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Easy Rainbow Birthday Cake Using Skittles And Mini Marshmallows

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When it comes to making birthday cakes for kids, the standard keeps getting higher and higher. The cost of birthday cakes is insane and the elaborate lengths people go to takes so much time and effort. I have no problem with people making these amazing birthday cakes – I’m just not skilled enough to do it myself!

After going to many kids birthday parties I can tell you that most cakes don’t even get eaten. This is why I love this easy rainbow birthday cake. Yes, it uses a store bought cake but you can always make your own using your favorite cake recipe.

Grab a packet of skittles and some marshmallows and impress everyone with this super easy rainbow cake!

Rainbow Cake 1kg Price

Rainbow cake is one of the most popular cakes among children and adults. It is a cake with a rainbow-colored layer on top of a white cake.

The price for 1kg rainbow cake ranges from $6 to $9, depending on the store. Monster Truck Cake

Rainbow cake is a popular dessert which consists of layers of cake soaked in colourful and delicious syrup.

The rainbow cake is a popular dessert that consists of layers of cake soaked in colourful and delicious syrup. The rainbow cake is made with layers of sponge, chocolate and vanilla sponge, strawberry cream, chocolate ganache, vanilla cream and marzipan.

Rainbow cakes are usually made with many colours like red, green, blue etc.

Tips And Tricks For Rainbow Themed Birthday Cakes

Essentially, place your ingredients to room temperature to ensure that the batter will not curdle and break. Also, it would help to use a scale to measure your ingredients. Because weighing your ingredients is accurate than using cups, thus giving you a better result. Furthermore, measure and weigh your ingredients ahead of time to decrease the possibility of forgetting an ingredient. In addition to that, allow your cakes to chill before stacking and frosting.

Remember, white velvet cake is best for this recipe. Also, it is very white to add the colors you want for the rainbow layers easily. Additionally, adding colors to a cake with egg yolks will change your colors while baking. Finally, keep in mind that white velvet cake will not go over mix when adding your color.

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Step Five: Layer With Buttercream

We took half the buttercream and split it into three. We added a different colour to each portion, then whipped it in a Kitchen Aid mixer to incorporate the colour and make it nice and fluffy.

Then my clever friend piped the cream onto each layer, smoothing it as she went. For this step we placed the cake on a board and put it on a turntable, which makes it a lot easier to glide effortlessly around the cake.

She used her spirit level to check that the layers were even as she went. If its going slightly wonky, you can add more buttercream on one side. She used the cake scraper to remove the excess.

Best Rainbow Cake Ideas For Birthday Cupcakes Party Theme Supplies

Rainbow birthday cake
  • ibirthdaycake.com
  • Summary: · Rainbow cake ideas for birthday: Rainbow cakes are so much fun! Theyre colorful, beautiful and can be made with a variety of different colors
  • Matching search results: The rainbow cake is a popular dessert that consists of layers of cake soaked in colourful and delicious syrup. The rainbow cake is made with layers of sponge, chocolate and vanilla sponge, strawberry cream, chocolate ganache, vanilla cream and

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Step Three: Bake The Cake

We used a white chocolate mud cake for this recipe. Mud cake is best because its nice and dense, so it stacks really well. It also keeps for ages, so you can make it in advance!

My friend made two mud cakes, and then cut each of them in half to make a four-layer cake. The layers create a lovely tall cake. It looks so much more professional when you add some height.

Here is the recipe for the mud cake. This recipe makes ONE cake, so make sure you DOUBLE the recipe if you wish to make two cakes, like we did.

How To Make A Rainbow Cake

To make a typical rainbow cake, you’ll have to start off with various layers of cake that have been dyed in the colors of the rainbow. You can have 3 or more layers, but in our opinion, the more the prettier!

Arrange the base layer on a cake stand and spread some frosting or icing on top, before topping it with another layer and repeat until all the layers are used up. Finally, frost all the bare surfaces of the cake and top it with sprinkles or other decoration.

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One Pan Rainbow Layer Cake

  • bakeitwithlove.com
  • Summary: This truly easy to make one pan rainbow layer cake is topped with vibrantly colored fondant polka dots for a fun cake that
  • Matching search results: This truly easy to make one pan rainbow layer cake is topped with vibrantly colored fondant polka dots for a fun cake that anyone can make! No matter where you take this cake, it is always a crowd pleasing favorite with its bright colors and

+ Gorgeous Unicorn Cake Ideas You Can Make At Home

Top Fantastic Rainbow Cake Decorating Ideas | Most Beautiful Birthday Cake Decorating Tutorials

Unicorns are the most wonderful, loved, and mysterious creatures. They inspired us to find some of the most gorgeous unicorn cake ideas you can make at home.

Check out our , and whipped out the cream to make your little princess jump above the rainbow from joy and happiness.

The bright colors of these mythical creatures were transferred not only in the kids room interior, toys, and school supplies but also in their parties, celebrations, and even food. All rainbow cakes and especially Unicorn birthday cakes are extremely popular and a total hit.

