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Milk Bar Cake Review- Milk Bar Birthday Cake and Milk Bar Chocolate Malt Cake

Milk Bar previously held in-person baking classes for $95 a person at select NYC, DC, and LA store locations, but classes shut down due to the pandemic. Now, you can for $249 and learn how to develop your own original recipes from Tosi herself.

For a free alternative, send them Milk Bar’s most popular recipes to recreate at home. You can thank us later when you’re digging into a homemade Compost Cookie.

How Much Are Milk Bar Birthday Cakes

Milk Bar birthday cakes are between $58 for a 6-inch birthday cake and $125 for a 10-inch birthday cake or $4.16 $5.80 per serving.

Gluten-free vanilla Milk Bar birthday cakes are $67 for a 6-inch cake and $135 for a 10-inch birthday cake.

  • 6 cake feeds 8 10 people
  • 10 cake feeds 20 30 people

Watch The Video Below From My Youtube Channel To See How To Make The Milk Bar Birthday Cake And To See My Review Of How It Tastes Keep Scrolling For The Full Recipe

I am delighted with how well this turned out on my first attempt, especially considering that I am far from patient in the kitchen!

Can you believe this cake costs roughly £50 to buy from their store??

Naturally, as this is Maverick Baking, I made a few tweaks to the Milk Bar Birthday Cake recipe.

For the cake:

  • I reduced the sugar in the recipe by 50g as I felt it didnt need that much sweetness in relation to the flour content
  • I used all butter instead of using white baking fat simply because I really dislike using Trex or other shortening
  • I used a light olive oil in place of the grapeseed oil because thats what I had in the cupboard
  • I used a good quality vanilla bean paste instead of the clear vanilla extract because its what I normally use, and it just tastes so much better, even if Christina Tosi disagrees!
  • I baked the cake for a shorter time than recommended, simply because it was ready

For the crumb:

  • Again, I used olive oil in place of grapeseed oil
  • Again, I used vanilla bean paste instead of clear vanilla extract
  • I baked the crumb for just a few extra minutes to ensure crunchiness

For the frosting:

  • I only used half the stated amount of glucose, to maintain a nice consistency
  • I didnt use any baking powder as I didnt like the idea of the chemical taste, even if that is the intention
  • I couldnt find citric acid, so I used white wine vinegar
  • Again, I used vanilla bean paste instead of clear vanilla extract

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Meet The Milk Bar Birthday Cake So Good Jay

Taylors said her Milk Bar Birthday cake was so good Jay-Z was raving about it.


There are few treats so iconic that they have become cemented in history next to the celebrities who loved them. Elvis Presley and peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. Marshawn Lynch and skittles. And now the Milk Bar Birthday Cake and Taylor Swift.

It appears a couple years ago, for her 25th birthday it appears Taylor Swift was gifted a custom 18-inch version of Milk Bars iconic 3-layer naked birthday cake from close friend Karlie Kloss. Not only did Taylor rave about it , but apparently so did the likes of entertainment royalty like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift’s 25th-bday cake from Milk Bar was so good, “even Jay Z raved about it”

chrissy teigen May 12, 2018

Are Milk Bar Desserts Good

Conquered my first Momofuku Milk Bar cake! [RECIPE] : Baking

The Crack Pie at Milk Bar is about as addictive as it sounds, with an oat cookie crust and custard filling. But unfortunately, if you are looking for a small, local bakery, Milk Bar is not it. Milk Bar delivers dessert in creative and interesting ways, yet fails to bring the warmth and comfort a local bakery can.

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Two: Make The Milk Bar Funfetti Cake

Okay, step one done! Lets make the cake. Start by mixing together the dry ingredients.

And then in a second bowl, you want to cream your butter, shortening and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Then add the eggs one at a time. You want to then add the oil, buttermilk, and vanilla and mix again to medium high and beat again for 4-6 minutes. The mixture will be light in color and liquidy.

On low speed, gradually pour in the buttermilk mixture. Increase the mixer speed to medium-high and beat for 4 to 6 minutes, until the mixture has nearly doubled in size and is completely homogenous . Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl.

