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Campfire Chocolate Monkey Bread

Pie Iron Camp Cooking: Roadkill Hashbrowns

The next best thing to monkey bread is chocolate-smothered monkey bread.

This gooey, sticky bread is covered in a chocolate cook-and-serve pudding mix. It might be messy, but nobody will care when youre cooking outdoors.

Camp or backyard barbecue, these sloppy Joes taste best with outdoor cooking.

These flaky biscuits are overflowing with juicy ground beef, onions, and bell peppers.

To simplify the cooking process, prepare the filling before heading out.

Then, when hunger strikes, youll only be minutes away from these scrumptious sandwiches.

Best Pie Iron Recipes

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Inside: find lots of ideas for the best pie iron recipes. Make meals for all times of the day with these great ideas.

We love camping as a family, and especially when we eat pie iron recipes while out. You can also make these over your backyard fire if you arent a camper. This post is full of ideas for meals to make in a pie iron, but I would bet that after reading this you will also be inspired to create your own tasty pie cooker meals.

Pie Iron Pizza Pockets

Returning to camp after a long hike makes me want nothing but pizza. So what do I do when theres no pizza delivery? I make pie iron pizza!

These personal-sized pizzas have a crispy crust and cheesy filling that you can stuff with your favorite toppings.

These are so much fun to make that the kids will be super excited to help out.

These four-ingredient tacos are full of savory ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, and taco seasoning.

If you happen to have some other taco fixings on hand, you can add those, too.

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Youll want to use flour tortillas that are about the same size as the pie iron. That way, you can stuff these tacos to the brim.

No stove, no problem. You can still bake a mean pie at camp with this juicy cherry pie recipe.

Since you dont have a full-on kitchen, make things easy with store-bought goods.

Pre-made pie filling and cream cheese will keep well in the cooler. Meanwhile, canned cherries and frosting require no refrigeration.

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Cooking With The Pie Iron:

  • When cooking with a camp cooker, begin by applying non stick cooking spray to the inside of both iron plates. Alternately you can butter both sides of whichever bread you decide to use for your recipe. This step is important so that your delicious meal doesnt stick to the iron and burn.
  • Place your recipe ingredients into the iron before closing and latching it.
  • Cook the recipe over an open fire. Most recipes take five to ten minutes to cook but times can vary widely depending on how hot the fire is. I recommend placing the iron over the fire for two minutes before unlatching, checking for doneness and flipping the iron over to cook the other side.
  • Use caution when handling both the metal latch and handles as they can become hot while cooking.

Final Thoughts On These Delicious Camping Pie Iron Recipes

3 Best Pie Irons (Must Read Reviews) For March 2021

What did you think of all of those delicious pie iron recipes? Seriously, you and your family could literally live on mountain pies for every meal and then some! These little hot pocket concoctions can be eaten right out of the fire. Or, you can wrap them in parchment paper to take on your hike! But not where theres bears because theyll want a bite or two too! Bon Appetit!

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Camp Chef Cooking Iron

Camp Chef was founded in 1990 and started producing outdoor cooking tools meant for outdoorsmen. The concept is to provide durable, portable, and powerful camp-cooking tools. They feature a variety of products that include heaters, seasonings, cast iron, fire pits, flat-top grills, portable ovens, grills, smokers, cooking systems and accessories, woodwind, replacement parts, and other outdoor lifestyle accessories.

Camp Chef cooking iron has a dimension of 2*4.5*28.5 inches and is made from pre-seasoned and finished cast iron material for extra durability support and even heat distribution. Its 26-inch metal handle features a beautiful wooden grip that allows you to hold the cooking iron over the fire.


  • It is built with a reinforced cast iron finish for enhanced durability.
  • The cast iron finish allows even heat distribution which means that it takes a longer time to warm up the cooker making it less likely to burn the food inside.


  • The common concern of the buyers is that it is relatively small compared to the standard bread size.
  • The non-detachable handle makes it bulky to store and eats up a lot of storage space.

