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Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Chewy Gooey Cookie & Topped Dirt Cake Review

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Vanilla pudding ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirls topped with milk chocolatey ganache & chocolate cookie crumble. 430 calories per 2/3 cup. Non-GMO ingredients New! Grab your shovel, er, spoon and start digging into this crushed cookie-topped, vanilla pudding crown pleaser. Don’t forget to add gummy worms! We strive to make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way. We source Non-GMO ingredients. Fairtrade cocoa, sugar & vanilla & eggs from cage-free hens. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. benjerry.com. Learn more at benjerry.com. Get in touch with us! benjerry.com/chat or benjerry.com/contact-us. Fairtrade: Cocoa, sugar, & vanilla: mass balance is used to match Fairtrade sourcing total 56% excluding water & dairy. info.fairtrade.net/sourcing. FSC: Mix packaging.

Nutrition Facts

Information is currently not available for this nutrient.
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs**.
** Percent Daily Values listed below are intended for adults and children over 4 years of age. Foods represented or purported to be for use by infants, children less than 4 years of age, pregnant women, or lactating women shall use the RDIâs that are specified for the intended group provided by the FDA.
Carbohydrate 4
Protein 4

Contains: Contains egg, milk, soy and wheat.

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The Flavors Will Join Ben & Jerry’s Already Robust Lineup Of Topped Flavors

Looks like I’ve got not one, but two hot Valentine’s Day dates this year: Ben & Jerry. The ice cream maker is releasing two new pints that are sure to ward off anyone’s February 14 pity party.

Ben & Jerry’s has taken two nostalgic flavorsChocolate Milk & Cookies and Dirt Cakeand finished them off with a chocolate ganache coating to join the brand’s already robust lineup of Topped flavors.

“If youre tired of adulting and yearning to relive your favorite childhood memories, Ben & Jerry’s has got you covered with its two newest ice cream innovationsespecially if your childhood involved chocolate milk and cookies, or that fantastic pudding and cookie crumb dessert known as dirt cake,” Ben & Jerry’s said in a press release announcing the new flavors.

The Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies features chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookie swirls that’s topped with a milk chocolate-y ganache and fudge chips. The Topped Dirt Cake, meanwhile, features vanilla pudding ice cream, chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate cookie swirls, and that same milk chocolate ganache topping with chocolate cookie crumbles.

“The 2021 Topped lineup was one of our most successful innovation launches ever,” Ben & Jerrys flavor guru Colleen Rossell said in the press release. “If you’re looking for a treat loaded with nostalgia that brings you backthese two new Topped flavors deliver.”

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Ben & Jerrys Topped Dirt Cake

Ben & Jerrys Topped Dirt Cake features vanilla pudding ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirls topped with milk chocolatey ganache & chocolate cookie crumbs.

Just add your own dirt and its just like the real thing!

The chocolatey ganache underneath is very impressive. Its much thicker and more decadent than the crackly candy shell in Magnum pints, and offers a rich and and creamy chocolate flavor. It starts out a little hard straight out of the freezer but is still spoonable, and it continues to soften further as it tempers.

Bravo to B& Js on this ganache.

Underneath it all is what I THINK is a brand new base for Ben & Jerrys: a vanilla pudding ice cream. I dont know if they used vanilla pudding mix or what, but this is a rather sweet vanilla ice cream that I think has more pop and is just more intense than their standard vanilla. It certainly achieves its intent for Dirt Cake and is really the selling point of the pint.

Past the toppings, the mix-ins are familiar fare for Ben & Jerrys. We have chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies and a more gritty chocolate cookie swirl, which can be somewhat redundant but do offer a little variety on texture. Between these, the chocolate ganache, and the mountain of cookie crumbs, youre really just left with a cookies & cream ice cream on crack.

The Ben & Jerrys Topped line is a bona fide winner in my book you just may want to add your own gummy worms to this one.

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