On low speed, gradually add the flour mixture and mix just until the batter comes together, about 45 to 60 seconds. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and give the batter a final mix with a rubber spatula.

Then Dont forget to add those sprinkles!

Then spread the batter into your prepared sheet pan and bake. Once the cake springs back, or a cake tester comes out clean its done. Allow to cool. You can make the cake ahead of time, up to 5 days. Just allow to cool and then wrap and store in the refrigerator.

The Best Milk Bar Desserts:

Many of the Milk Bar desserts are really f*& %ing on point. The signature, of course, is the aforementioned formerly Crack, now Milk Bar pie. With its similarities to chess pie and its roots in African American foodways, the name, which made light of the drug epidemic, had long been criticized as tone-deaf, and was changed last April.

The pie tastes like loads of butter, eggs, and sugar baked into the top of a giant oatmeal cookie, because Im pretty sure thats exactly how its made . In the same way that steak in restaurants is even more delicious than at home due to the absurd amounts of butter they melt over it before serving it to you, Milk Bar pie tastes like the dessert version of a decadent AF steak.

The second most famous creation, the Cereal Milk soft serve is just as lovely as advertised, thanks to the cornflakes and sugar and whatever else they add to make it taste scarily like the milk at the bottom of my childhood cereal bowl. Pushing my nostalgia button is a surefire way to get me on your side, and this triggered memories that usually only float into my brain when I hear Naughty By Nature songs.

While were still awarding winners, Id also like to shout out two of the Cereal Milk shakes here, the Fruity Cereal Shake, and the Strawberry & Corn Milkquake, as top choices. The latter tastes like a strawberry shortcake fever dream, and the former tastes like it was invented in the McAllister kitchen by Macauley Culkin during the solo part of Home Alone.

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Tell More Me About This Cake

Three layers of funfetti cake are used to create this stunning birthday cake design.One sheet pan is used instead of many round cake pans, which is in keeping with the Milk Bar aesthetic .For this recipe, Ive used my go-to buttery Funfetti Cake recipe, which consistently delivers a soft and fluffy vanilla cake every time.After that, theres the vanilla buttercream.However, while I enjoy my traditional buttercream frosting, weve elevated it to a new level of sophistication by substituting Greek yogurt for the milk.

The frosting in the original Milk Bar recipe contains cream cheese, so this is a quick and easy method to achieve a comparable tangy flavor.Our frosting also contains a little amount of baking powder as an additional hidden ingredient.This, believe it or not, contributes to the creation of the lightest, fluffiest frosting imaginable.

Youll find yourself licking the bowl clean after eating this frosting.Baking powder is the key ingredient in our frosting, and it is just a small amount.This, believe it or not, contributes to the creation of the lightest, fluffiest frosting imaginable.Then there are the cookie crumbs, which are crunchy and crispy.It takes only a few minutes to whip up these funfetti shortbread crumbs, but they significantly improve the sweet, buttery, vanilla flavor character that were aiming for here.

  • Aside from that, they add a distinct texture element to the cake.
  • Were completely smitten with them .

Milk Bar Birthday Cake

A Chef Tries to Bake This ICONIC Cake | Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

When you order a Milk Bar Cake, it comes carefully wrapped and insulated with freezer packs in a cooler. You can store it in the fridge for up to 7 days , or in the freezer for 30 days . I ordered the Milk Bar Birthday Cake because I knew for sure that it was AMAZING! I also ordered the Milk Bar Chocolate Malt Bar Cake because I love chocolate and wanted to also try something new.

This is how the cakes looked when they came out of the box. They are securely wrapped and protected.

I ordered the two cakes as a special surprise for a dinner party that would be 3 days later. Therefore, I stored them in my refrigerator until I was ready to serve them for the dinner party.

*UPDATE*: I apparently unwrapped the cakes upside down. Each side has a card board cover top. I unpacked them how they came out of the box. I had no idea I was doing it wrong… but had I known better, the top would have had a pretty layer of cookie crumbs! Whoops! None the less, the cake tasted extraordinary upside down or right side up!

