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What Weight Qualifies As Small For A Dog

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Terms like small and large can definitely be subjective, so the exact definition may depend on who you talk to. But most people agree that the upper end of the spectrum for small dogs is 20 to 25 pounds or so.

At Natures Recipe®, when we talk about complete and balanced dog food for small dogs, were generally talking about breeds and mixes that weigh less than 25 pounds as healthy adults.

Where Does Natures Recipe Get Their Ingredients

Though Natures Recipe is a U.S.-based company, the brands manufacturer has operations around the world. Most of Natures Recipes dog food products are made in the United States, so it seems likely that most of their ingredients are sourced from the U.S. as well.

The Natures Recipe website provides some detailed information about the quality and nutritional benefits for some of their main ingredients but they do not provide specific information about where any of these ingredients come from.

How Is Natures Recipe Dog Food Made

Natures Recipe Dog Food is made with human-grade deboned chicken as the first ingredient. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and has no added corn, wheat, or soy. This means that dogs with allergies to wheat or corn can still enjoy Natures Recipe without worrying about getting sick after eating their food.

Some of Natures Recipe products are formulated for specific life stages, like the puppy and senior formulas. These formulas contain added vitamins and minerals that help meet your dogs needs at those stages of his life.

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Is Natures Recipe Dog Food Good For Puppies

Natures Recipe offers 2 nutritionally balanced puppy foods. The Grain-Free Puppy recipe features chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin as its primary ingredients. The Original Puppy formula is a grain-inclusive thats based on lamb meal, rice and barley. Each recipe meets AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and is safe for large breed puppies.

What Kind Of Dog Food Does Natures Recipe Offer


When it comes to their dog food products, Natures Recipe offers a decent variety. Natures Variety dog foods can be divided into three categories: Life Stages, Special Needs, and Premium.

Life Stages formulas include classic recipes for puppies, adults and senior dogs as well as some size-specific formula for large- and small-breed dogs. The Special Needs category includes recipes that are specially designed to meet unique nutritional needs there are formulas for healthy skin, easy digestion, healthy weight, and joint health as well as some breed-specific recipes.

The Premium category includes an assortment of grain-free and limited ingredient recipes. All three of these categories include both dry food and wet food products, plus there are several kinds of Natures Recipe dog treats.

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Natures Recipe Dry Products

The Natures Recipe brand of dog food offers a wide variety of different product choices for dry dog food. There are two product lines for Natures Recipe dry food, though their products can really be divided into numerous categories.

The classic lineup includes life stages, special needs, and grain-free formulas. The Pure Essentials product line includes limited ingredient recipes that are grain-free. Here is a list of Natures Recipe dry dog food recipes:

Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Puppy Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Small Bites Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Large Breed Puppy Recipe
  • Adult Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Small Bites Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Large Breed Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Senior Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe

Special Needs Dry Food Recipes:

  • Healthy Skin Venison Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe
  • Easy to Digest Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Easy to Digest Fish Meal & Potato Recipe
  • Terrier Breed Chicken, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Toy Breed Chicken, Barley & Rice Recipe
  • Healthy Weight Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • High Protein Chicken Meal & Lamb Meal Recipe
  • Joint Health Fish Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Puppy Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe
  • Small Breed Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe
  • Large Breed Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Pure Essentials Dry Food Recipes:

Does Small Dog Food Mean Smaller Kibble Size

Kibble size may vary by brand, but Natures Recipe® small dog food recipes do feature small kibble especially for your little buddys little mouth. Yet, as mentioned above, these small bites still pack big nutrition, specially crafted for small dogs. And of course, they also offer big, delicious tastes dogs love.

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Is Natures Recipe Dog Food Good For Small Dogs

Natures Recipe produces a number of dog foods that are safe for smaller dogs. In fact, the company also offers 2 recipes specifically designed for small and toy dogs Natures Recipe Small Breed Grain-Free and Natures Recipe Original Small Bites. Small Bites is grain-inclusive and contains rice, barley and oatmeal. Each meets AAFCO nutrient guidelines for adult maintenance. However, they are not suitable for puppies. View The Advisors best dog foods for small dogs here.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Small Dogs

Homemade Small Breed Dog Food Recipe

Many dog food recipes make enough food for a whole pack of dogs. If you have a small dog, you probably only need one or two cups of food per day. You dont want to spend too much time cooking, but you also dont want your freshly cooked dog food to go bad or take up all of your freezer space.

