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Why We Chose It: Goldbelly offers an assortment of key lime pies and other key lime baked goods from top vendors around the country.

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Online gourmet marketplace Goldbelly offers an assortment of key lime pies from around the country. Goldbelly sells items from nearly a dozen other companies that make key lime pies and key lime pie-inspired products. Try key lime cheesecake from Juniors cheesecake in Manhattan, key lime pie jars from Colada Shop, key lime mini pies from Pink Pie, key lime pie ice cream sandwiches, and even Oprahs Favorite Key Lime Bundt Cake. Want to stick to the classic? There are numerous options for purchasing traditional key lime pies from businesses including Little Pie Company, Blue Smoke, Emporium Pies, and more.

Key Lime Pie In Chicago

Would you like to know all the places in Chicago and the entire world to eat Key Lime Pie? Our interactive map features all restaurants around you who offer this dish to eat out or take away.

This is a list of all eatieries in Chicago to order or eat out Key Lime Pie. If you would like to filter this list, simply type in the name of the dish and your place into the search fields at the very top of this website.

Who Invented Key Lime Pie

The inventor of the first Key Lime pie was never documented, but a famous Key West, Florida botanist named Jack Simons was the first to take credit for it in the early 20th century. Others say the recipe was created by Aunt Sally, the cook for a prominent Bahamian-born ship salvager and Key West millionaire, William Curry.

And still others say the recipe was probably adapted from one eaten by local Key West sponge fishermen who concocted a mixture of Key lime juice, canned milk and eggs which did not require cooking or refrigeration. No matter who invented it, Key Lime Pie has become one of Americas favorite regional desserts.

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Forest Park Key Lime Pie Delivery And Pickup

With Uber Eats, you can enjoy the best Key Lime Pie Forest Park offers without ever having to leave your home. The places that offer Key Lime Pie for delivery or pickup may vary depending on your Forest Park delivery address so be sure to check out which spots offer delivery to home, work, a friends housewherever it is that you may want to enjoy some delicious Key Lime Pie. If youd rather get your Key Lime Pie order yourself, see if there are any businesses in Forest Park offering pickup.

What Is The Origin Of Key Lime Pie


Early records show the first written recipes of key lime pie date back to the 1930s-1940s, but it was likely being made in homes long before then. There is general consensus that the first key lime pies were made in Key West, Florida, where there is an abundance of key limes. Legend has it that Floridas first self-made millionaire, William Curry, had a cook known as Aunt Sally who created the pie in the late 1800s, while others think that this was already a delicacy first produced by an area fisherman. Some food historians claim it has a completely different origin story, including one that links it to an invention by a milk company in order to sell more sweetened condensed milk. Because of the lack of refrigeration or ice in the Keys in those early days, sweetened condensed milk was the perfect shelf-stable ingredient to use in baking.

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What Are The Ingredients In Key Lime Pie

Traditionally, a key lime pie’s filling consists of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It typically sits in a graham cracker crust, although it can also be cooked in a more traditional pie crust. It is sometimes served without a topping but often has a light meringue topping made from egg whites or whipped cream. The pie is served chilled.

Key Lime Pie: The Sweeter Side Of Keys Cuisine

FLORIDA KEYS Virtually every travel destination boasts a signature dish that shouldnt be missed by the curious traveler. For example, theres New Orleans jambalaya, Chicagos deep-dish pizza and Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich. In the Florida Keys & Key West, that dish is Key lime pie.

Key lime pie is made from the Key lime, a fruit indigenous to the Florida Keys thats smaller and rounder than limes found in a grocery store. Key lime pie is the official pie of the State of Florida, and millions of slices are savored every year by visitors and locals.

While the pies exact birthdate and creator are unknown, it was likely created in Key West in the late 19th century predating refrigeration and the Overseas Railway that brought fresh ingredients like milk to the island at high speed.

