Travelers Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

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What Happens If The Insurer Wont Cover Your Dog

Some insurance policies blacklist certain dog breeds

Whats the solution? If you think that your pet is on the list for insurance dog breed exclusions, shop around. Look for either specialist liability cover separate from your home insurance, or find homeowners insurance without dog breed restrictions. The advantage of stand-alone pet insurance is that it includes wellness care.

Insurance Companies That Do Discriminate By Dog Breed

On the other hand, some companies have gone on record saying that they do consider a dog’s breed when deciding whether to insure it. These include Farmers, Progressive and Nationwide, among others.

We analyzed insurance filings from some of the largest home insurance providers in the country to see which dogs certain insurers may ban. Depending on the state, not every company and subsidiary will match this list, and certain insurers will also ban dogs with a history of biting.

Alaskan malamutes

Each insurance company has a different list of dogs it is concerned about, so you may be able to buy a policy from one of these insurers, even if others won’t cover you.

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Travelers, expats and émigrés looking to fly with their dogs may be surprised to know the number of banned breeds in different countries.

The insurance experts at International Citizens Insurance have curated a rundown of some of the countries with breed specific restrictions in place, including Australia, Mexico and Canada.

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The Plight Of The Pit Bull

One thing is certain: State and local laws, as well as home insurers restrictions, have a severe impact on pit bulls, the most commonly banned dog breed. An insurers refusal to underwrite policies for families with these dogs, as well as discriminatory BSL laws, will result in their abandonment or relinquishment to a shelter, according to the dog advocates study.

Theres already staggering . . . animal overpopulation and pet homelessness in the nations largest state, California, according to its insurance commissioner, Ricardo Lara. And there are worries about what will happen to thousands of new pandemic pets when the pandemic is over.

Hamilton, New Jersey resident Joe Mihalyi, whose son owns a pit bull, visited several dog shelters looking for a pet, and came away amazed at what he saw. Nine of the 10 dogs we saw in the cages were pit bulls, he says. They had scarred faces and marks all over them.

You could sense that they just wanted to be loved and we wanted to adopt one, says Mihalyi, but since wed never know what theyd been through, we just couldnt take the chance.

More than a million and a half dogs and cats are put to death each year, according to the ASPCA. And many of them, at least 400,000, are pit bulls. Best Friends Animal Society provides community-level data on how well animal shelters are doing at saving cats and dogs.

What’s The Difference Between Renters Insurance And Pet Insurance

Travelers Home Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

The primary purpose of renters insurance is to protect your property and assets if you live in a rental unit. The liability coverage included in your policy also applies to your pets, and in some cases may pay for the damage your pet causes to someone elses property.

Pet insurance is designed to help with unexpected veterinary bills in the event of an illness or injury and may be able to help with preventative care. If youre looking for coverage when your furry friend gets sick, learn more about pet insurance.

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Does Usaa Have Dog Breed Restrictions

USAA considers dog breeds when choosing whether to offer homeowners insurance coverage to a customer, but USAA homeowners insurance dog breed restrictions are not clear on the companys website.

If you have a German shepherd, Pitbull, or a breed typically considered dangerous, USAA may deny you coverage. USAA may offer coverage in some cases, but the rates may be too expensive to work with your budget.

How Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites

If your dog or any other pet injures someone who does not live in your home, the liability coverage in your home or renters insurance policy usually covers the injured persons medical bills.

No one expects their dog to hurt anybody, but the average cost of a dog-bite claim in 2020 was more than $50,000, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These include claims in which an interaction with a dog was compounded by additional injuries, such as a broken bone or concussion from a fall. LLC has made every effort to ensure that the information on this site is correct, but we cannot guarantee that it is free of inaccuracies, errors, or omissions.All content and services provided on or through this site are provided “as is” and “as available” for LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or to the information, content, materials, or products included on this site.You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk.

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Why Breed Restrictions Arent Posted On Insurance Companies Websites

Before we get into our lists, theres some information youll want to know about how insurance policies are determined.

First of all, the laws governing dog bite liability vary by state. This means your policy will be affected by the state you live in.

Similarly, liability coverage itself will vary by state. Not only that, most insurance companies dont have any overarching policies in terms of breed restrictions.