The Pie Iron Tips And Advice

  • Grease the pie iron before cooking with oil, butter or cooking spray to help with browning. Add in the sandwich and close the pie iron.
  • Some pie irons come with locking mechanisms for tighter seals.
  • Cook the food for a few minutes on one side, flip it over and cook it for a few more minutes. Then, it should be done.
  • Aluminum pie plates are more prone to warping.
  • Pie irons are affordable and great for camping, cabins and motor homes.
  • Do not let children use pie irons without adults present.

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Pie Irons Arent Just For Camping

A pie iron isnt just a one-trick pony. As previously mentioned, you can make a pretty wide variety of foods with this nifty tool from a simple grilled cheese to sumptuous fruit pies and even a stuffed pizza. You can even bake biscuit dough or cinnamon rolls in them with some practice. However, you dont need to wait to explore the great outdoors to make good use of your pie iron. Pie irons also work incredibly well on both gas and charcoal grills. Whether you want to make some melty, cheesy sandwiches in your backyard or patio or treat your cookout guests to hot pie a la mode, a pie iron is a great tool to include in your grilling setup. On cool nights when your friends are family are gathered around a fire pit, you can whip out your pie iron to make tasty snacks without getting up from the warmth of your chair.

You can also use your pie iron inside the home. If you have a fireplace, you can toast sandwiches or make pies and other baked goods right in your living room. This is a great activity to do with kids. Models with shorter handles can also be used on the stovetop, especially if you have a gas range. However, even electric stoves work well with pie irons. Even on a rainy day you can have the experience of campfire cooking with a pie iron by your side.

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What Is The Best Cast Iron Campfire Sandwich Maker

Jaffle iron apple pie

For as long as I can remember, using a pie iron has been a part of my familys campfire experience. Just like going into the woods and finding the perfect stick to roast your hot dogs and toast marshmallows on, making delicious sandwiches and pies in a pie iron was part of the fun. But which brand is the best cast iron campfire sandwich maker to get?

Rome Industries, Inc. makes one of the best cast iron campfire sandwich makers on the market. The heavy-duty cast iron withstands the heat of the campfire well. Its long steel handles have wooden grips to absorb the heat. And the length keeps your hands far enough away from the fire to prevent burns.

Pie irons are handy tools to have when campground camping, boondocking, or even just around the house when you want to get together with friends and family.

You dont have to be an avid camper to enjoy using pie irons. Just start a fire in the backyard, invite the gang over for a get-together, and spend time in each others company, sitting around the fire and eating some good campfire food.

Continue reading to find out why we use Rome pie irons and to see how they can add to the enjoyment of your next camping adventure or cookout.

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Uno Casa Cast Pie Iron

The Uno Casa Cast Pie Iron might not be the most popular option, but those whove used it have nothing but good things to say. First of all, we love the size of this pie iron as its big enough to take two chunky toasted sandwiches. Its a nice option when there are several hungry tummies to feed! Also, theres a free bonus, which is a downloadable e-book of pie irons for camping recipes!

Apart from that, the handles are worth two thumbs up as well! Theyre heat resistant and comfortable to hold, thanks to the wood grips. At 13.8 inches, theyre pretty long and can be extended out to 21.7 inches. Dont worry the handles are removable so that you can stow the parts away for transport easily. Lastly, this pie iron for camping comes pre-seasoned, so its good to go as soon as the box arrives!

  • What We Love:
  • A highly convenient option thats designed with your comfort in mind.
  • Pros:
  • Comes with pie irons for camping recipes
  • Removable and extendable handles
  • Cleaning Rust And Seasoning

    Since cast iron pie iron are the most common. There are some things to consider. Cast Iron should never be cleaned with harsh cleaner. A simple scrub with a nylon brush or salt and paper will do. If it gets really dirty, you can use mild dish soap.