These types of cakes are usually on several levels and are covered with colorful fondant. Actually, the decoration of the cake makes it so special because it recreates the head of the unicorn.

Besides the sweet fondant, the cake also contains edible flowers, stars, hearts, sweet stones, candies, kisses, sticks, and the unicorn horn.

The Unicorn cake is extremely suitable for birthdays and parties. It is liked by both children and grown-ups.

You do not need to be a chef-pâtissier to make these magical unicorn birthday cakes.

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Incredible Rainbow Cake Ideas For Birthdays

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A birthday is a special day. And making a cake will surely make a celebrant feel loved. There are different rainbow cake ideas for birthdays. However, this drip rainbow birthday cake is the best for me. Slicing into the cake to see the amazing colorful layers will surely make the celebrant feel special and loved. Try making this at home.

  • 680 grams of cake flour
  • 680 grams of granulated sugar
  • 2 tbsp of baking powder
  • 1 tsp of baking soda
  • 283 grams of room tempered egg whites
  • 170 ml of vegetable oil
  • 510 grams of room tempered or slightly warm buttermilk
  • 340 grams of softened unsalted butter
  • 1 tbsp of vanilla extract
  • Gel food coloring

For The Buttercream Frosting

  • 227 grams of pasteurized egg whites
  • 907 grams of powdered sugar
  • 907 grams of softened unsalted butter
  • 2 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • A dot of purple food coloring

For The Gold Drip

  • 142 grams of white candy melts
  • 28 grams of chocolate candy melts
  • 170 ml of warm milk
  • 1 tsp of super gold dust/luster
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vodka, Everclear, or lemon extract

Equipment For Rainbow Party Cakes

  • 6pcs of 8×2 round cake pans

Bucket Of M& ms Kit Kat Cake

I love this gorgeous cake, especially for a kids birthday party.

It looks like something youd pay a massive amount of money for at an upscale bakery, but its actually surprisingly simple to make, and youll only need four ingredients.

Simply make two round cakes with whatever cake mix you like then stack and frost them generously with chocolate frosting.

Finally, add your broken Kit Kat bars around the cakes exterior, tie a ribbon around them , and top the cake with colorful M& Ms.

Take a little time to check out the other pictures, as well. You can do a lot with this simple cake to make it suitable for any occasion.

The number cake takes a bit more skill to make, but once you get it right, youll never want to stop making it.

Its pure and total decadence, and I mean that in the best way.

The great part about it is that you can use whatever toppings and decorations you like once you have the basic cake ready to go.

Also, you may mess up the first couple of times, and thats excellent because it means youll get to eat more cake and feel no guilt about it.

You cant waste it, after all!

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Happy Lion Birthday Cake

If youre looking for an adorable birthday cake idea for one of your favorite kids, try the happy lion birthday cake.

Its so cute that you wont want to eat it, but its too tasty to resist.

Despite how it looks, its just as easy to make as the hamburger cake.

In fact, most people can have it prepped, baked, and decorated in a little under an hour.

And dont worry about the dry spaghetti whiskers. You can always remove them once you start slicing pieces.

If the thought of black forest cake doesnt make you groan in pleasure, then youve never had black forest cake.

The cake layers use pretty standard ingredients eggs, sugar, flour, butter, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder.

It takes almost no time to whip up two of them and have them ready to go.

For the cherry filling, youll need pitted cherries, cherry liqueur, and water.

The frosting is heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, more cherry liqueur, and rich dark chocolate.

The cake is stunning more like a work of art than a cake, and the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate shavings flawlessly complement the icings sweetness and the cherry fillings tanginess.

In all my years on this planet, Ive never found anyone who didnt love it.

For The Drip Rainbow Cake Design

Rainbow Cake #unicorncake

Step 1

Take your chilled and frosted cake and place it in a turntable. Snip off the tip of your piping bag filled with ganache and drip the edges of the cake.

Step 2

Once the drip sets, mix the gold dust and vodka in a bowl. Then, paint the drip with gold using a small paintbrush. After that, let it set. You can add some buttercream rosettes swirls on top of the cake and add sprinkles with a pipe.

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For The Rainbow Theme Cake

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 335 °F or 168 °C and prepare your round cake pans and grease. Then, put a round parchment paper at the bottom of each pan.

Step 2

After that, combine your buttermilk with the oil in a mixing bowl and set it aside.

In a different bowl, combine the remaining buttermilk, egg whites, and vanilla. Then, whisk to break up the eggs. After that, set it aside.

Step 3

Next, use an electric mixer attached with a paddle attachment. And combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt for ten seconds.

Step 4

Then, put the softened butter into the dry ingredients. And mix at a low speed for thirty seconds until the mixture has a coarse sand texture.

Step 5

After that, add the milk and oil mixture. Mix until the dry ingredients are moist. Then, set the speed of your mixer to medium. And mix for a full two minutes.

Step 6

Scrape the bowl using a rubber spatula. And reduce the speed to low. Next, add the egg white mixture in three batches. Then, mix the batter for 15 seconds between each addition. After that, scrape the bowls sides to incorporate everything.

