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How Do I Prevent A Potpie Crust From Getting Soggy

  • For a single-crust pie, prebake the crust before filling.
  • Brush the crust with a beaten egg white. This will help seal the crust and prevent the liquid filling from absorbing into the crust.
  • Pour the filling into the crust while its still hot and immediately place the potpie in the oven. The heat from the filling will help set the crust.
  • Bake the pie on a lower rack in the oven. Since heat is concentrated at the bottom, placing the potpie on the lowest rack ensures the bottom of the crust will bake up crisp and golden brown.

How To Make The Flakiest Biscuit Crust:

Chilled ingredients are the key to flakey biscuits!

Grate frozen butter keeping cold while you mix together the flour, baking powder, salt, and rosemary. Add butter and chilled buttermilk. Mix together just enough to form a cohesive dough.

Let dough rest for a few minutes.

Scoop 10 biscuits onto the top of the filling. Bake at 425F for 10 minutes then turn the oven down to 375F for 20 minutes.

This is a recipe perfect for a spacious afternoon. When possible, I take my time creating this pot pie, flowing with the process. I put on a story or some tunes and then create from the heart and receive the nourishment that comes from knowing that my family will be deeply nurtured by this meal. Food always seems to taste better with focused intention.

Meal Prep Idea: The filling and the biscuit dough can be made ahead a day ahead stored in the fridge in airtight containers. Scoop biscuits onto the filling just before baking. Leftovers heat up well and will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.


  • Total Time:1 hour 20 minutes
  • Yield:10 servings
  • Add flour to a bowl, stir together with baking powder, salt, minced rosemary.
  • Toss in the grated frozen butter. Add cold buttermilk, stir until just combined.
  • Using a 1/4 cup scoop 10 biscuits on top of the filling and bake at 425F degrees for 10 minutes. Turn oven down to 375 degrees and bake 20 minutes more.
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    A Classic Chicken Pot Pie Filling Thats Ready Fast

    Were not trying to break the mold with this easy chicken pot pie recipe. Quite the opposite. We wanted to craft a homey, classic, comforting pot pie that you can make in no time flat. With a store-bought pot pie crustwe just use store-bought frozen puff pastryall youll need to do is make a filling. But, even the pot pie filling relies on some simple shortcuts to make your life just that much easier. Heres what youll need:

    • Chicken! Save yourself major time by using one of those already-cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery store.
    • Vegetables! Carrots, celery, frozen peas and onions.
    • Seasoning! Celery seed and garlic powdera perfectly retro combo and just right in this skillet pot pie. Salt and pepper, of course. If youd like to add it, a sprinkling of fresh thyme is nice, too.
    • Liquid! Broth and milk are thickened with a little flour to make a creamy chicken pot pie sauce.

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    How To Make Chicken Pot Pie:

    A homemade Chicken Pot Pie is easier and takes less time than you think! We use a deep 9 pie dish for this recipe.

  • Sautee vegetables in 6 Tbsp of butter until soft.
  • Add mushrooms and garlic and saute 5 min.
  • Add cream and broth and simmer until thickened.
  • Stir in chicken, peas, and parsley and remove from heat.
  • Roll out pie crust to 12 and transfer to a pie pan.
  • Add Filling into crust and cover with the second crust.
  • Crimp edges, cut slits, brush with egg wash and bake.
  • Make-Ahead Tip: Chicken pot pie reheats beautifully. Just warm it in the microwave until heated through. The sauce stays creamy without separating and it tastes just as good as the day you made it!

    Classic Chicken Pot Pie

    Seriously Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    If you are looking for an old fashioned, traditional chicken pot pie, made from a whole chicken, freshly cut vegetables, and a flaky homemade crust, this is it!

    This chicken pot pie recipe is also known as “Mrs. Hering’s Chicken Pot Pie” in the , from the famed Chicago . First introduced to customers in 1890, it was this Marshall’s chicken pot pie that launched the dish into our national consciousness.

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    How To Make Chicken Pot Pie

    This pot pie recipe is a weekend affair meaning, you should put on some music and set aside some time to make this! Your time will be well rewarded. There is nothing like the taste of homemade, from-scratch chicken pot pie.