Because the cakes were shipped from such a distance and came frozen, I was curious to see how they would compare to the homemade fresh cake that my friend talentedly put together. I was not disappointed in any way.

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Milk Bar Birthday Cake Class

A couple of months ago, I was watching the Chefs Table episode on Netflix that highlights Christina Tosi, the founder of Milk Bar. For those of you unfamiliar, she was the pastry chef at Momofuku, and through experimentation, developed her now-famous cereal milk ice cream and pioneered the now ubiquitous naked birthday cake that doesnt have icing on the outside of the cake. As I was watching the episode, I remembered that the Milk Bar a few blocks away from my apartment offers classes of all kinds, so I texted my sister Jennifer and asked her if she wanted to take the Birthday Cake Class, and she was in!

In case youre interested, they also offer chocolate birthday cake classes, strawberry lemon cake classes, and milk bar pie classes. They also offer classes in New York and Los Angeles in case you arent local to DC. The birthday cake class was $95/person, but we walked away with a six-inch birthday cake and a dozen or so birthday cake truffles each, which is a retail value of about $75. Given that, the cost of the class nets out to about $20, so I think the class is such a great value given how fun the experience was and how much you walk away with.

Since cakes take several hours to bake, this is an assembly/decorating class as opposed to a cake baking class. However, they do give you the recipe for the cake, so if you want to recreate it at home in your own kitchen, you totally can!

The Secret To Momofuku Milk Bar’s Amazing Cakes Is Milk

If you’ve ever had a cake from Momofuku Milk Bar, you know they’re impossibly moist and and unreasonably delicious. Milk Bar’s cakes are beautiful layer cakes stacked to fanciful if not dizzying heights. It’s impossible not to feel giddy at the sight of them.

Once you get a load of their amazing flavors, you’ll want to try every one. There’s a mint cookies n cream cake with cookies n cream frosting, mint cheesecake and chocolate crumbs. There’s also a salted pretzel cake made with stout ganache, burnt honey frosting and salted pretzel crumbs. And then there’s the classic, and now iconic, birthday cake made with a rainbow cake crumble, sprinkles and vanilla frosting.

In a video by Bon Appetit, senior food editor Alison Roman visited Christina Tosi, chef and co-owner of Milk Bar, to learn just how to make this exemplary cake. The secrets to the birthday cake are manifold. They include clear — not brown — vanilla extract, sprinkles in the batter and a specific butter for the frosting, to name a few. One secret is a technique that’s not just limited to the birthday cake, but used in many Milk Bar cakes. It’s a milk wash, and it’s brilliant.

Check out Momofuku Milk Bar in its print form or visit the website for more cake and dessert recipes.

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Review: Milk Bar Is Not Worth The Hype

The Crack Pie at Milk Bar is about as addictive as it sounds, with an oat cookie crust and custard filling. But unfortunately, if you are looking for a small, local bakery, Milk Bar is not it.

Milk Bar delivers dessert in creative and interesting ways, yet fails to bring the warmth and comfort a local bakery can.

Since 2008, when Milk Bar first opened in the East Village of New York City, the bakery has expanded with locations in New York, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and now, Cambridge.

Since the opening of the Cambridge storefront in Harvard Square on Feb. 2, sweet-tooths from around New England have waited in freezing temperatures for a taste of Cereal Milk Soft Serve and the other treats Milk Bar serves up.

According to Milk Bars website, the bakery is known for coloring outside the lines and turning dessert on its head.

The main issue with turning dessert on its head, though, is that when someone is craving pie, cookies or cake, they usually expect them to be fresh-baked or warm if they are buying the product straight from the bakery.

The menu features a creative list of baked goods you have likely never heard of before, such as the aforementioned Crack Pie and Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Compost Cookies, Milkquakes and Cake Truffles.

The main staple on the menu, however, is the non-plastic-packed Cereal Milk Soft Serve, which is creamy, satisfying and very sweet.