    For Cast Iron cookware, there is a thing called seasoning. It does two thing, develop a nonstick coating and it protects it from rust. If the seasoning should come off or if the pie iron is left in water, it can develop rust. In these situation, you can either use a Rust Eraser or get some sandpaper. If you have neither of these, you can try soaking it in vinegar for a day or two. They will typically come right off.

    After removing the rust, it is highly recommended that you re season the iron. All you need to do is oil it and heat it up to smoking point. Remove it from the heat and repeat as necessary. With time, the seasoning should get better.

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    What Are Pie Irons

    A pie iron is a portable cooking tool with a clamshell-like design. It keeps the food secure inside while locking-in the heat and food juices. Each of the pockets or pie iron heads is connected to a metal handle with a wooden grip for safe handling. Both pie pockets or iron heads are joined together by a sturdy hinge and allows it to open and close like a clamshell.

    Pie Irons are commonly made of cast iron material because of their ability to endure extreme heat. It allows you to cook food either on direct fire or on too of flat burning coals. Most pie irons are smartly designed in square and round shapes to work wonders in fair heat distribution.

    Pie irons vary in size, materials, and features. Some have built-in handles while others have detachable heads and handles for easy cleaning and storing.

    Pie Iron Cinnamon Rolls

    Pie Iron Recipes

    You want very indirect heat when making these or these will burn easily, and patience. Anytime you cook over indirect heat you need a bit of patience.

    These are just cinnamon rolls that you can buy in a tube.

    Just one cinnamon roll in a pie iron that you have coated with nonstick spray over indirect heat for about 7 minutes.

    Slather with the included icing and enjoy your fresh, hot cinnamon rolls by your campfire.

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    Spicy Italian Ham And Cheese Panini

    Makes 1 serving in a 4- to 5-inch square iron.



  • Spray pie iron with non-stick spray.
  • Spread one side of each slice of bread with butter. Place the first piece of bread, butter side down, on one side of the pie iron. Top with chopped cherry peppers, capicola, soppressata, and provolone cheese. Top with the other slice of bread, buttered side facing out.
  • Attach the other side of the pie iron and clasp to close. Cut off any bread hanging over the edges. Cook over medium to high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side until the sandwich is golden brown.
  • Coghlans Cast Iron Cooker & Broiler

    Having the best pie irons for camping recipes is useless without the best pie iron for camping. That said, our number one pick is Coghlans Cast Iron Cooker & Broiler. This item is available in several versions, which include a single cooker, a double cooker, a single broiler, and a double broiler. As the name suggests, the double cooker can take two sandwiches whereas the single cooker takes only one. Meanwhile, the broilers are similar to the cookers but are rounded to take rolls or muffins rather than traditional sandwiches.

    Another thing that makes us fall in love with this best pie iron for camping is its price tag. Yes, its incredibly affordable! Furthermore, the handles are particularly long at 27 inches so that you can stay well away from the wood stove flames. Plus, there are stay-cool wooden grips on the end. We also love the inclusion of the S-clip to hold the two handles together. Because its cast iron, you can put the pie iron directly on the coals and rest your hands and arms!

    • What We Love:
    • An incredibly durable and easy-to-use pie iron that every camper loves.
  • Pros:
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    The 5 Best Pie Irons Of 2021

    If you enjoy camping, a pie iron should be high on your shopping list. You can cook all your camp meals over a campfire, from breakfast to dessert, with one handy tool that will last a lifetime with little to no cleaning or maintenance.

    A great pie iron doesnt have to cost a fortune. Weve researched the market extensively and come up with a list of our top 5 best pie irons, based on qualities such as durability, handle length, special design features, and overall construction.

    So what are the best pie irons? The best pie irons are made from cast iron. You can also find lighter pie irons made out of aluminum, but they can warp or melt, so they have a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, aluminum irons can be more versatile and easier to use for some fireside cooks and, if well cared for, are still very durable.

    In this article, youll learn everything you need to know to help you choose the right pie iron for your next camping adventure.

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