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Stockpile Your Bits Of Leftover Chicken

Easy Dog Treat Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie, Homemade Dog Treats

As I mentioned in our post for Frozen Dog Treats, here at THK, we have a lot of recipes that start with a rotisserie chicken . But, when Im working with a rotisserie chicken, I really hate not using up every morsel of the bird including the little bits of meat stuck to the bones, and the cartilage and connective tissue that most people dont eat. It often adds up to more than a cup of chicken I wouldnt otherwise use! These homemade dog treats are the perfect way to put those extra little bits to great use! Im so happy to feel like not one bit of the animal went to waste that I used all I could.

So, instead of preparing chicken just to make this dog treat recipe , I stockpile leftover bits of chicken any time we have some from our own meals. I measure it out and keep it in labeled zipper bags in the freezer.

When I have enough chicken, I can whip up a batch of these homemade dog treats. And Finn is a happy, happy boy!

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Chicken Pot Pie Dog Treats

This homemade dog treat recipe combines all the chicken pot pie flavor of the tummy-warming classic into a savory cookie. These treats are made with real chicken, other natural ingredients, and are free of artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, and processed junk your dog doesnt need. Its also completely safe for your pet and can be made grain-free depending on your flour of choice.

We stir in frozen peas and carrots right before the rolling out the dough. Thats how these natural dog treats get those beautiful pops of color! If you use a flower cookie cutter as we did, you can mimic the look of a crimped edge biscuit or fluted pie crust.

Did you make this recipe?

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Slow Roasted To Perfection

True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts are tender chews that dogs go crazy for! These treats are packed with slow-roasted chicken or duck, and they’re easy to tear for sharing with the whole pack. The enticing aroma and chewy texture make these jerky cuts hard to resist, and your pup is sure to savor them until the last bite.

True Chews Chicken Pot Pie Dog Treat 12oz

Tyson True Chews Homestyle Recipes Chicken Pot Pie Dog ...
  • Ingredients
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  • Made with real USA-sourced, farm-raised chicken and wholesome vegetables like potatoes, peas and carrots
  • Perfect as a snack or break into smaller pieces for a reward
  • Contains no corn, wheat or soy, no animal by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives

Guaranteed Analysis:

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Storing Serving And Safety

Safety note: these chicken pot pie dog treats dont contain onion or garlic, which are unsafe for dogs. When baking for your dog, be sure to read up on dog-safe ingredients .

Because these tasty treats contain meat and veggies , this is a treat you will want to store in the fridge. Your chicken pot pie dog treats should be fine on the counter for a day, in the fridge for a week, and in the freezer for up to three months.

As for serving, you know your dog best. Dog treats shouldnt make up more than 10% of your dogs diet, though if youre training or indulging, you can always adjust the amount of dog food in the daily feeding regimen.

True Chews Natural Dog Treats Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

True Chews 100% Natural Dog Treats Chicken Pot Pie Recipe are a delectable treat created by pet parents for pet parents. These treats contain no corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, artificial preservatives and absolutely no artificial flavors. Just premium, tender, REAL chicken as the first ingredient, 100% made in the USA. Our four legged friends give us their best every single day, and we are committed to giving them our best in return.

No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

No corn, wheat or soy and no artificial flavors or preservatives

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But What About Cute Shapes

I see so many darling recipes for homemade dog treats that have been lovingly shaped into things like hearts or doggy bones. But it all just seems like a lot of fuss simply to make people happy. Im pretty much 100% certain that Finn loves these treats just as much in a plain-old round shape, as he would if Id spent loads of extra time making them into bones or hearts.

Theyre basically just simple drop biscuits you plop onto a baking sheet as easy as easy gets!

And all that time I saved?

Hey its a few more minutes he and I can spend out running, or just cuddling on the couch. Hed vote for that any day!

Trust me skipping the cookie cutters keeps these homemade dog biscuits lightning-fast and easy-peasy! And your dog wont even notice . Dogs dont judge! They just gobble these down and ask for more!

Which is exactly why Im off to make another batch right now

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The Truth Behind The Chew

True Chews are real-meat treats that are made right here in the USA. With meat as the very first ingredient, these treats are bound to make your dog’s tail wag. Each formula has been perfected for a simply delicious and satisfying reward with no artificial flavors or preservatives, wheat, soy, corn or by-products.

Made With Real Whole Foods

Each Oven Baked recipe contains just a few simple, whole food ingredients, with oats as the #1 ingredient. Use them for training, as a reward or simply to remind your dog that hes the best.

Natural Ingredients

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    Used to love these! All of a sudden recipe must have changed & they crumble into dust & tiny pieces. Bring back the old version!

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    This version of the Grammys Pot Pie treats are not the same as the previous triangular treats. The originals were hard and crunchy, but these round treats are soft and crumbly. They dont hold up in my pocket when were on walks and I end up with a pocket full of crumbs. And this new treat has an odd smell, too. My dog eats them, but he has issues with buildup on his teeth and needs the benefit of the hard, crunchy treats. I wont be ordering more and hope Merrick will bring the originals back!

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  • not happy with the change

    Used these treats for some years – our mini dachshund, who has a sensitive stomach, loved them. More importantly they caused no issues for her. The new recipe does not sit well with her, and the consistency is unsatisfactory. So we now have a new treat.

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    Grill Night Is Every Night

    Say goodbye to your fur baby begging the next time you fire up the grill. True Chews Premium Grillers are certain to fulfill your dog’s craving for summertime grillingall year long. These tasty treats are loaded with natural protein and truly taste like they came right off the grill! Your pup has the choice of tender charred sirloin steak or chicken that’s been sizzled just right.

    Chicken You Dont Want To Use

    True Chews Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Dog Treats, 12 Oz ...

    When youre chopping or shredding leftover chicken, be careful that you dont include any bones. And go easy on including too much fat, particularly the fatty skin. I actually dont recommend including the skin at all, if the chicken has been roasted with a lot of spices or salt thats still clinging to it.

    Similarly, if youre using leftover chicken meat from a recipe , and the meat is heavily sauced or deeply flavored from cooking spices or marinades, you should probably skip that, as well. To avoid upsetting your pups tummy, its best to keep things simple.

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    Treats are the delicacies that your doggo craves. There is no point in offering something that isnt a real mouth-watering experience for your furry pooch. You can pick flavors preferred by your doggo. There are exclusive treats for dogs concerning their age, breed, and size. Enjoy shopping for your fur buddy.

    Chews are delicacies that your fur buddy can munch on the whole day long. How about making them fun? Himalayan stores bring you chews that are yummy chews with the goodness of cheese! There are exclusively filtered chews for dogs by their age, breed, size, and mostly their chewing appetite.

    Want to spice up your fur babys days with lots of fun? The Himalayan store has a range of chew toys for you. The poppy colors and intuitive appeal keep your doggo happy. While your dog has a gleeful time with the toys, you can focus on the chores.

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