Thats where these homemade dog food recipes for small dogs come in! All of these recipes can be made in small batches, enough to feed your small dog for a week or two, without overwhelming you with dog food. Scroll down to find our very own Hepper homemade recipe , along with 10 other easy-to-make recipes.

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Natures Recipe Dog Food History

The Natures Recipe company follows the tagline, Every ingredient counts and they talk about promoting the health and wellness of pets with their products. They do not, however, provide much in the way of detailed information about their ingredients or their manufacturing processes.

It is worth noting that Big Heart Pet Brands, the company that manufactures Natures Recipe products, also makes some low-quality pet food brands maybe even in the same facilities as Natures Recipe products. All that we know for sure is that Natures Recipe has only been recalled once. Here are the details of that recall:

  • In , the Natures Recipe company issued a voluntary recall for 19-ounce pouches of Natures Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken due to potential salmonella contamination.

Is Natures Recipe Made In The United States

The Natures Recipe brand was only acquired by Big Heart Pet Brands, part of the J.M. Smucker Company, in 2015. According to a spokesperson for the Natures Variety brand, all of their dry dog food and dog treats are produced in U.S. facilities. While most of their wet food products are also made in the United States, some of their grain-free canned foods are made in Thailand.

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Dog Food For Small Dogs

Your furry little friend may identify as one of the big dogs, but he or she may still benefit from a specialized, complete and balanced small dog food. The best food for small dogs is made with premium, purposeful ingredients, and crafted to offer right-sized nutrition for compact canine bodies. Scroll down for options and more info.

What Do Others Say About Natures Recipe


As of the time of this update

Chewy customers rate Natures Recipe 4.7 out of 5 stars and 99% say they would recommend it to others.

Heres an actual user review

Sample buyer reviewBoth of my dogs absolutely love this brand and these ingredients. Daisy, a mix breed would throw up every once in a while and have stomach issues. But ever since I switched to this brand we have never had an issue. I read in the comments that a lot of people were complaining about the smell, it is salmon flavor. so it will smell fishy ahaha also I did read that some dogs did have diarrhea. Its probably because it contains pumpkin and sweet potato which help your dogs digestive System in the long run. Zoey, the Chihuahua would have trouble using the bathroom before switching to this brand. Both of my dogs have long hair and theyve never had skin issues. 100% recommend. Ive never read or experienced anything bad while using this brand. Ive used it for more than 2 years.

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Natures Recipe Canned Products

Many of the same recipes that are available in dry food form also come in canned food. Natures Recipe offers an assortment of life stages, special needs, and grain-free options for wet food including several limited-ingredient recipes. Here is a list of Natures Recipe canned dog food recipes:

Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Broth
  • Adult Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy
  • Senior Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Special Needs Dry Food Recipes:

  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Duck Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Ocean Fish & Tuna Recipe in Broth

Pure Essentials Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Lamb Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Duck Recipe in Broth

Glen Of Imaal Terriers

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #169- Full-grown height: 12-14 inches- Full-grown weight: 32-40 pounds- Traits: Bold, spirited

These scruffy, cute terriers aren’t pretentious or fancy looking. They have a purpose-driven history as working farm dogs, providing them a curious, exploratory nature that is not too excitable but refreshingly spirited.

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– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #165- Full-grown height: 18-21 inches , 16-19 inches – Full-grown weight: 33-53 pounds- Traits: Reserved, calm, friendly, courageous

These agile Nordic dogs are not outgoing around strangers, but are friendly and eager to please at home. Bred as reindeer herders, they are incredibly muscular for their size. Perhaps the only downside: they will be “miserable when neglected” since they crave companionship.

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #163- Full-grown height: 9-11.5 inches- Full-grown weight: 7-10 pounds- Traits: Loyal, curious, fearless

These funny-looking “ape terriers,” as some have called them, are confident, curious, and playful. Their notoriously silly nature will keep you smiling around the house.

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #160- Full-grown height: 18 inches , 17 inches – Full-grown weight: 35-50 pounds- Traits: Sweet, fun, loving, smart

Somewhat larger than your average cocker spaniel, the field spaniel stands about 1718 inches at the shoulder. They’re known for being smart, mild-tempered companions who love to please their humans.

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What Is Natures Recipe Dog Food

Natures Recipe Dog Food is a top-rated pet food brand offering various kibble and wet foods. It was founded in 1987 by Big Heart Pet Brands and has produced pet food for 35 years.

Natures Recipe Dog Food uses only natural ingredients that are healthy for your dog and made without artificial flavors or colors.