They came, they saw, they posted, and they tasted.

How Does It Work

I made a Milk Bar Birthday Cake for my socially distant birthday. I ...

You can order from Milk Bar online up to 30 days in advance.

Browse the website by dessert typecakes, cookies, pies, or cake truffles toggle through different occasions or peruse by price point .

Besides the selection of individual treats, you can order bundled packages, like The Sweet Spot that comes with the Milk Bar Pie, a dozen birthday cake truffles, and a cookie assortment.

Milk Bar’s signature Birthday Cake is available in 6- and 10-inch sizes.

Milk Bar bakes all its goodies in a commissary kitchen, and it delivers seven days a week, so you can get the box in time for your special occasion no matter the day. Flat-rate shipping is $15, but is waived on orders over $100, and packages ship via FedEx, OnTrac, AxelHire, CDL, and BOND. Milk Bar ships everywhere in the U.S. but does not ship to U.S. territories, overseas military addresses, or P.O. boxes.

All of my treats arrived perfectly intact and well-chilled, thanks to ice packs.

To best see how the treats held up in transit, I opted for the confection that seemed most high riskthe classic 6-inch birthday cake, plus a box of a dozen birthday cake truffles.

The cake arrived on exactly the day I chose, in the late morning. I opened the insulated bag that came inside the exterior cardboard box to find, first, a sample of the latest MIlk Bar product: a two-pack of chocolate birthday truffle crumb cakes. Under that, there was the box of cake truffles and the cake. All of the items arrived cool and perfectly intact.

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Wait How Do I Get Three Cake Layers

Another lesson learned at Milk Bar is that not every layer needs to be flawless when producing a cake of this nature.To be exact, the bottom layer is normally built from two half moons cut from the remaining cake, which means youll receive three perfectly round rounds and one that will need to be assembled from various pieces.But dont be concerned, no one will find out!Take a look at the diagram below.

Milk Bar Promotions & Discounts

If you couldnt be more excited to find that this iconic bakery offers nationwide deliveryjust give us a second. Throughout this Milk Bar review, we found even more ways that the company treats its customers. Take a look at what we found:

  • Get your first order over $70 shipped for free when you join the Milk Bar mailing list
  • Return customers get free shipping on orders over $100
  • Give $10, Get $10

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Frequently Asked Questions About Milk Bar

Is Milk Bar -Los Angeles currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, Milk Bar -Los Angeles offers both delivery and takeout.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Milk Bar -Los Angeles accepts credit cards.

How is Milk Bar -Los Angeles rated?

Milk Bar -Los Angeles has 3.5 stars.

What days are Milk Bar -Los Angeles open?

Milk Bar -Los Angeles is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Tips For Making This Momofuku Birthday Cake Recipe

Milk Bar Birthday Cake Unboxing and Tasting
  • Use the correct pan: I read other blogs stating they had issues making this in the incorrect pan and having the cake bubble over. You need to use a 10×15 jelly roll pan.
  • Make Ahead: Use the times above to figure out how to break down this process. And dont forget this cake has to freeze for 12 hours, and then defrost a full 3 hours in the fridge before serving.
  • Vanilla Extract: Worth the splurge. The flavor really was true to that vanilla cake mix flavor. Of course you can substitute the regular vanilla, but be aware the cake and frosting will have a darker hue.
  • Frosting: I doubled the amount based on other reviews. Some suggested using 1.5x the original recipe called for. So you may have some leftover.
  • Oil: I did not use grapeseed oil either. You can replace that with another neutral tasting oil such as vegetable or canola.
  • Glucose syrup: I did use this in my frosting and helps to make it smooth. But if you dont have it, you can replace with more corn syrup but it can make your frosting sweeter than intended and texturally not the same.
  • Salt: I used table salt, so I adjusted this amount in the recipe for what I used. If you are using kosher salt you will need to increase the amount slightly.
  • Citric Acid: I didnt use this either but used lemon juice instead. But that little bit of acidity does help to balance the frostings sweetness.

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