Step 7

Divide the cake batter into six bowls, about 15 ounces each bowl. Afterward, color the batter in each bowl with the color you have chosen. Remember, 1/4 tsp for pink, 1/2 tsp for yellow, and 1/4 tsp+1/2 tsp green for green. In addition to that, it is 1/2 tsp for blue and 1/4 tsp+1/2 tsp for purple.

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Easy Rainbow Birthday Cake Idea

Of course, this is a wildly popular kids’ birthday cake but it can go anywhere from office parties to just about anything you can think of! The bright, beautiful cake is sure to be the hit of the party!!

What I love most about this method for rainbow cakes is that it is so easy to make these colorful layers! It’s truly one of the best and easiest ways to make a rainbow cake, whether you are doing a single layer cake or even more layers than I used here!

This fun and festive dessert is always the talk of the party! For more delicious cakes check out all of my fabulous cake recipes!

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Fun Birthday Cake Ideas

If youre lucky, youll have 80, 90, or even 100 birthdays on this earth. While thats great for many reasons, it does make it hard to come up with unique birthday cake ideas every year.

Unfortunately, I dont have 100 birthday cake ideas for you.

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How To Assemble The Cake

How To Make Birthday Rainbow Cake Decorating Ideas for Kids | Wonderful Cake Decorating Tutorials

Once you have the cake made, youll need to make the frosting and put the cake together. Heres how. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the full info.

  • Beat the frosting together.
  • Add food coloring.
  • Carefully cut the cake in half.
  • Use one color to stick the two halves together, then cover the top.
  • Add the remaining colors, one at a time. Cut the marshmallows in half and add to the bottom of the front and sides.
  • TIP: This does not have to be perfect. Its so fun regardless!

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    Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas

    However, Ive pulled together 33 of my all-time favorite options for tasty, beautiful birthday cakes.

    Some of these, like the coconut cake, are pretty standard.

    Others, such as the pirate ship cake, are a little more non-traditional and may require some small amount of baking and cake decorating talent.

    Still, theres something on this list to fit everyones tastes and levels of skill in the kitchen, so keep reading to find the perfect birthday cake for yourself or your loved one this year.

    So, why is this colorful, layered cake called an atomic cake? Because its the bomb, of course!

    Its genuinely the cake for everyone, no matter their favorites.

    The bottom layer is chocolate cake, followed by yellow or banana cake, with a white layer on top.

    In between each cake layer are vanilla, chocolate, and banana puddings, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries and bananas.

    In short, this cake is phenomenal.

    Step Six: Cover With Buttercream

    The remaining buttercream was whipped and tinted blue. It was then piped all over the cake. While turning the turntable with one hand, the other hand smooths the buttercream with a cake scraper. My friend was able to achieve an amazingly smooth finish using this method.

    We then placed the cake in the fridge overnight. The buttercream sets quite hard and waxy as it cools. I took it out of the fridge a few hours before the party so that the buttercream would soften enough for the fondant decorations to stick to it, and so it would be easy to cut.

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    + Best Rainbow Cake Ideas For Birthday Cupcakes Party Theme Supplies

    Rainbow cake ideas for your birthday party. Every birthday deserves a rainbow cake, and this one is no exception! Whether youre looking for a unique way to celebrate or want to make your next event memorable, these cakes are sure to wow.

    A rainbow cake is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and more.

    Rainbow cake ideas for a birthday party:

    1. Rainbow cake with rainbow colors

    2. Rainbow cake with a message

    3. Rainbow cake with a happy birthday message

    Rainbow cake ideas for birthday:

    Rainbow cakes are so much fun! Theyre colorful, beautiful and can be made with a variety of different colors. Theyre easy to make and can be decorated in many different ways. Plus, theyre a great way to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions like graduation.

    A rainbow cake is a type of multi-layered cake that uses several colors of frosting, each representing one of the colors in the visible spectrum. TMNT Birthday Cake

    In order to bake a rainbow cake, you can use colorful frosting or color the cakes batter with food coloring. You can also use edible markers to draw the colors on the cake and make your own patterns.

    When it comes to baking a rainbow cake, there are many ways you can go about it. You can use colorful frosting or color the batter with food coloring. You can also use edible markers to draw the colors on the cake and make your own patterns.

    Rainbow cake ideas for birthday

    1. Rainbow Cupcakes:

    Best Rainbow Birthday Cake Ideas

    Rainbow Birthday Cake by 2tarts

    One fine day, a baker thought of baking something unique and colourful. The baker looked around and saw a rainbow up above in the sky. The baker came back to the baking lab and prepared batter of 7 different colours and placed one on the other and eventually ended up discovering the rainbow cake.

    Rainbows always feel like magic from nature, and cakes feel like a treat from heaven.

    So, can you guess what a rainbow theme cake feels like?

    Its magically heaven!

    Cakes are mostly associated with birthdays and to lift the merriment of a birthday party, a rainbow birthday cake is magic and the treat needed.

    Whether you are about to celebrate a birthday or about to bake a cake for someones birthday, we recommend you to have the rainbow cake on the table.

    And here are five rainbow injected cake ideas you can rely upon:

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