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Pork Pie 12×6″ Little Squealer Maple/Birch Metallic Fade Snare Drum
Pork Pie 6×12 Little Squealer Maple/Birch Snare Drum…
Pork Pie 14×7 Rosewood/Zebrawood over Maple Shell…
Pork Pie 6.5×14 Rosewood Snare Drum Natural…
Pork Pie 6×14 Maple Snare Drum Macassar Ebony…
Pork Pie 6×12 Little Squealer Maple/Birch Snare Drum…
Pork Pie 14×4′ Pigolo Snare Drum, Silver Glass Glitter
Pork Pie 8×14 Maple Snare Drum Quartered Mahogany…
Pork Pie 7×12 Little Squealer Snare Drum-Flat Black…
Pork Pie 6.5×14 Rosewood Snare Drum Natural…
Gear Review: Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum
Pork Pie 7×14 Maple Snare Drum-Macassar Ebony Veneer…
Pork Pie 7×14 Maple Snare Drum Lacewood/Curly Maple…
Pork Pie 8×14 Brass Patina Snare Drum Quick n’ Dirty
Pork Pie 6.5×14 Copper Patina Snare DrumQuick ‘n’…
Pork Pie 7×14 Wenge Ply Snare Drum-Natural Satin -…
Pork Pie 7×13 Brandied Peach Maple Snare Drum – Walnut…
Pork Pie 6.5×14 Oak Snare Drum Redwood BurlQuick ‘n’…
Pork Pie 7×14 Maple Snare Drum Quartered Mahogany…
Pork Pie 7×12 Little Squealer Snare Drum-Firethorn Red…
Pork Pie 8×14 Maple Snare Drum, Macassar Ebony Veneer…
Pork Pie Iron Snare Drum
Pork Pie 6.5×14 Hip Pig, Pig Iron Snare Drum Quick n’…
Pork Pie 12×6″ Little Squealer Maple/Birch Metallic…
Pork Pie Percussion Drum Sets and Snares
Pork Pie Percussion Snare Drum Giveaway on Drumsmack TV
NAMM 2019 | Pork Pie Snare Drums!
Pork Pie Percussion 3 Piece Drum Kit – Curly Maple,…
Pork Pie Drums – Maple shells with Quilted Sapele…
Pork Pie B20 finish drum set #2

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Pork Pie Snare Drums Tested

Pork Pie Drums has been around since founder Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby in 1987, but despite nearly two decades of building a devoted fan base in the drumming community, the company still retains somewhat of an underground feel. A smaller-scale manufacturer, what Pork Pie may lack in sheer size, it makes up for with daring designs that are both ear-grabbing and eye-catching. For its snares, drum kits, and hardware, the philosophy appears to be staying the original course: center the products around high-quality, often handmade materials, and keep the passion for drums alive. Lets check out a few of the companys unique snare drum offerings.

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brodeo said:I love their top line stuff, I just bought an acrylic pig lite and own a BB and big boy throne that are all great. Having said that though I do wish that they had not brought out cheaper ranges, especially as their slogan was always “Made by an American”.

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About Our Usa Custom Drum Line

Pork Pie USA custom drum are made by hand at the Pork Pie factory in Canoga Park California. Made to Pork Pies high standards using only the finest materials available in todays market. Bill Detamore, the founder of Pork Pie is a hands on owner. Bill handles all of the painting duties and edge cutting. The crew at Pork Pie follow Bills example of quality for every build.

Pork Pie uses American made Maple shells using a progressive ply design. Rack toms from 6 to 13 are 6 ply. Toms from 14 through 18 are 7 ply and all bass drums and snare drums are 8 ply.

Pork Pie bearing edges are known worldwide for bringing the most out of a drum. Toms from 6 to 16 are standard with a 45 degree edge on the inside with a round over counter cut on the outside. 18 toms and all bass drums get a 60 degree edge on the inside with a round over counter cut on the outside. All edges are hand sanded and finished to perfection when a drum leaves the factory.

Pork Pie is known for classic yet edgy lacquered finishes. Bill Detamore handles all of the painting for Pork Pie and the 10 step finishing process insures a stunning finish. Lacquer finishes are available in high gloss, satin and flat.

