Philadelphia Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie

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Tips For Making Perfect Key Lime Pie:

  • Use Key Lime Juice: There are 2 ways you can get key lime juice for this recipe. Juice about 20 of your own small key limes, OR use a bottle of Nellies Key Lime Juice . I always go for the latter.
  • My secret ingredient for key lime pie: The secret ingredient in this key lime pie is the cream cheese! Its not traditional in key lime pie , but its what makes this pie extra smooth and creamy and adds a little stability to the filling. There are only 4 ounces of itnot enough to change the flavor, but just enough to give the pie an extra creamy texture that puts it over the top!
  • Use full fat cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk. The low fat options wont allow the pie to set up as well.
  • Dont skimp on the lime zest in your key lime pie! Lime zest is a must for key lime pie! It gives the extra boost of flavor, and it adds little specks of green to the filling that help give the pie its signature look.

We love this pie with a traditional graham cracker crust, or with a gingersnap crust. Both are equally as fantastic, and Ive added directions for the gingersnap crust in the notes below the recipe.

Now go ahead and dig in to the BEST key lime pie ever! Id love to hear if you make it, and which crust you usecomment below!


Creamy Greek Yogurt Key Lime Cheesecake

December 3, 2014 by Ashley Manila

Creamy Greek Yogurt Key Lime Cheesecake!!! Rich, decadent, and loaded with real key lime flavor this cheesecake deserves a top spot on your to-make list.

Im sure by now your pretty little eyes are completely over reading the words OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST RECIPE EVER But friend, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, this one right here really really really is the best thing ever. Well, as far as key lime cheesecakes go, that is.

This decadent cheesecake is super rich , creamy, and bursting with a fresh kiss of key lime in every bite! And the graham cracker crust is so classic with its buttery crumbs and subtle sweetness. Top it with a swirl of whipped cream and I mean youre in heaven!

Dont believe its the best?! Well, I guess youll just have to make it and judge for yourself But Im pretty sure youll agree this is one amazing cheesecake!

P.S. This cheesecake freeze really really well , so dont be afraid to pop a few slices in the freezer for another time. Just allow them to defrost overnight in the fridge before digging in! xoxoNeed help choosing a springform pan? Below is a link to the one I love and use every time I bake a cheesecake!

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I love pie! I am not sure why it appeals to me so much. Maybe its the flakey or crunchy crusts, the diversity in fillings, whether sweet or savory. But pie is just so scrumptious. They are relatively easy to make and easy to serve. Pie is a staple at many holidays and celebrations. Even if you feel like you cannot make the crust, there are several store-bought options to choose from, to make it easier on yourself. Savory or sweet, pie as a place at the table for just about any occasion. Here are some of my tried and true favorite pies to try next.


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How To Make No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

  • 1First of all you can buy the pre-made pie crust or pre-made individual crusts. The individuals come in a six pack so if you are making a single recipe you will need two of the six packs. If you would like to make your own crusts for individual servings, you will need one pack of graham crackers 1/4 cup butter/margarine 1/4 cup sugar/splenda. Melt butter and mix with crushed graham crackers and sugar/splemda. Put about one tablespoon of the mixture in each cupcake liner and use the end of a measuring cup to press into the cupcake paper.
  • 2Beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually beat in sugar. Gradually beat in Key Lime juice until smooth. FOLD in whipped topping, blending well.
  • 3Spoon into crust Chill until set Again, these freeze well and can be eaten frozen. DOT’T FORGET TO TOP WITH REDI WHIP OR COOL WHIP. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. Awesome on a hot summer night or anytime.
  • Last Step: Don’t forget to share! Make all your friends drool by posting a picture of your finished recipe on your favorite social network. And don’t forget to tag Just A Pinch and include #justapinchrecipes so we can see it too!

The Necessary Ingredients For This Lime Pie

Recipe for Cream Cheese Key Lime Pie

For biscuit base, we need low-sugar shortbread cookies , pecans, melted unsalted butter, and a touch of maple syrup .

For garnish, I used a mixture of fresh Philadelphia cheese and mascarpone, sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and zest.

For the to, you have to provide whole cream for the whipped cream, a touch of icing sugar , lime zest and slices.