Recipes for the original Key lime pie did not require refrigeration or baking. Instead, the acid in the Key lime juice reacts chemically with the other ingredients, a process called souring, and cooks the pie.

The typical ingredients of an authentic Key lime pie are sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, Key lime juice and a piecrust generally made from butter and graham crackers. The egg yolks give the pie a yellowish coloring green pies are not authentic.

Im always amazed that these simple ingredients can make such a wonderful pie, said Kermit Carpenter, resident Key lime pie expert and the owner of Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe.

Chocolate-dipped on a stick, yum!

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Midway Cafe & Coffee Bar

Breakfast like grandma used to make is available at this excellent restaurant in Islamorada.

Located midway in the Keys, the Midway Cafe is one eatery you might pass by. Stop! You dont want to miss the great food. They serve breakfast, lunch, and baked goods. Both indoor and patio dining are available. The breakfasts are scrumptious and the baked goods are a delightful taste-bud treat.

Pro Tip: Many return visitors to the Keys and locals eat here.

Key Largo Fisheries Bayside Cafe

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits Serves Chicago’s Favorite Pie

Dont forget dessert! In all of the Keys, the local restaurants are fanatical about serving the best Key Lime pie and so visitors will find many different versions of the traditional sweet. At Chef Bobbys Sundowners restaurant, they serve the pie piled high with meringue, the traditional topping.

From frozen key lime pie to chiffon-style or a custard pie that is the original, there are so many different variations. Bobbys favorite pie, besides the one he makes in his restaurants, can be found at Key Largo Fisheries Bayside Café. Not too sweet, nice and tart, and served plain without meringue, this pie is a classic and can even be shipped around the country.

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San Diego Chicken Pie Shop

San Diego, CaliforniaHave you ever chomped into a juicy carnitas burrito outside a taco truck late at night and thought, you know, this would be so much better if the tortilla was a pie? Of course you havent. That’s a highly specific thought to have… unless youve been to the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop, in which case, that’s your nostalgia talking. The shop will gladly ship you an eight-pack of the show-stopping chicken pot pies for about $60, but might we recommend splitting that order to include four of the pitch-perfect chicken numbers and four of the carnitas version, which come packed with the succulent, fatty pork. Will it forever render a carnitas burrito insufficient? Nah. Will it make you ponder stuffing barbacoa, birria, or lengua into a crust? Absolutely.

Kermits Key Lime Pie Shop Key West

Kermits Key Lime Pie Shop, owned by Kermit Carpenter, is a Key West institution. He is known to stand outside his brightly painted yellow and green store throwing pies at people for fun. His pies are light, fluffy, and creamy. The recipe is heavy on the egg yolks, which makes it very light. He tries to source fresh key limes from throughout the state and while the crust is not homemade, the whipped cream is. He also features key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate.

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Pie & Other Tasty Treats

Were thrilled that Food & Wine included us in their list of Americas Best Apple Pies, but our real joy comes from sharing our pies with you and with folks in our community who struggle with hunger & homelessness. Weve got a stellar Key Lime Pie, and a fabulous French Silk, but we also have a full range of soups, salads, quiches & sandwiches if you want a real meal before indulging in dessert.

What Is A Key Lime

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A Key lime is a small, yellowish citrus fruit that is a totally different variety from the darker green Persian limes we see everywhere. Key limes are also called West Indian or Mexican limes. They are similar in size to a ping-pong ball or a golf ball. They have thinner skin than Persian limes and are sweeter but more intense in flavor. Substituting Persian limes for Key limes will not result in the same luscious pie.

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Best Iconic Pie: Joes Stone Crab

Joes Stone Crab

Why We Chose It: Joes Stone Crab bakes its classic key lime pie daily and delivers via FedEx Overnight.

  • Good value if ordering multiple pies

  • Only one variety of pie

The iconic Joes Stone Crab in the South Beach district of Miami, Florida, is known for more than stone crabs. Its key lime pie is a signature dessert at the historic establishment that has been around since 1913. Joes Key Lime Pies are baked daily and are available by the slice for locals. For those of us not lucky enough to have Joes Stone Crab in our neighborhood, we can enjoy it as a whole pie via nationwide delivery.

