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Rev-A-Shelf LD4BW Pie Cut Lazy Susan

Pie Cut Lazy Susans attach to doors in corner cabinets and spin around into the cabinet with the doors. These are called dependently rotating shelves. Pie cut lazy Susans add a classic look and feel to your kitchen.


As a general rule, you want to have about 1″ – 2″ clearance all the way around the shelf. You will want to measure the inside dimension of your cabinet where the shelf will install to see if you have this clearance. For this type of shelf, measuring the shelf will work, but so will measuring the cabinet. A 36″ or 39″ corner cabinet would generally use the 31″ shelf. A 33″ corner cabinet would generally use the 28″ shelf. The 24″ would generally be used in corner wall cabinets measure the cabinet or shelf space available to determine which will work for you. Lazy Susan shelves also have minimum and maximum inside cabinet height dimensions. Measure from inside bottom of the cabinet to the inside top of the cabinet. lists the height allowances for each on the series page.


Pie Cut Lazy Susan shelves attach to the door and spin around with the shelf into the cabinet. Here is a helpful diagram to help with sizing of the cabinet and doors. Please be aware when cutting the door to size that there should be a 1/8″ space between the door edge and the cabinet edge.


Templates and instructions are provided or can be found on each product details page.

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