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This Key Lime Cheesecake Is:

  • Made from just 8 ingredients
  • Perfect for spring & summer celebrations
  • Wonderfully sweet & tangy
  • Flavor-packed with plenty of key lime
  • Easy to make ahead or freeze

Homemade cheesecake has the reputation of being difficult to make. Im here to break that barrier. Because guess what? If you know how to turn on your electric mixer, you know how to make cheesecake. Most of the work is hands-off while the cheesecake bakes and cools. This key lime pie cheesecake batter comes together in just 1 bowl and if you read through and follow my instructions, you can easily avoid cheesecake cracks, lumpy batter, and over-baking.

Tips For Making Key Lime Pie

  • The best way to extract lime juice from any lime is to roll the fruit back and forth to soften it up, before cutting and juicing.
  • Remember to take the cream cheese out of the fridge 2 hours before you go to make the filling. This will allow the cheese to come to room temperature, making it easier to beat to a creamy, smooth consistency.
  • If you enjoy the flavor of citrus in your desserts try my 4-ingredient Lemon Syllabub.

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Can I Freeze This Pie

Yes, you can! I love that I can make this Key Lime Cream Pie several days in advance and store it in the freezer. Perfect for parties! I just let the pie thaw for about 20 minutes to return to its perfect creamy texture, garnish it with fresh whipped cream, and serve it. Who doesnt love a cold, refreshing dessert on a hot summer day?!

Mix Up The Pie Filling

Best Key Lime Cheesecake Pie Recipe Ever

Next up is the key lime pie filling. You place softened cream cheese in a bowl and whip it until smooth. Once smooth you add the sweet and condensed milk, lime juice, and food coloring if you are going to use it.

Once the pie filling is smooth and creamy set the mixture aside and whip cold heavy cream until it forms soft peaks. Add the sugar and and whip until stiff peaks form.

Carefully pour the smooth cream cheese mixture into the whipped cream and fold everything together. Be careful to not to over mix the cream cheese and whipped cream because you dont want to take all the air out of the mixture.

Pour the cream cheese mixture into the graham cracker crust and smooth it out. Cover the key lime pie with cream cheese with plastic wrap and let it set for 6-7 hours.

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Is This No Bake Key Lime Pie A Pie A Tart Or A Cheesecake

Key lime pie is a classic American dessert with a crumbly buttery graham cracker base topped with a creamy lime filling that has been sweetened with condensed milk.

Is it a pie, a tart or a cheesecake? Well I guess a bit of all three. A lot will depend on where you come from. In the US it is most definitely a pie, but a lot of my UK friends might call this a cheesecake.

Whatever you call it, it’s a flavor packed dessert that everyone enjoys.

Remember My Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars

This key lime cheesecake is unbelievably delicious! Collection by valetta fells last updated 3 weeks ago. This key lime cheesecake is unbelievably delicious! These mini key lime cheesecakes feature an easy homemade graham cracker crust topped with a these mini key lime cheesecakes are the perfect dessert for any time of year!

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+ Philadelphia Cream Cheese Key Lime Cheesecake Recipepics

22+ Philadelphia Cream Cheese Key Lime Cheesecake RecipePics. Myrecipes has 70,000+ tested recipes and videos to help you be a better cook. I found this delicious recipe made with philadelphia.

Collection by valetta fells last updated 3 weeks ago. 2/3 cup plus 3 tablespoons sugar. Change up your dessert with this awesome new york style cheesecake recipe made with philadelphia cream cheese!

How To Make Key Lime Pie No Bake

Key Lime Pie Recipe Philadelphia Cream Cheese

The hardest part of making this no bake pie is letting this set in the fridge. Be patient. It is so worth it!! Key lime pie is one of our family favorites and it is simple to make but does take time setting up in the refrigerator.

  • The Crust: Mix together the graham crumbs, butter, and sugar. Press into a 9-inch pie pan and use the bottom of a flat glass or a flat measuring cup to evenly press along the bottom and use your fingers to press evenly along the sides. Set in the fridge until the filling is ready.
  • Beat Whip cream to stiff peaks and set aside.
  • Combine: In another bowl, use the paddle attachment to beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, and lime zest and mix using the whisk attachment.
  • Gently: Fold in the whipped cream.
  • Refrigerate: Pour into chilled crust and set in the fridge for at least 3 hours, or overnight.
  • Topping with Cream: Whip cream and powdered sugar together until medium-stiff peaks form. You can use a piping bag and star tip to pipe a design on top, or just spread it across with a spatula. Add fresh lime zest, if desired.
  • Dig In: Serve and enjoy!
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    Tips And Faq For This Recipe