    Here are the basic steps:

  • Cook the chicken: Start with a whole, raw chicken. Simmer it with water and vegetables until the meat is cooked. Pull all the meat off the bones for your pie, then add the leftover bones back to the pot. This makes a rich chicken stock for your recipe.
  • Make the pie crust: If you’re intimidated by pie crusts, have no fear! This crust is made in the food processor and is easy to roll out.
  • Make the filling: This pot pie filling is a mix of classic veggies with a sauce thickened with some flour and milk.
  • Put it all together: Portion the filling into individual ramekins and top with a lid of pie crust. Bake until the pastry is golden brown and the filling is bubbly.
  • Can I Freeze Chicken Pot Pie

    • Yes, you can freeze chicken pot pie. I recommend freezing the pie unbaked, because if the baked pie is frozen, the crust may become soggy when thawed out.
    • First, follow the recipe as written, except for baking.
    • Then, wrap the unbaked pie well in two or three layers of plastic wrap, and one of foil. Freeze for up to three months.
    • Bake directly from frozen at 350°F for about one hour, until piping hot all the way through and golden brown on top.

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    Overview: How To Make Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie

    For the full recipe and lots of step-by-step photos to walk you through the process, scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • Prepare the pie crust and let it chill for at least 2 hours.
  • Boil the chicken, carrots, and celery.
  • Make the gravy. Cook down the onion with butter and garlic. Whisk in the flour, salt, black pepper, thyme, chicken broth, and half-and-half.
  • Divide the pie dough in half. Roll out one half into a 12 inch circle. Carefully place into your pie dish.
  • Fill the crust-lined pie dish with the chicken and vegetable mixture. Add the peas, then pour the gravy over the top.
  • Roll out the second half of pie dough into a 12 inch circle. Use this pie dough to cover the pie. Seal and crimp the edges, then slice a few small slits in the top crust.
  • Brush the top and edges with a beaten egg.
  • Bake until golden brown.
  • Craving a different variation? This biscuit vegetable pot pie isnt your typical classic pot pie recipe, but its quicker and easier.

    The Best Crust For Chicken Pot Pie:

    How to Make Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie | Dinner Recipes |

    In a pinch, this recipe will work with a store-bought double pie crust, but we highly recommend using a homemade all-butter Pie Crust. It is 5 ingredients and takes just minutes to make. You can also make it a couple of days ahead.

    Our homemade crust rolls out easily and it never gets soggy when baked. The bottom stays crisp without needing to pre-bake. We use this same pie crust for savory and sweet pies like Apple Pie, our juicy Cherry Pie and Blueberry Pie.

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    The Best Classic Chicken Pot Pie

    The Best Classic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Homemade chicken pot pie with flaky pie crust and creamy chicken pot pie filling. Classic comfort food!

    This chicken pot pie recipe is loaded with flavor. Its got flaky pie crust and a buttery creamy chicken pot pie filling with chicken breast, a mix of fresh and frozen vegetables, and a mix of dried and fresh herbs.

    I initially wanted to make an easy chicken pot pie. So, I started out using refrigerated pie dough, all frozen vegetables, and all dried herbs. That was easy, but it really needed some bright fresh flavors.

    So, instead of making the easiest recipe, I decided to make the BEST chicken pot pie recipe.

    Using fresh vegetables and some fresh herbs in the filling gives this pot pie so much flavor that its ok to take a short-cut with the crust and use a pre-made refrigerated pie crust.

    Of course, if you have the time to make your own homemade pie crust, that would be amazing too.

    Chicken Pot Pie Origin

    Chicken pot pie is truly an heirloom recipecooks have been making it for centuries. Chicken Pot pie is believed to have originated in Greece. The Greeks cooked meats mixed with other ingredients in open pastry shells, and these were called Artocreas. The Romans took this recipe and added a top to the pastry crust, making it a fully enclosed meat pie. In the United States in the 19th Century, Americans became enamored of a pie that featured robins. The settlers who came to America took their Chicken pot pie recipes with them when they moved westward.One of the earliest New World mentions of a recipe for chicken pot pie was in the cookbook American Cookery, published in 1796. Similar to the meat pies that had been popular in 16th century England, the American versions often called for the use of plentiful poultry instead of harder-to-source beef.This time-tested chicken pot pie recipe was first featured in the Betty Crocker Cookbook in 1950, and its remained a favorite of home cooks ever since. By the present century, chicken pot pies and meat variations have become a widely popular American dish.

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    How To Make The Filling For Chicken Pot Pie:

    Start potatoes, carrots, cauliflower steaming. Then get the onions caramelizing with olive oil.