Each 9-inch pie is delivered via FedEx Overnight and will arrive frozen and packed in dry ice. Customers can order up to three pies per order. Because of flat-rate shipping costs, it’s beneficial to order multiple pies at once for the best value while a single pie is $72.95, two pies are $112.95 and three pies are $134.95 . In addition to key lime pie, Joes Stone Crab offers a large selection of other items available for home delivery to round out a delicious meal.

Tips To Making The Best Key Lime Pie

  • Allow it to cool down first , THEN place it in your fridge.
  • Allow the pie to chill at least 3 hours
  • Did you know placing things you need cold quickly on the BOTTOM shelf is best. Cold air falls. That is also what I did during the competition, placed it in the bottom of their commercial refrigerators I swear that helped me! I also told a few others to do the same :).
  • Dont put whipped cream on until shortly before serving for best/prettiest results.
  • Either dont cover the pie or have it in a domed container. Plastic wrap will stick your beautifully formed pie and mess it up.

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When cranberries are in season, this pie will get rave reviews! Its different and delicious! Get the recipe for this vintage Nantucket Cranberry Pie.

Post updated March 5, 2020Originally published May 12, 2017.


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The Best Key Lime Pie In Forest Park

Enjoy the best Key Lime Pie delivery in Forest Park with Uber Eats. Enter your address to browse the restaurants and shops offering Key Lime Pie delivery near you, then start comparing your options. Once youve placed your Key Lime Pie order online or via the Uber Eats app, you can track its arrival.

First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery

Chicago’s Best Key Lime Pie @ Sweet Mandy B’s

301 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida 33040, USA 305-293-8484

Key Lime Pie with Oreo Crust and Whipped Cream The 9th slice of Key lime pie I tried was quite tasty, but quite a stray from tradition. The Oreo crust and pieces in the filling, while quite delicious, overpowered the rest of the pie, and took away from he tartness you come to expect from Key lime pie. However, I would still recommend saving room for this sweet treat after dinner at First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery!

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Visit Us In The Heart Of The Keys Today

Make Keys Fisheries your favorite stop in the heart of the Florida Keys. Stop by our restaurant and retail market on your next trip to the keys or purchase some fresh local Florida Keys seafood in our online store today. We look forward to becoming your favorite local eatery and seafood provider in the Florida Keys!

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Why Are Key Lime Pies For Delivery So Expensive

While $60 and up may seem quite steep for a single pie, this is due to the realities of shipping a box of frozen products via overnight or two-day expedited delivery. These are fixed costs that each company incurs that they either need to factor into the cost of each pie or add on as a delivery surcharge.

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How To Make Florida Keys Key Lime Pie

  • 1Graham Crust: Preheat oven to 350* 9 Pie PlateLightly spray pie plate with butter spray.Blend crumbs, butter, and sugar in a bowl. Spoon into pie plate and, using wax paper press firmly against sides and bottom . Bake 8-10 min Let cool before filling.
  • 2Filling: While the crust is cooling start your filling. Beat yolks with condensed milk just to blend, add lime juice and beat until smooth . Tint pale green and pour into graham shell. Chill 2 hourx
  • 3Whipping Cream: Heavy cream, in large bowl, put in sugar becareful not to get it twisted in the mixer. Put the setting on high, till you have stiff peaks.
  • 4Pull pie out of frig and spread whip cream over the top of the pie garnish with lime zest. Put back into frig for several hours before serving or better yet overnightso the filling is somewhat firm, Serve with lime slices, you may want to sprinkle a bit of suger on the limes.
  • Last Step: Dont forget to share! Make all your friends drool by posting a picture of your finished recipe on your favorite social network. And dont forget to tag Just A Pinch and include #justapinchrecipes so we can see it too!

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