Natures Recipe Dog Food Summary

Recipe Homeade Dog Food for Small Breeds
  • Easy-to-digest recipe, with nutrient-dense, healthy sweet potatoes and pumpkins
  • Formulated for all breeds and lifestages, from puppies to senior dogs
  • No corn, wheat, or poultry by-product meal. No soy protein, artificial flavors, or preservatives

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How Much To Feed A Small Dog

Even though small dogs may need more calories per pound than large dogs, that doesnt mean they need more food, especially if its a small dog food thats already energy-dense. The right amount depends on your dogs weight and the specific recipe you choose.

Look for the chart on the back of your Natures Recipe® dog food bag as a starting point for your dogs daily food intake, and adjust based on your pals specific breed, size, age, level of activity and environment.

Is Natures Recipe Dog Food Safe For Seniors

Many Natures Recipe formulas that contain quality protein levels and are below average in calorie and fat content can be considered safe for seniors provided they meet AAFCO nutrient standards for adult maintenance. Natures Recipe Senior Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe can make a healthy option for older animals. View The Advisors best senior dog foods here.

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Is Natures Recipe Food Good For Dogs

Yes, Natures Recipe Dog Food is good. Its a great food choice for your dog because its made with real chicken as the first ingredient and has no meat by-products, artificial colors, or flavors.

Natures Recipe Dog Food also offers a variety of formulas with different protein sources, like beef or lamb meal, so that you can find the right one for your dog.

Why Only Buy From Authorized Retailersplease Be Sure You Are Purchasing Diamond Pet Foods From An Authorized Retailer

Natureâs Recipe Small Breed Grain Free Chicken, Sweet Potato &  Pumpkin ...

At Diamond Pet Foods, we work with a network of vetted authorized retailers who share our commitment to providing the best nutrition to pets, at a great value to pet owners. Because of this, we can only guarantee quality and consistency of product when it is purchased from an authorized retailer.

Purchasing only from an authorized retailer is important because products from unauthorized sellers may be tampered with, expired, stored improperly, transported improperly or fake/counterfeit. Additionally, information provided about our products by the resellers outside of our authorized distribution network may be false or misleading. Finally, in the unlikely event it is necessary to alert consumers to possible problems, it is not possible to do so through resellers outside of our authorized distribution network.

If you have any questions, do not see the name of a retailer in question or would like to know more about our authorized retailers, please call .

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Is Small Dog Food The Same Thing As Puppy Food

Since puppies are small compared to adult dogs its easy to assume that whatever counts as a complete and balanced dog food for small dogs would also be a healthy choice for puppies. But in reality, a growing puppy has different nutritional needs from a small adult dog. Adult dog food simply wont cut it for a pup, and puppy food isnt ideal for most dogs of all life stages, either.

The recipes on this page are for small adult dogs, not for puppies. However, we do offer a separate selection of complete and balanced puppy food recipes to provide all the nutrients growing pups need, in just the right amounts.

Information On Inventory Shortages

Please note, some retailers may be temporarily out of stock of your pet’s favorite formula at this time.

In regards to our Diamond Naturals canned food inventory, unfortunately, our supplier has not been able to meet customer demand, which has resulted in inventory shortages. At this time we are receiving small amounts of our canned products and are doing our best to get them to our retail partners.

If you are having trouble locating your pet’s kibble formula in stores, please know that we are doing our best to meet growing demand and get available supply to our retail partners. We recommend keeping a close eye on your store’s inventory, including calling in advance to ensure they have the formula in stock.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #17- Full-grown height: 12-13 inches- Full-grown weight: 13-18 pounds- Traits: Affectionate, gentle

The trainable, affectionate Cavalier King Charles spaniel cracks the top three it is a favorite among U.K. families, as they are good with children and other pets. They enjoy a good walk, but need little exercise beyond that.

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #5- Full-grown height: 14-15 inches- Full-grown weight: 50 pounds , 40 pounds – Traits: Calm, courageous, friendly, dignified

Though bulldogs are bigger and stockier than conventional lap dogs, they aspire to be curled up with you nonetheless. These runner-ups on our “house-friendly” list are undoubtedly a popular breed among those looking for an indoor pet, as they require little exercise, are low-maintenance, and carry a gentle disposition.

– 2020 AKC popularity rank: #2- Full-grown height: 11-13 inches- Full-grown weight: 20-28 pounds , 16-24 pounds – Traits: Playful, smartTopping the list, these fun-loving dogs are not particularly athletic, so a short walk will keep them healthy and happy. Frenchies are low-maintenance and loyal. Some are stubborn during training, but eventually just want to please their owners.

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