    Sauté celery a bit with the browning onions then push to the side and add chicken chunks and herbs, cooking about 8-10 minutes.

    Pushing chicken to the edges, melt butter in the middle of the pan and whisk the flour in. Add the chicken broth and bring it to a simmer.

    Add steamed potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, wine, black pepper and nutmeg, simmering for about 5 minutes more.

    Turn off the heat, stir in cream, lemon juice and frozen peas into the chicken filling.

    How Long To Bake Chicken Pot Pie

    Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

    All of the ingredients inside the pot pie are already cooked, so the only thing we are concerned with at this point is the pie crust.

    The crust should be fully baked with 45-50 minutes. If the top crust should start to look golden brown before the time is up, simply cover the edges with either a pie shield or with aluminum foil and continue cooking for the allotted amount of time.

    There is nothing like a made-from-scratch chicken pot pie. Especially one enveloped in a buttery, flaky, homemade pie crust, decked out with perfectly cooked chicken and vegetables, all smothered in a to-die-for chicken gravy. Please, enjoy!

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    Can You Freeze Chicken Pot Pies

    These chicken pot pies freeze extremely well and is a good stockpile for freezer meals to have on hand. In order to freeze, make the recipe for the chicken and the pot pie mixture. Once complete, allow to cool to room temperature and then place in ziplock bags. Be sure to remove all the air from the bags and lay flat for easy storage. Once youre ready to use, remove the ziplock bag from the freezer to defrost overnight in the fridge. Place the mixture in individual ramekins and top with the phyllo dough. Bake as per recipe directions.

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    Tips For Making Chicken Pot Pie

    This is a pretty straight forward recipe, especially when made you make individual Chicken Pot Pies like Ive done. I only have 2 tips to ensure you nail The Pot every single time:

    • Thicken filling to desired consistency before putting it in the pots. The sauce wont thicken at all once the lid is on. So keep cooking until the sauce is a nice creamy consistency and not watery. Nobody likes a watery pie filling!

    • Cool filling before topping with puff pastry. Hot filling = melts butter in pastry that creates layers = less puff.

    That moment with this Chicken Pot Pie comes out of the oven, all golden and puffed up, and you know that under that buttery lid the creamy filling is bubbling away with the tender chicken and the vegetables and it just smells so amazing

    .and THEN you crack through that almost impossibly flaky crispy puff pastry to reveal the piping hot creamy filling, and you blow furiously on it, trying to cool it down as quickly as you can so you can shovel a huge spoonful in your mouth without giving yourself 2nd degree burns.

    I shouldnt even joke about that. Ive lost count of the number of times Ive burned my mouth with Chicken Pot Pie. Nagi x

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    What Are Chicken Pot Pies

    Chicken pot pies are a mix between a soup and stew. They arent quite as thin as soups, but then not quite as thick as stews either. They are somewhere in between. Typically these soup/stews are filled with veggies, a shredded or cubed chicken and it is poured inside a pie crust and baked until golden brown. When you mix the crust with the pot pie mixture inside, it makes for a hearty, satisfying meal.

    Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

    Homemade Chicken Pot Pie!! How to Make Pot Pie Recipe

    If chicken pot pie excites you, but pie crust intimidates you, youve arrived at the perfect recipe. Classic chicken pot pie filling is baked into a stress-free casserole, and best of all, topped with biscuits for that tantalizing golden brown finish. And for those crazy enough to only want half, 1/2-sized biscuit tubes now exist!

    Made this? Let us know how it went in the comment section below!

    medium carrots, diced

    stalks celery, diced

    biscuit dough

  • Preheat oven to 375º with rack in the center.
  • In a large skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add carrots, celery, onion, thyme, and ½ teaspoon salt, and cook, stirring often, until softened, 5 to 7 minutes. Add flour, and stir to coat vegetables. Cook for 2 minutes more, then add milk, chicken broth, mustard, garlic powder, and remaining ½ tsp salt, whisking to combine. Increase heat to high and bring to a boil. Immediately reduce heat to medium and simmer, stirring often, until thickened, 3 to 5 minutes. Fold in chicken and peas .
  • Transfer mixture to a 13″-x-9″ baking dish.
  • Arrange biscuits on top of filling. Sprinkle all over with salt and pepper.
  • Bake until filling is bubbling and biscuits are golden and risen. Let cool 5 minutes before serving.
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