Instead, they have a number of entities working with them who determine your policy based on where you live and your specific situation.

This is why insurance companies dont simply state their breed restrictions on their websites: restrictions vary depending on where you live and who is writing your policy.

All of the information in this article was taken directly from conversations with customer service representatives and insurance agents.

However, you may still want to contact any companies youre interested in to learn more about potential restrictions in your area.

Why Do Some Homeowners Insurance Companies Have Breed Restrictions

Travelers Insurance dog commercial (very funny)

Home insurance companies evaluate a range of criteria when determining what rates they offer, including how likely the policyholder is to make expensive claims â like liability claims for dog bites.

Many insurance companies consider your dog’s breed when deciding whether to offer you homeowners insurance or the rate to charge you. Breed is not a perfect indicator of whether a dog will bite someone or cause property damage.

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Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds

EverQuote analyzed lists of prohibited dogs from state insurance filings to find the most-banned breeds. We looked at filings made by the 50 largest home insurance companies. Here are the 10 dog breeds most often on prohibited lists:

  • German shepherd

Note that no home insurance policy, whether it excludes your dog or not, will cover bills if your dog damages your own property or bites a member of your own household.

What Are The Travelers Home Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Travelers website says the company determines risk based on bite history instead of breed. So if your German shepherd has bitten someone, Travelers insurance dog breed restrictions indicate that the company will not offer you homeowners insurance coverage.

However, if your dog has always been friendly and never posed a problem, a homeowners insurance policy with Travelers may be easy to acquire.

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Reasons For Banning Some Dog Breeds

Generally, however, insurance dog breed restrictions are there for a good reason. The breeds are not only more likely to bite someone or something but also more likely to inflict serious damage.

Dogs with a high prey drive, like Doberman Pinschers, are also more likely to attack someone or something they perceive as weak.

As a personal example, our neighbors Dobermans once got out of their yard. A woman was walking past and was clearly nervous about them. They started to sniff at her, and she began to run. This activated their prey drive, and they were on her in seconds.

We managed to rescue her, but her injuries were severe. If no one had stepped in, the dogs would have killed her.

With homeowners insurance, dog breeds are excluded because theyre potentially dangerous.

Can An Insurer Cancel My Homeowners Insurance If I Get A Restricted Breed

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Dog Breed Restrictions

Insurance companies arent required to cover everyone. They could cancel your homeowners insurance policy if you have a restricted breed from the homeowners insurance dog list or if you lie about the type of dog you have or its biting history. If you receive a notice from your insurer that your policy will be canceled, you could apply for an exception by showing your pet is a guide dog or has Canine Good Citizen certification. Otherwise, you will need to seek new coverage with another carrier.

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What Happens If I Dont Tell My Homeowners Insurance Company About My Dog

Failing to tell your insurer about your dog or omitting the dogs breed could land you in hot water. If you file a claim for an injury from a dog thats not listed on your insurance policy, the company may deny the claim, leaving you financially responsible for all medical bills and court costs. Considering that the average claim paid in 2020 for a dog bite is almost $50,000, its best to be upfront about your dog or find an insurer willing to accept your restricted pet.

Consider A Canine Liability Policy

Some companies offer a canine liability policy. Sometimes, this type of liability has to be purchased separate from your homeowners insurance policy. Either way, a canine liability policy is an excellent way to get your hands on insurance without needing to find a company that accepts your breed. Again, it all comes down to shopping around and finding a plan.

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Dog Bites And Related Injuries

One of the most valuable parts of this pet coverage for renters can help you when you need it most: your finances can be protected if medical expenses result if your dog bites someone.*

Should your dog bite another dog, you can be covered with renters insurance. And if the mailman suffers a sprained wrist after your dog jumped up to say hello, your finances can be better protected with this coverage.

Dogs Restricted By City Ordinances

Phoenix family loses homeowner’s insurance over pit bull

Dozens of cities across the U.S. have restrictions or bans on certain dog breeds, most commonly pit bulls and wolf hybrids. If your city has a breed law on the books, it may be difficult or impossible for you to legally own one of the banned dog breeds.

If you do decide to adopt a banned or restricted dog breed despite local laws, your insurer will likely decline coverage in case of an incident or even cancel your policy altogether. Insurers generally won’t cover you in case of an illegal act, and owning a banned dog is no exception.