Wrapped finishes. Pork Pie glues a wrapped finish 100% to the shell for maximum durability and vibration. When Pork Pie laminates and wrapped finish to the shell, it is there for life.

  • All Pork Pie drums are made with:

    Pork Pie hourglass proprietary lugs

    2.3mm hoops

Pork Pie 14 X 6 Snare


The Pork Pie snare is one of the best sounding snares you will ever hear. The snares mahogany shell results in a sound full of weight in the low mids whilst retaining a crisp bright top end. The VST and Kontakt instruments can be used to trigger the drum across 4 unique hit types, including stick hits, mallet hits, palm hits and finger hits. Using these different hit types you can create realistic drum patterns that sound like a real drummer.

Product Download Includes:

48 Wav samples 1 VST instruments 1 Kontakt instruments


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X 7 Bullet Hole Vent Snare Drum

Clown puke are the words that Pork Pie itself uses to describe the hardware on this visually ballistic 14 x 7 snare with multiple vents . And by multiple, we dont mean two or three extra holes my count came up with 72 holes drilled in an arrowhead-type pattern through the 8-ply maple shell. You want ventilation for your snare drum? You got it.

Surrounding the edges of these holes is a silver glass glitter finish. Hues like bubble gum pink and bright blue abound on the powder-coated hardware, giving this big snare drum a carnival atmosphere. If you want something with visual impact behind the subtle flair of the Piglite, heres your drum. Even the most demanding extroverts should find this snare meets their criteria for arresting presentations.

Due to the much faster and more complete rush of air outside all those vents, the response of the drum is very dry. While the size can allow the Bullet Hole drum to achieve big volumes, the drum is also noticeably crisp and sensitive at very soft volumes. Many snare drums seem to mush up when played at pp or ppp, but this drum remains precise at the small end of the volume scale surprising for a drum that comes off like such a big brute.

Pork Pie Namm Snares Hit Drum Shop

Pork Pie Percussion Drum Sets and Snares

Its coming up to the weekend is always a good thing to hear but i can make it even better by announcing that this weekend the Pork Pie snares from the NAMM show 2017 are going up on the website and will be for sale!!

Pork Pie percussion was founded in 1987 by Mr. Bill Detamore. Bill ensures that all drums that are made have had a lot of time and effort put into each one, he shows this by signing each drum with his name and the day that it was made. Also all drums are made by hand in California, you cant get anymore exclusive than that.

We have 11 of the Snare drums for sale, heres some sneak peaks before they get put on the website.

WOW these snares are out of this world. Pork Pie may not be as well-known as other companies such as Pearl or Yamaha but these drums definitely do not disappoint they may be good to look at but they sound even better. Whats not to love?? Heres some of my favourites….

You’d be mad to miss out on these. Come see us in the shop to have a better look this weekend and leave a happy customer. These will be gone very soon. You don’t want to regret missing out…. Call us on 0191 418 7113 for more info and to ask about prices.

Thanks for reading


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Pork Pie Percussion Little Squealer Steel Snare Drum

Steel Beauty has never been such a valid statement, in fact it may even be an understatement!

Pork Pie Percussion bring you another stunning snare drum from the popular Little Squealer range and this time it is a Steel Snare Drum with a flawlessly sleek Chrome finish. There is something really soothing about a metal drum shell, although an opinion split across the drumming community, we believe that steel has a lot of desirable qualities that makes it just as attractive as any wood shells. For a start Steel has an array of accents that are deeply cutting, from clear highs to low ends you can always count on bright, aggressive attack that is incredibly resilient. A powerful sound that really is cutting, is coupled with flanged hoops, Pork Pie’s exclusive snare wires and throw off, all make for an all round belter of a snare! 10 hourglass lugs add more control and finer, more even tuning across the snare, more so than traditional 8 lugged snare drums. As well as the incredible sound of the steel shell, the strikingly sleek Chrome finish with matching Chrome hardware should certainly not be overlooked! Shiny, clean and stylish, you’ll definitely turn heads with this Little Squealer and rightly so! Pork Pie Percussion are fast becoming a percussion heavyweight in the drumming industry and rightly so, the sound and appearance of Pork Pie Drums are incredibly individual and we love them all the more for it!

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