Duke And The Great Pie War

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God Loves You Very Much

VeggieTales: Duke And The Great Pie War: Countertop Scenes

The Veggie Kids have a question for Larry: how can we know that God loves us? In a colorful tale told with story and song, Larry paints a picture of how much God loves us all—even when “we dirty our clothes, or forget to blow our nose, or don’t listen to our Dads!” In the end, the kids learn th…

Duke And The Great Pie War

You think I got where I am by looking out for others? Looking out for others is for saps!No, looking out for others is true love!
Otis and Duke
Duke and the Great Pie War

Duke and the Great Pie War is the twenty-fourth episode of VeggieTales.

The first story is a retelling of Miriam and Moses, while second, the main one is a retelling of Ruth and Naomi, as well as a prequel to “King George and the Ducky.”

Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen

The king needs a new queen, and Esther has been chosen! But she’s about to find out that being queen is going to take more courage than she ever imagined! The award-winning artists at Big Idea bring to life one of the Bible’s greatest stories and the most spectacular VeggieTales adventure ever!…

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