!

    At Piece of Cake we offer emergency, short term and long term storage solutions based on your needs.

    Safe, clean and security monitored, use our convenient storage solutions with confidence. Were with you for the whole haul.

    Moving Really Provides You With A Window Into Other People’s Lives

    How to Pack Kitchen Items Moving Guide

    As movers, we see it all we see what’s inside the nightstand, below the sink, beneath the carpets, and under the bed, and there’s always something under the bed! If you’ve lost something, chances are that’s where it winds up. I once came across a marriage license that the customer had been looking for when I disassembled their bed. They were so happy they hugged me.

    We also deal with the heaviest of items, like pianos, to the most challenging, like fish tanks.

    During my career, I’ve had to move everything from a 30-foot airplane wing one city block when the truck was only 26-feet long to a painting by Frida Kahlo.

    One time a woman was in such a rush to pick up the keys to her new place that she accidentally left her little dog behind in her apartment. She called in a panic and told me the dog was inside her bedroom, so I scooped him up and moved him, too.

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    The Piece Of Cake Moving Experience Unmatched This Is What Makes Us Different

    • Local NYC move experts across all 5 boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Staten Island

    • Tri-state, East Coast and Long distance moves

    • On-time and on-budget moves to suit your unique requirement

    • 24/7 365 moving service

    • Competitive pricing and a flat price guarantee

    • Comprehensive packing service

    • Expert fragile item handling and crate services

    • Packing supplies such as boxes and plastic bins delivered to your door

    • Unrivaled customer communication and support with a dedicated moving advisor throughout our entire move

    • Federal and State moving accreditation

    • Full insured, insuring your items during the move

    • Professional, trained and experienced movers
    • A safe, clean and compliant fleet of custom trucks with GPS tracking

    • Dedicated Customer Success Team to manage feedback and any claims quickly and fairly
    • Demonstrable care for our customers, our staff, the travelling public and communities we operate in

    In Many Ways A Mover Is Like A Therapist

    Often considered one of the top five stressors in a person’s life after the death of a loved one and divorce, moving can cause a great deal of emotional stress.

    It’s our job to remain calm, respectful, and sensitive to our client’s needs during what can be a difficult process for many. That’s why a good attitude, strong customer service skills, and the ability to work under pressure are just as essential as good health and fitness when it comes to this type of work. Everything else how you properly pack items, carry them correctly, and handle narrow walk-ups we can train you to do.

    There’s an age-old misconception that movers are bad boys, but it’s not true. Many of us are young people, often students, who are just trying to earn extra money.

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    When Is The Cheapest Time To Move

    In general, it is cheaper to move in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, and during the winter.

    Moving prices change a lot throughout the year. Like Uber, the more demand there is, the higher the prices are. The general rules to get a discounted rate are:

    • It is usually cheaper to move during the week than during the weekend. For instance, some companies will have a different hourly rate on Wednesday than on Saturday. This is likely due to the fact that people avoid taking time off from work to move, hence, there is more demand on weekends.
    • Moving in the middle of the month is likely to be cheaper than moving on the last or first day of the month. This is due to the fact that most leases are renewed on the first day of the month, hence, there is more demand on this day.
    • Moving during the winter is usually cheaper. December, January or February are most likely less expensive months. April to September is often more expensive since it coincides with the end and the beginning of the school year.

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