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J.P. Licks sells many regular ice cream flavors as well as hard frozen yogurt, soft frozen yogurt, dairy-free ice cream, and sorbet. In 1987, J.P. Licks began producing hard and soft frozen yogurt from scratch, and now, frozen yogurt still is an important part of the store and makes up 20% of its sales.

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J.P. Licks announced the release of five new ice cream flavors for Summer 2022. Founded in 1981, J.P. Licks has boasted some of the best ice cream in Massachusetts with over 20 flavors including several dairy free ice creams and sorbets. This summer, J.P. Licks has upped their game with the release of Unicorn Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzel flavors as well as Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid sorbet and Cookies n Cream dairy freeice cream.

Given the vast selection, I was both excited and skeptical to taste the new flavors. Ultimately, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that all the flavors were amazing, with Unicorn Crunch reigning supreme. Unicorn Crunch features bright pink cake batter swirled with multi-colored sequin candies. Speaking to the motivation behind this brilliant flavor, J.P. Lickss founder Vincent Petryk said, I have a 26 year-old child who still loves unicorns. I was thinking about her one day and thought I should make a unicorn flavor. Trust me when I say this flavor is as delicious as it is colorful.

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting a J.P. Licks store to check out the newly released ice cream flavors right away. And, remember: Summer would not be summer without ice cream!

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