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Trophies and Animal Products

Travelers often want to import animal skins, hunting trophies, or other items made from animals when returning from a trip. These items must either be rendered noninfectious or be accompanied by an import permit. CDC restricts products made from nonhuman primates, African rodents, civets and related animals , and bats. These products may also be regulated by other US federal agencies. CDC has the right to restrict other items known to carry infectious diseases. For example, CDC restricts goatskin souvenirs, such as Haitian goatskin drums, from entry into the United States because they have been associated with cases of anthrax in humans. Travelers who want to import hunting trophies or other products made from animals should check with CDC, USDA, and FWS to make sure they are complying with federal regulations.


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Can Homeowners Insurance Drop You Because Of A Dog

Can Homeowners Insurance Drop You Because Of A Dog? Its unlikely that your homeowners insurance will drop you because of a dog. However, if your dog falls under the providers breed list that determines which breeds they will or will not cover, you may be required to pay a higher insurance premium.

There Are Lots Of Folks On The Market That May Fortunately Undertake Certainly One Of These Breeds However Many Insurance Coverage Firms Is Not Going To Cowl Their Houses With Both Renters Or Householders Insurance Coverage

Travelers Insurance Banned Dog Breeds

Vacationers residence insurance coverage canine breed restrictions. Ten different states have pending laws that may equally prohibit. Others exclude sure breeds from. It might sound unfair however a canine makes your property riskier to insure due to one thing known as legal responsibility protection that comes commonplace in most insurance policies.

Not less than eight different states are contemplating laws this session that may prohibit or prohibit insurers from contemplating a householders canine breed when underwriting a householders or rental insurance coverage coverage. Ive discovered only one firm that may cowl him however my dwelling protection needs to be I consider 400000 which it isnt. Many owners insurance coverage insurance policies cowl canine bites and different incidents.

Many insurance coverage firms have restrictions on the breeds that they are going to cowl. Owners insurance coverage firms are more and more more likely to embrace canine breed restrictions within the situations of their insurance coverage agreements. Within the US the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania have restricted using dog-breed profiling by insurance coverage firms.

With regards to predicting which canine are most. Usually residence insurance coverage covers a householders legal responsibility for canine bites. As we speak many of those canine are concerned in police work.

Owners Insurance coverage Canine Breed Restrictions Alternative House Guarantee

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Why Do Insurance Companies Ask If You Have A Dog

Many homeowners insurance policies cover dog bites and other incidents. Your policys liability insurance is intended to protect you financially by covering medical expenses if someone is injured on your property. The breed of dog is a key factor when it comes to determining your homeowners insurance premium.

Filing A Liability Insurance Claim For Damage Caused By Your Dog

Lets say your dog plays a little too rough with the sitter while youre away and the sitter gets a cut on their arm. Luckily, you made the smart choice of selecting a renters policy with dog liability coverage, so your financial future looks much more secure.

Since this accident will require stitches, your claims process may look like this:

  • Contact the injured person and record basic facts about the incident
  • Record any previous bite history
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    If My Dog Is Mixed With The Breed Of Dogs That Homeowners Insurance Wont Cover Can I Get Insured

    If you have a mixed breed that may include a dog from the restricted dog list, your insurer may still not cover your pet. In fact, your dog may not be insurable if its bitten someone in the past, even if its a poodle or a labrador. Its best to be honest about your pets history and breed ahead of time instead of finding out you are not covered after you file a dog bite claim.

    Do I Need To Tell My Insurer My Dog’s Breed

    Benefits of Travelers BOP 2.0

    Yes. In fact, if you fail to disclose your dog’s breed when buying a policy, it could lead to your home insurance company not covering related claims.

    However, a dog’s breed influences its temperament, such as whether it is easily startled or if it has a tendency to protect its owner. Furthermore, different dog breeds vary greatly in size and strength, and larger dogs have an easier time hurting someone or causing damage to property, even if it’s only an accident.

    Injuries and property damage due to dogs are some of the most common liability claims made for home insurance policies. And insurance companies want to match the rates they charge to how likely a dog is to cause damage, and to altogether avoid insuring dogs that are too unpredictable.

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