    • Lime juice Freshly squeezed key lime juice is the best choice flavorwise for this recipe! But regular limes work as well, the difference in flavor is not that big. I promise this lime pie will taste great even without key limes!
    • Extra flavor -You can add 2 tsp finely grated lime zest to the filling if you like the texture in the filling.
    • Pan You can also make this recipe in a 7 or 8-inch springform pan. I find it easier to make pretty slices when I use a springform pan. Make sure to press the crumb mixture up the sides of the springform pan.
    • Make it easier To make this recipe even easier, use a prepared 9-inch graham cracker pie crust and bottled key lime juice.
    • Substitutions If you cant find graham crackers you can also use the same amount of digestive biscuits or Vollkorn-Butterkekse .
    • Whipping cream Whipping cream can be tricky, I recommend using extra cold cream and putting you mixing bowl into the freezer for a few minutes. You could also try using a hand mixer because it gives you more control. Check out my post for homemade whipped cream, where I share all my tips and tricks.

    Overview: How To Make Key Lime Cheesecake

  • Make the crust: A graham cracker crust is a natural choice as its the usual accompaniment to both key lime pie and cheesecake. Press the mixture into a 9-inch springform pan. Heres a tip: use the bottom of a measuring cup to pack the crust in tightly!
  • Pre-bake the crust: A quick 8 minutes in the oven helps the crust set up before adding the cheesecake batter on top.
  • Make the batter: The ingredients come together in a certain order. Beat the cream cheese and sugar together first, then beat in the rest of the ingredients except for the eggs. Add the eggs one at a time, beating only until combined. Over-beating the eggs incorporates too much air into the batter, which causes the cheesecake to deflate and crack.
  • Prepare the water bath: I promise a water bath is nothing complicated. You see, cheesecake needs to bake in a humid environment. Adding steam to the otherwise dry oven prevents cracks on the surface of your key lime cheesecake. Additionally, it keeps the dessert extra creamy and moist. There are two options for preparing a water bath and both are detailed in the recipe below. The cheesecake can sit in a roasting pan of water in the oven or you can place a roasting pan of hot water on the bottom rack. Taking a few extra minutes to prepare a water bath is well worth it.
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    How To Store Homemade Key Lime Pie

    This fresh flavored key lime pie wont last long, but leftovers are always bliss! No-bake makes it easier by placing the remaining slices of pie into the refrigerator. You can serve it cold and it will still have that zingy taste!

    • Fridge: This pie needs to be kept cold. Store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Note the graham cracker crust will get soggy the longer it is stored. But the flavor will still pack a punch.
    • Freeze: This is a great pie to freeze. It will keep for up to 3 months. This makes the key lime pie a perfect choice for a make-ahead dessert. Make it a few days or weeks in advance and freeze till needed. Thaw in the fridge overnight.
    • Serve Partially Frozen: Serve the pie just when its almost all the way thawed, half-frozen half thawed. It makes a delicious summer treat that way, and beats the heat.

    Copycat Cheesecake Factory Key Lime Pie

    Best Key Lime Pie Recipe with Cream Cheese

    Words cannot express how pleased I am with how this recipe turned out! I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this cheesecake?! Would you believe it didnt come straight from The Cheesecake Factory?

    If youre anything like me, then you might think that achieving cheesecake perfection of this magnitude is impossible or incredibly tedious. However, you might be surprised at how straight-forward this recipe is. There are quite a few steps, but they are all totally doable. Theres nothing mysterious about this recipe, it just takes time! I think youll agree its totally worth the effort.

    Just look at this creamy, zesty, graham cracker-y masterpiece! There are three parts to getting the perfect cheesecake. First, the crust. In this recipe, the crust consists of graham cracker crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter. Pretty standard stuff, yet it pairs perfectly with the rich lime of the cheesecake.

    Next, theres the filling itself. You might be surprised to learn that theres no secret ingredient here, just cream cheese, lime zest & juice, sugar, eggs, and some cornstarch for texture. Thats another great thing about this recipe not only is it relatively easy to throw together, but the ingredients are all simple.

    See? Theres no great mystery to delicious cheesecake, it just takes some time and a little bit of elbow grease. Try out the recipe for yourself and get ready for the compliments from friends and family to pour in!

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